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Role of Police in Nation Building Essay

Role of Police in Nation Building Essay "Bravery is not the absence of fear, but the action in the face of fear" As the army is stationed on the border of the country and protects us from terrorists. Similarly, police play an important role in our society. the police look after the security and law and order within the country. The police must prevent any kind of crime in society. People can complain to the police at any time against their security or any kind of serious problem. The police are the saviour of society which make the running of society quite smooth. Generally, the police force has sound health. We can't imagine, the security of the country and the administration of the state without POLICE. The people in the society should follow the law and order well, the police always monitors it. Police often protect the important election centres of the country and the states and the needy. If there was no police people would have done anything taking the law in their

Independent India 75 self reliance with integrity essay in english

  Independent India 75 self-reliance with integrity essay  "Let's celebrate 75 years of independence, make a new India with integrity and self-reliance."  Our country India, which was called the golden bird in ancient times, was a slave of British rule for about 200 years. Our integrated freedom fighters liberated the country after a lot of struggle. Finally, we got independence on 15th August 1947 Today the country is completing 75 years of independence. There were many obstacles at the beginning of this journey of 75 years, but India did not turn back. The country kept on moving forward looking towards its goals. Today the country is continuously moving forward on the path of progress. Today there is no field in which India has not earned a name.  But this journey of 75 years was not easy at all. The country has worked hard to reach where the country is today. Today the country is progressing but corruption is a major obstacle in the economic, social and political progr

What would i have done for my nation essay

W hat would I have done for my nation essay How much poverty is there in India we may never know the full answer there are three basic needs of a person food shelter and cloths  Unfortunately, about 19coror  people in India sleep hungry every day and about 7 000 Indians die per day due to hunger  We sleep peacefully at night as we have a home but everything about those people who don't have a home, there are about 1.77 million homeless people in India  When i see those people in railway station bus stand and roadside area i can feel their pain I can realize that our small efforts can make big changes in the world,  I have some ideas through which we can try to finish the poverty  So, first of all, I will obvious all the people through social media to help these poor people by donating money to charity and by providing these people some food and clothes We should organize shelter for these poor people then we can encourage them to do some handwork as they can earn their own food by

Essay on yogendra singh yadav in english

  Essay on yogendra singh Yadav in english The Param Veer Chakra (PVC) is India's highest military decoration, awarded for displaying distinguished acts of valour during wartime, o nly 21 soldiers have received this award.  Yogendra Singh Yadav  was born on 10 May 1980 in Aurangabad village of Sikandrabad Bulandshahr District, Uttar Pradesh. His father Karan Singh Yadav had served in the Kumaon Regiment, participating in the 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pakistan wars.  Yadav joined Indian Army at a very young age of 16 years and 5 months To launch an offensive and repel the Pakistani intruders from Tiger Hill, three battalions of the Indian Army, namely 18 Grenadiers, 2 Naga, and 8 Sikh, were chosen to assault the peak with support from the Regiment of Artillery.  Yadav, enlisted with 18 Grenadiers, was part of the commando platoon 'Ghatak', tasked to capture three strategic bunkers on Tiger Hill in the early morning hours of 4 July 1999.  18 Grenadiers further sub-divided themselves

Essay on how to prevent depletion of natural resources

Essay on how to prevent depletion of natural resources One of the biggest problems our world faces today is we are blindly depleting natural resources. This has been going on for a long time, but from the beginning of the industrial age, the rate of the depletion of natural resources has grown exponentially.  This problem is getting worse as populations and consumption keep growing faster than technology finds new ways what can be produced from the natural world. I am all for technical progress but we need to understand that the rate at which we are destroying our planet could cause irreversible effects. We need to think about what kind of world we want to leave for our children, and therefore we should start taking some drastic measures.  Many of the governments of the developed countries have signed all sorts of treaties regarding this problem, and this is a good start, but I believe that the power to make a real difference lies in our own hands.  If each and every one of us would be

Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

  Top 7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 Before the new year, blogs and the media are sure to post a selection of trend forecasts. Last year showed that everyone is not thinking about how to have fun or how to hop over to penny slots online , but is trying to look into the future, to know what the year ahead will bring us. That's why we're writing this article now and not in December. Let's take a look at the current trends that have taken root in digital marketing, the ones that are just gaining momentum or are experiencing a second youth.  Now let's get acquainted with the current trends of 2021 in digital marketing. 1. Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) Mobile shopping has increased in 2021. For all purposes, it's more convenient to have an app at your fingertips than to manually search for a website in your browser. Not every company can afford to develop an app - it's complicated and not cheap. Getting people to the app is a separate task. PWA is a good and relat

Impact of coronavirus on education in India Essay

Impact of coronavirus on education in India Essay A big concern among the covid-19 pandemic and the insulin lockdown is education in the country of course which has come to a standstill whether it's schools whether it's colleges whether it's placements whether it's entrance exams. It's the largest disruption of Indian education systems in history, when the pandemic first hit around Millions of students around India were sent home as schools closed their doors some have since reopened but class isn't in session for half of the country's schoolchildren The lucky ones were able to pursue their studies online but for many, even in developed States that are not an option the world was already struggling to come to grips with educational inequality Now the United Nations warn the covid crisis is making it worse disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable and threatening to wipe out decades of progress for this generation and possibly beyond. The Indian educat