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Essay on mobile phones for students

Essay on mobile phones for students

Essay on mobile phones for students 

It's your constant companion it's in your pocket in your bag and your hands are against your head you use it at home in class at the gym before you go to sleep at night and first thing when you wake up in the morning I'm talking of course about your mobile phone.

The mobile phone is one of the most important inventions that have brought people tremendous convenience and efficiency, admittedly if misused or overused it may cause some social medical, and technical problems, however, its pros far outnumber its cons.

As it has proved that everything in this world has both pros as well as cons accordingly mobile phones are bone for those who use it for effective purpose and bane for those who misuse it,

slowly-slowly science progress telephones were thereafter followed by cell phones and mobile device I would say that mobile phone is a big bone for all of us it is a thing which has helped us very much in various kinds of activities like texting, video call, video chat, messaging calling someone, etc.

we can do things which we could not do with ease like downloading apps such as internet browsing Twitter Instagram Google etc, we should be very grateful to the people who have invented such great technologies,

it has a very good impact on us we can also use these mobile phones for playing some games sometimes, we might misuse mobile phones for a long time it might make some addictive users of mobile phones like we can see people using Instagram Twitter Facebook, etc. 

The radiations which come from these mobile phones are very harmful to our boy as well as our mind it might make us divert into various kinds of issues but sometimes we might not notice them nowadays there are thousands of mobile phones or smartphones

which are very good quality and speed mobile phones are the best technology till date I would like to conclude by saying that we can never avoid mobile phones but certainly we can ensure that mobile phones are servants, not the masters.

Advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones


Mobiles have helped people remain connected distance is not a barrier anymore and there is a sense of security if you know you have a gadget

with which you can be in touch with your near and dear ones at the time of emergencies and calamities they are one of the most used tools for supplying immediate health 

mobile phones also provide us with facilities like messaging camera recording and the internet, as a matter of fact now they can serve as a good replacement of a laptop

today's smartphones can really do that business transaction can also take place at any time of the day and family commitments can also be fulfilled by network cell phones have also served as entertainment tools as many video games can now be played and some phones have FM radio connection too.


On the downside, mobile phones emit infrared rays which cause negative effect on our body parts exposed to according to the Australian Health Research Institute use of mobile phones can lead to ear eye and brain

cancer besides some other disorders like heart ailments, so this is one of the technical problems then medical problems also and overuse of Mobile's takes away the privacy and sometimes even the peace of mind.

wherever we are we work at home or in a social gathering we are hammered with unwanted calls or sending and receiving messages hammered and also the roadside paparazzi for whom taking snap is just too easy with more advanced mobile. to sum up,

the advantages of the mobile phone far outweigh its disadvantages mobile technology definitely has brought a revolution and changed the way to work to socialize and to entertain but we must be more wise and responsible in using it.

Why Cell Phones Should Be Prohibited from the Classroom

Abuse of cellphones in classrooms concerns how some teachers neglect their responsibilities in the classroom, multiple distractions, and constant cheating.

  1. cell phones need to be restricted from the classroom because teachers can fully focus on the lesson and actually teach the class and start giving them an education.

  2. school students and children will not get strikes through any social media sites or any friends or relatives that they are on their phones.

  3. they will not be able to cheat the system or themselves for using their cell phones 

The question then is why should cellphones be restricted from the classroom?

Quoted by Elizabeth reader in the New York Times upfront magazine published in 2008 by Jennifer Garcia she says “schools make rules to facilitate quality education in respectful and safe environment cell phones are a distraction and have no place there I support rules banning their use by students and staff in the classroom

quoted by Ricky Hendricks in the New York Times magazine published in 2010 by Matt Davis he comments “teachers are always getting onto us for using our cell phones when they can't even put down their own cell phones cell phones are not only becoming an issue with students in the classroom in today's society they are becoming an issue with teachers as well”

we've all had that one teacher that during an important lesson or during an important test they have to take an important phone call or answer to a text all of a sudden your concentration gets thrown off and you're wondering what they're talking about to that other person or what they're texting another person and it disrupts the learning process.

cell phones are distracting the kids from even learning anything they are out there worried about what they're going to send their friends next or what they're gonna receive from their friends whenever they send their text back it's not letting them fully focus on the lesson.

