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why do we celebrate holi festival?

Why do we celebrate holi festival Holi is one of the  most popular festivals in India, People consider this festival very grandly with their families and friends. I t symbolizes the victory of good over evil and it's celebrated as a day of joy and love.  This festival celebrated in the last full moon day of the lunar month at the end of the winter season, which usually occurs in February or March.  On this festive day, relatives and friends gather in one place and paint each other and dance in joy. People worship Sri Krishna and Radha during Holi and sing their songs. With no distinction between caste and religion, Many people all over the country participate in these Holi celebrations and observe the Festival in a great way. Why do we celebrate the Holi festival? What is the reason behind the burning of Holi that day? What is the relationship between this color festival and Radha Krishna?  How do people across the country celebrate the festival by foll

Half girlfriend book summary | pdf download

Half girlfriend book summary  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF Details of  Half girlfriend book Book Name:  Half girlfriend book Authors:   Chetan bhagat Pages:  260 Genre:  love Publish Date:  1 October 2014 Language:  English summary: Half girlfriends by Chetan bhagat is a story of a boy name Madhav Jha who falls in love with a girl names Riya Somani,  Madhav was a rural Bihari boy who was weak in English on the other hand Riya Somani was a smart rich businessman daughter who lives in Delhi,  Riya's love to play basketball and caught admission in prestigious ST. Stephans college from sports Kota.  While playing basketball they both interacted and soon they can best friend's Madhav generated feeling for Riya which he expressed he Riya was a reserved nature said no to him and told him to he is just a friend  On continuously questioned Riya agreed on the term half-girl friendships which excuse physical that means no s* x on hearing this Madhav said " Deti hai to de Warn

Actions speak louder than words Essay

   Actions speak louder than words Essay All of us are born preachers, but when it comes to practicing what we preach, we find excuses. Just telling someone what to do or how to behave is not enough. Behaving in the way that one wants us to behave has a more powerful effect.  Telling others what to do and not doing oneself is absolute hypocrisy. Children quickly observe the gulf between the speech of adults and their actual behavior. They are influenced more by the action of the elders than by their words, the immediate that actions and inculcate the habits. Gandhi Ji impressed upon villagers the importance of cleanliness by taking a broom in his hand and sweeping those fruits. His action had more effect than any speech he might have given.  A father who smokes cannot scold his son when they find him smoking. He should first give up smoking himself. In short, we should have to do what we want others to do. This is because actions speak louder than words. An ounce of example is worth m

Essay on child labour in India

Essay on child labour in India Childhood is thought of as the golden period of a person's life but this does not hold true for some kids who struggle to make both ends meet during their childhood years. At a tender age, which is supposed to be an era of playing and going to college, they are forced to work in factories, businesses, offices, or as domestic help. Child labor means the employment of children in any form of work that hampers their physical and psychological development, deprives them of the fundamental recreational and educational requirements. It's a blot on our society and speaks volumes about the inability of our society to offer a congenial atmosphere for the growth and development of children. Earlier, the kids used to assist their parents in agricultural practices like sowing, harvesting, reaping and taking care of cows, etc.. However, industrialization and urbanization have in a way encouraged child labor. Kids are employed in hazardous work like bidi rollin

Military service should be compulsory essay

Military service should be compulsory essay India has been facing a number of serious issues of safety since its independence. Our neighboring countries aren't friendly to us. Our Western, Northern, and North-East boundaries are disturbed. Pakistan is creating numerous problems on the boundary in addition to inside our country. It's forced four wars on India. China also claims a fantastic portion of our northern land as its own. It has occupied a large portion of our territory. China attacked India in 1962 after a boundary dispute. China and Pakistan are maintaining great relationships. China continues to be continuing military help and moral support to Pakistan. We can't rely even on Bangladesh. Bangladesh has started a hassle against India. There are quite a few instances of cross-border terrorism being carried out by Pakistan through Bangladesh. In this circumstance, India should be militarily strong and vigilant for letting it easily outstrip the capacities of the count