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Essay on depletion of natural resources

  Essay on depletion of natural resources  Humans are using natural resources endless day by day, the population explosion is causing over exploitation of nature resources with little no care to conservating them to meet this massive population, depletion bof natural resources is happening. However, we need to understand that natural resources are finite even renewable resources are not being given enough time to replenish, therefore, this depletion of natural resources is quite harmful to the earth it's inhabitants. As we require minerals foe almost everything from housing to business they are bing used up repidly there has been a major decline in these minerals like coal copper and more similarly, the oil reserves are also running out. We won't be able to produce more oil and thus we won't get any petroleum similarly, forests are being cut down at an alarming brate for instance, the recent decision bto cut down the Aarey forest in mumbai is a major example. Most important

what is the role of judiciary in india essay

  What is the role of judiciary in india essay Three the duty-free the Judiciary is the most important organ of the government as it safeguards the rights of the people, it decides the disputes of the individuals and gives punishment to those who infringe laws but the punishment is given according to law. In a democracy an important and independent judiciary is a necessity it is the guardian of the Constitution which is the supreme law of the land The Indian judicial system is a single unified system the Constitution has provided for an independent judiciary headed by the Supreme Court below which there are the high courts at the level of the state and the subordinate courts at the district level. The whole set up works like a pyramid   Supreme Court  state level high court district level  subordinate court  All court in India function under the direction and control of the Supreme Court of India. The Supreme Court the highest court in the country which looks into the functioning of th

Essay on patriotism and nation building in india

Essay on patriotism and nation building in india "Even if I died in the service of the nation I could be proud of it every drop of my blood will contribute to the growth of this nation and to make it strong in dynamic" Depth of patriotism in the words of a former prime minister. ~Shrimati Indira Gandhi   The dictionary defines patriotism as love for one's own country with an earnest desire to contribute towards the welfare of countrymen but when these to repair tourism in the light of Indian context  It takes a bigger form and gives a meaning in a larger perspective since in that it would not just mean to love fewer own country but the entire humanity as a whole. When we look into wider perspective patriotism is the actual spirit that seeks supreme sacrifice for our country and enables as to step forward for doing our bit for our country. For all Indians patriotism is an emotional attachment to the mother country the freedom we enjoy today is the result of sacrifices mad

Argumentative essay on early childhood education

Argumentative Essay on Early Childhood Education What a kid experiences during the initial years of their life have a lasting impact on the development of their mind. While genes put the roadmap, encounters create the neural connection within the brain which sets the foundations of our feelings, speech, motor skills, vision, and memories.  If one region gets extra stimulation, the neural pathways inside that region and the links to other areas grow more powerful. This practice is called synaptic pruning. You can even envision your mind as a planet. There's Motor Skill Metropolis, Memory Mountain and Vision Village. During the time, popular cities grow larger and links between them get bigger. Now if one area was never developed, there may be traffic jams. This subsequently slows down the evolution of the whole brain. Some neurotransmitters will be tired of getting to work. Others are going to take short cuts and get dropped. Imagine your brain is a planet. Big citi