The Dangers of Cell Phones

According to a survey, 70% of the world population has a cell phone and all of them use it a lot of times every day but what if your constant companion is dangerous, what if it's hazardous to your health

evidence is piling up that long-term use of cell phones can lead to tissue damage tumors and even brain cancer even that there are well over 4 billion people worldwide using cell phones, we're looking at a problem of potentially staggering magnitude.

according to Deborah Davis epidemiologist and author of the 2010 book disconnect the truth about cell phone radiation we may be watching an epidemic in slow motion I've never thought much about the possible perils of cell phones, now don't worry

I'm not gonna try to persuade you to abandon your constant companion, I still use mine in daily life and I probably always will but I do hope to persuade you to make one simple change in the way you use your cell phone a change that will protect your health and could even make the difference between a long life and premature death

 The health risks caused by cell phones 

Those risks stem from the fact that cellphones emit small amounts of radiation that over time can damage tissue every time you use your cell phone you expose yourself to that radiation the amount is minuscule in comparison to that given off by x-ray machines about 11 billionths of the intensity, however,

Ronald Herrmann of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute explains that the problem with cellphone radiation is not how much is emitted at a single time but how much we are exposed to with repeated use day after day year after year, it's this long-term use of cellphones that has led researchers to warn about their danger

In one study for example the World Health Organization tracked 10,000 cellphone users over the course of 10 years as reported in the New York Times on November 13th, 2010 the data this study indicated that subjects who used a cell phone 10 or more years doubled the risk of developing brain tumors

 other studies have reached the same conclusion perhaps most important is a 2007 study in the Journal of technical and environmental medicine that surveyed all the previous research on cell phone use it found a consistent pattern of increased risk for developing brain tumors among people who use cell phones for more than 10 years 

Alan marks are one of those people a 58-year-old real estate developer and father of 3 he talked on a cell phone an hour a day for 23 years two years ago doctors found a golf-ball-sized tumor in his brain there's no question what caused it he says, it was my cell phone and Alan Marx isn't the only person

to conclude that he's sick because of his cell phone and Gilman's 2010 book zapped which deals at length with the health problems of cell phones catalogs people who developed blinding headaches dizziness circulatory problems nausea and cancer from the kind of radiation emitted by cell phones,

 still not convinced about the potential to pose by your constant companion take a look than inside the thick manual that comes with your phone you'll see that all cell phone manufacturers warn against

keeping the phone right next to your body Apple for example recommends keeping the iPhone 5/8 of an inch away from your body makers of the BlackBerry recommend that you keep their phone a full inch away,

cell phone manufacturers don't publicize this information widely but they clearly recognize that their products are potentially hazardous 


As I said earlier it's not to stop using cell phones altogether I still use mine on a regular basis and I can't imagine being without it and I'm sure you can't imagine being without yours you can, however, take seriously the risks of cell phones and find a way to minimize those risks 

time and again experts point out that the single most effective way to reduce the risk is not to press your cell phone against your head while using it since the phone emits radiation

the closer you put it to your head the more radiation you expose yourself to at the very least you, should hold the phone 1/2 an inch to one full inch away from your ear but ideally should get in the habit of not putting it up to your head at all

I now use my earbuds almost every time I use my phone another option is to use your speakerphone as with breaking any habit changing the way you talk on your cell phone may be slightly inconvenient at first,

but will soon become second nature you'll be able to enjoy all the benefits of your constant companion without suffering the fate of Allan marks

if Mark had known the dangers of prolonged cell phone use he would have done things a lot differently I wouldn't have held it to my head he says I would have used the headset I would have used the speakerphone and I would not have had the problems I had.

so please get in the habit of keeping your cell phone away from your ear when talking and encourage your friends and family to do the same start today with your next call and continue every day in the future we can avoid the slow-motion epidemic that doctors and scientists are warning us about as long as we remember to keep this away from this.

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