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Why do we celebrate Easter?

Why   We Celebrate Easter? We are going to answer the question that Easter is celebrated in some of the world's most celebrated centres for welcoming spring, many re ligious ceremonies for Easter festivals in other countries Easter vowels are more religious,  Other people are encouraged to enjoy food and festive meals in church attendance. Awareness is part of many people's rituals though Many Christians are such a regular part of their lives, not looking forward to the joy of celebrating Easter all year long.  The unbelievers become curious about Christ's Easter  While he may find it easy to share the good news of redemption, he brings that it is a real-life corporate event of the resurrection of Jesus and the life we ​​have, though we celebrate the fact throughout the year when we commemorate Easter, celebrating Easter may have a mythological source and some Easter traditions have nothing to do with the bible , which is the reason for Easter celebrations The work

Should state colleges are free to attend persuasive essay

Should state colleges are free to attend persuasive essay Have you all ever thought about how expensive universities are how much it costs you to attend a university even a community college imagine saving thousands of dollars on tuition and fees for college and avoiding student loans and having to pay back loads and loads of interest on them? Here you are paying thousands of dollars on an education only to get a great job and pay back all you owe and more how would it feel being able to attend a State University free of cost, what the type of education be the same how would the universities pay for anything without collecting tuition and fees from students. Institutions of higher learning are not the easiest thing to pay for all of us have had an experience with a college or university and figuring out the financial aid of our education we must crunch the numbers and come up with a solution as to how to pay for our education we are constantly being told to further our education so we

Save nature save mankind essay

Save nature save mankind essay It can be pretty scary to think of all the dangers of climate change. In the past, we’ve learned together why we should care, but today let’s find out how to be proactive about the situation.  We’ll learn simple some ways we can help in reversing climate change right now! because it's our responsibility to save nature & save mankind for our future generation. Natural resources are very important for living things humans animals and plants need natural resources in order to survive this is why conservation is so important conservation is the protection of natural resources what happens if we don't conserve important things such as water and clean air. This can lead to scarcity is when there is not enough of something look at this dry land there is not enough water to grow healthy plants due to water scarcity this is also called a drought you can help prevent water scarcity by conserving water conservation also prevents pollutio

Essay on Cyber Crime | what is cybercrime? | How to Prevent Cybercrime?

Essay on Cyber Crime  Introduction what is cybercrime  history of cybercrime  categories types of cybercrime cybercriminals  prevention conclusion  The Internet in India or in the overall world is growing rapidly everywhere it is the internet so it has given rise to new opportunities in every field we can think of you name it and we have it made we internet on Internet entertainment for business purposes for sports for education everywhere the internet is there  So there are almost two sides of a coin Internet has transformed the world Internet has made us so free everything so accessible knowledge so accessible but Internet has its own drawbacks as well and one in disadvantage is cybercrime, for example, the illegal activity which is committed on the Internet this is what we call as cybercrime or internet crime. What is cybercrime? Cyber-crime is a criminal activity like raiding bank accounts and stealing information from companies. Computer crime, or cybercrime, is