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I am shade book review | summary

I am shade book review Details of   I am shade book Book Name:   I AM SHADE Authors:   Mayank Sinha Pages:   80 Genre:  Fiction Publish Date:  23-12-2019 Language:   English Summary: So the genre of I am shade by my Mayank Sinha is science fiction, so it's a story about a guy named Jaden Smith who is 22 years old and he works in FedEx and he leads a completely ordinary life, but one day he comes in possession of a mysterious dragon statue and everything in his life changes entirely now this book is around 80 pages long so it's not even a quick read it's a super quick read this is pretty much the background of the story and as I already told you the genre is a science fiction. So if I talk about the characters in this story I would like to limit myself to talking about only Jaden Smith because if I talk about any other character it would be like spoiling the story since it's a really short book  So Jaden Smith as I told you is a 22-year-old boy leading an ordinary life h

Room novel review | summary pdf download

Click here to download the pdf Room novel review Details of  room novel Book Name:  room Authors:   EMMA DONOGHUE Pages:   288 Genre:   NOVEL Publish Date:  AUGUST 6, 2010 Language:   English Room by Emma Donoghue, I've read this book just recently but I know about it for nearly three years after watching the movie based on it which  Jacob Tremblay  and brie Larson  won an Oscar for their role in the movie. I delayed the read in the book since I've already watched the movie I thought it would be very hard to read it while I basically know all of what happened already  But guess what I liked the despite that and I believe I would have liked it even more if I didn't know what happened in it. s o if you have neither watched the movie nor read the book then this might be your chance groom follows summary : The story of the five-year-old Jack who lives with only his mother in a room that contains a small kitchen a basic bathroom, a wardrobe a bad and a TV set and that room

The Mysterious Affair at Styles summary | review pdf download

Click here to download the pdf  The Mysterious Affair at Styles summary Details of  The Mysterious Affair at Styles book Book Name:  The Mysterious Affair at Styles  Authors:   Agatha christie Pages:   296 Genre:   Novel, Crime novel, Mystery, Crime Fiction, Reference work Publish Date: 1920 Language:   English who is  Agatha christie? Agatha christie the best world-selling author of all time was an English writer who was known for her 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections.  particularly those revolving around her fictional detectives  Hercules Poirot  and Miss Marple which helped her become the best author who writes crime and mystery novels and Guinness World Records list her as the best-selling novelist of all time. summary: The mysterious affair at styles published in 1920 this is the first Agatha Christie novel that introduces the most popular detective in the literature  Hercules Poirot the Belgian refugee of the great war. The story of this novel was narrated


  MYSTERY OF THE URBAN MONKS SUMMARY Details of mystery of the urban monks  Book Name:  mystery of the urban monks  Authors:   Vikram Singh Pages:   360 Genre:   Fiction Publish Date:  15 July 2020 Language:   English summary: The mystery of the urban monks by Vikram Singh,  John is an American writer and a publisher and he's traveling to Varanasi on the train so on this train journey he meets a rather interesting man named Yogesh who is a yogi and who teaches meditation in Rishikesh.  After a little chit chat yogi offers to tell a story and john readily agrees and yogi promises that after listening to his story john will have a better understanding of life so the story that yogi ends up telling Jhon is about three friends Krish tony and Asif. All three of them are friends and all three of them live in Mumbai so Krish is married to Meera and he has two children he is an entrepreneur who has his own software company called Rover soft. Then there is tony who has been described as a h

why do we celebrate holi festival?

Why do we celebrate holi festival Holi is one of the  most popular festivals in India, People consider this festival very grandly with their families and friends. I t symbolizes the victory of good over evil and it's celebrated as a day of joy and love.  This festival celebrated in the last full moon day of the lunar month at the end of the winter season, which usually occurs in February or March.  On this festive day, relatives and friends gather in one place and paint each other and dance in joy. People worship Sri Krishna and Radha during Holi and sing their songs. With no distinction between caste and religion, Many people all over the country participate in these Holi celebrations and observe the Festival in a great way. Why do we celebrate the Holi festival? What is the reason behind the burning of Holi that day? What is the relationship between this color festival and Radha Krishna?  How do people across the country celebrate the festival by foll