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Gender Inequality in India Essay

Gender Inequality in India Essay Gender is a socio-cultural term referring to socially defined roles to males and females. The concept of treating men and women equally is termed gender equality. Gender equality is a burning social issue today. Patriarchy became the order of the society. In the patriarchal system, the patriarch or male was considered the head of the household and had the natural authority to make family decisions.  It has been the root of discrimination between genders. Women have always been dominated by men in the patriarchal society where men are the rule-makers. Men are the supreme authority and women are the followers.  People are taught male patriarchy through education, male dominance is enforced and a masculine view of the world is presented to children. Women are considered to be physically weaker than men. At a very early age, girls are expected to help out in household duties which are highly unpaid and unrecognized and they are expected to do that throughou

Essay on India and her Neighbours

 Essay on  India and her Neighbours  India occupies a very important position on the world map. Geographically it encompasses a substantial chunk of land in South Asia, with the highest Himalayan ranges to its north and the great Indian ocean lying to its south. In the political sphere, it has carved out an important position in the comity of nations.  Its bold assertion of espousing the cause of freedom and non-alignment, its clear stance for the liquidation of colonialism and imperialism of any sort and apartheid, and its advocacy of the establishment of just and equitable world order, have all succeeded in making the world realize that India is a force to reckon with and that its policies and practices with regard to other countries of the world have the potential of affecting the destiny of the entire mankind.  In this context the countries touching its borders on all its sides, that is, its immediate neighbors are affected a lot by their attitudes and professions. They along with

Is capital punishment justified essay

Is capital punishment justified essay Capital punishment is the execution of an individual from the state as punishment for a crime. Over the ages, capital punishment was given to offenders by using a variety of methods like lethal injection, hanging, electrocution, gas chamber, etc. The question facing us is"Is capital punishment justified?" The death sentence as a punishment has been subject to controversy because of as long. The simple reason is the ethical and humanitarian questions attached to it. For this, one should comprehend the death sentence alone. In most countries, capital punishment is a way of suppressing crimes and political dissent. It's given as a punishment for premeditated murder, espionage, treason, or as an element of military justice. In some countries, even sexual crimes, such as rape, sodomy and adultery, and drug trafficking carry the death penalty. In China, human trafficking can be considered as a capital crime. The question that's continua

music effects on the human body Essay

Music Effects On the Human Body Essay First of all, we have to  understand, what is music? Music is an art, entertainment, pleasure, meditation, and medicine for the soul and the body, Music may be a sort of art, associate expression of emotions through harmonic frequencies. Music is additionally a sort of diversion that puts sounds along in a very method that folks like, notice attention-grabbing, or dance to.  The word music comes from the Greek word (mousse), which suggests "(art) of the Muses". In Ancient Greece, the Muses enclosed the goddesses of music, poetry, art, and dance. An exceptional approach is to list the traits track has to have, inclusive of, a sound that has rhythm, melody, pitch, timbre, and many others. Many authors outline music as an organized combination of sound and silent moments. Let’s observe an example. A car horn transmits sound and silence in an organized way, however, might everybody name this noise music? So, what is lacking? Why i

Role of technology in development of india essay

Role of technology in development of India essay India is emerging as a superpower in the world. Being a fast-developing nation, the country is making its way through the hurdles to gain a bright future in terms of science and technology. Indian society is quite eager to accept technology into their day-to-day life.  The modern age is the age of science, technology, knowledge, and information. New inventions in the field of science and technology are emerging from Indian students and experts, making the country gain limelight in the world. Modern gadgets are introduced in every walk of life, making life easier and solving many problems.  The growth of technology today is sure to experience a boom for the country in the future in almost all the sectors such as education, infrastructure, electricity, aviation, medicine, information technology, and other fields.  They are well equipped and staffed to secure the people of the nation. But there is no room for complacency in this field and w

Dogs are better than cats essay

Dogs are better than cats essay Cats are better than dogs or not, According to a 2013 Live Science report, freshwater fish are the most common pet with 142 million freshwater fish owned as pets around the world.  Cats come in second at 88.3 million, and dogs close behind at 74.8 million. But let’s face it; if your reason for wanting a pet is fun and companionship, then you’re likely looking for either a cat o r dog. Which you chose will come down to your personality, the time you have to dedicate to your new friend, and space you have to house your pet. Cats are more independent and generally less demanding, whereas dogs are loyal and obedient but require more attention and exercise, including regular walks. Dogs live between 12 to 18 years and cats can live as old as 25. That’s 25 human years, but in cat years that’s the grand old age of 116! Looking back in time at these canine and feline rivals, a British newspaper, The Independent, published information from a groundbreaking study

Essay on my favourite animal rabbit

  Essay on my favourite animal rabbit Rabbit is a small animal with long ears it is popularly called a bunny, the shape of a rabbit is like an egg with a small neck and head, rabbits have thick fur on their skin, rabbits have two eyes on the side of their head, eyes of a rabbit are for safety which can move 360-degree, rabbits have four short but powerful length, Rabbits can jump very far because of its legs, rabbit is a herbivore animal it is grass leaves fruits vegetables, etc. Rabbits usually graze in the fields for a long time. Small essay on my favourite animal rabbit I like animals very much my favourite animal is. Rabbit, rabbit, live-in home, and forest. Rabbits are found in various colours such as white, black, and brown in Colors, rabbits are intelligent pets, Rabbits have, four legs rabbits have two ears. Rabbits eat grass and grains. A rabbit runs very fast rabbit jumps very high, the rabbit is also known as Hare. Rabbit is a vegetarian animal and eats grass, leaves, and fr