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Essay On Bank Privatisation Pros And Cons

Essay On Bank Privatisation Pros And Cons Public sector banks have been providing banking services in the remotest part of the country with numerous welfare schemes and benefits for their customers focusing on priority sector lending and providing aid through welfare schemes to the marginalized sectors. The rise of NPAs has been a pressing concern for the government.  According to the recommendations of the PJ Nayak Committee, lower productivity, steep erosion in asset quality, accelerated stressed assets, decline the market share and the recapitalization of these banks will impose significant fiscal costs.  In order to maintain steady growth and sound health of the banking sector, the government had to either privatize PSBs or provide a structure that provides for PSBs to complete successfully in the market.  The private banks will have limited applicability of RTI and will bring it outside the scope of CVC and CBI which tends to be a negative impact on depositors. Assuming private ba

Essay on Internet Addiction in English in Very Simple Words


Essay on Internet Addiction in English in Very Simple Words

Essay on Internet Addiction in English in Very Simple Words

Internet addiction is a new age addiction that is known to have gripped people around the world.

Several people belonging to different age groups have been affected by this addiction, though it is more relevant among the youth. 

People turn to the internet to find solace kill boredom and bring in some fun in their lives. 

However, before they know they grow addicted to it. 

Internet is a huge source of entertainment and it is hard to resist the addictive stuff it has to offer. 

However, it is essential to keep a check on your internet use to ensure you do not get addicted to it. 

This is because just like other types of addiction.

This one also has grave consequences it has a major impact on a person's brain function.

Many internet addicts develop anxiety issues and depression.

People lose the sense of time and neglect their work. 

This hampers their professional growth their physical health also deteriorates.

They incur health problems such as obesity heart disease and hypertension. 

They get so addicted to the internet that they tend to ignore their loved ones.

They prefer talking to people online and developing close ties with them this strains their personal relationships and causes unhappiness.

 In order to lead a happy and wholesome life, it is important to stay away from such addictions.

Essay on Internet Addiction 

Slogan:- Connect life starts with disconnecting the internet

Internet addiction is one of the major issues that teenagers are currently experiencing to define briefly it is an online-related compulsive behaviour that interferes with normal living and causes severe stress on family, friends, loved ones, works environment, particularly to oneself 

These days internet addiction is becoming more serious especially in the current situation where peoples are new normal most things are done through social media wherein the result leads to chances of social media involvement 

For youngsters or teenagers, these words in their internet addiction either for practical purposes or just fun for example gaming first chatting watching movies on youtube or Facebook spending time on using Facebook for pleasure and these actions are not habits to most the teenagers

This might cause problems like depression, social isolation and mood swings or some other emotional effects as well as physical problems such as gain or losing weight insomnia and many more 

This also may lead to psychological problems like for example failure to eat for long periods of time-limited physical activity and little sleep, this affects teenagers more under behaviour mentally emotionally physically and socially

around a decade ago when the internet could only be accessed on the desktop or a laptop, web usage was limited many were still excessively using it but it was not as bad as it is now 

The introduction of smartphones has given the rates of internet addiction a boost, people are seeing glued to their screens wherever they go this becomes worse as work is done on screen as well and these times you need this technology for getting an education as well 

Social circles play a critical role in causing behavioural issues like addiction internet addiction is no exception as constant internet surfing has become commonplace among the youth this is even an encouragement to seek friends online while playing online games chat rooms or just on social media 

The internet also become a coping mechanism for self-soothing and as an escape for those who are suffering from mental health issues and such 

In the same way that people who suffer from depression or anxiety use alcohol and drugs to self-medicate, the internet can be a distraction be it by playing video games, watching shows or surfing the Internet. 

Essay on Internet Addiction 

humans have pleaser seeking behaviour everything which gives us pleasure we are attracted towards it and today Internet is one of it

our brain is an excellent machine I used the word machine because our brain cannot recognize what is real and what is fake online behaviours affect our brain much like they would if they happen in real life

The basis of internet headaches and disorders is dopamine and its sustained relist on very first exposure to Internet visual information from the next stop goes inside our eyes and through a visual pathway, it reaches to the visual cortex 

Some fibres of visual pathway go to the pleasure Center where dopamine is released dopamine is a chemical in the brain that leads to the feeling of euphoria hence dopamine is known as pleasure chemical or digital dopamine as the stimulus is Internet 

Our loss for dopamine is the root of the internet addicts and disorders on repeated and regular internet use there is sustained release of dopamine occurs at the pleasure Center after a long time there is downregulation of dopamine receptors due to which person requires more and more time to feel the pleasure and tolerance will develop 

From that point when a person stopped using the internet for a long duration of time, there is dopamine crisis occurs and the person will develop classical withdrawal symptoms studies shown that in patients of Internet addiction disorders there is the presence of abnormal changes in the size and functional areas of the brain 

which include emotion processing executive attention decision-making and cognitive control 

Our life is limited time is precious every second every minute every hour is important please wake up because limitless use of social media and playing online games are going to affect our future dreams 

Still, we have time to save it limit the use of the Internet to less than 2 hours per day try to be Internet addiction-free 

Limit internet lives a reality, disconnect internet reconnect life, for digital health begins.



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