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Essay on Metro Rail

  Essay on Metro Rail The rapidly growing population, expanding cities, and heavy rush, as a result of rapid industrialisation and urbanisation has led to the need for cheap and convenient modes of conveyance for public transport, especially in the metro cities.  A well planned Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) such as the Metro Rail forms the lifeline of the cosmopolitan cities which have a population of thousands of lakhs. The government must decide the metro model for a particular region depending on the basis of the region's logistics, financial resources, population. It should avoid aping metro models of the other countries.  The fact that the metro projects are meant to serve the cities with more than four million population needs to be kept in mind. The costs associated with these projects are decided on the basis of the metro project being underground, elevated or at ground level.  The larger the underground and elevated proposal, the larger shall be the cost involved. The f

Happy New Year 2022: Essay On New Year For Students

Happy New Year 2022: Essay On New Year For Students 1. Which you Happy New year to respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends. 2. I want to express some of my thoughts in front of you about happy New Year 3. New Year is celebrated on 1st January every year, with great pomp in the whole world. 4. in the New Year people pledge new goals with new thinking. 5. Every New year brings new hopes, new dreams and new goals in everyone's life. Happy New Year 2022: Essay On New Year For Students Ladies and gentlemen  Today we gather here for a new beginning this is the time to start new hopes expectations dreams  It's a time for people to live all the bad experiences in the previous year and take a step into a new year with positive energy. The new year is the day at which the beginning of the new calendar year various fireworks dances music are arranged in beaches clubs hotels new year is celebrated all over the world on January 1st since the arrival of the Julian calendar. People

Happy New Year 2022 Speech in English

  Happy New Year 2022 Speech in English Today we gather to usher in a new bringing, a time to start with new hopes, desires, expectations and New Year resolutions. Those also give is an edge and excitement going into the new year, a fresh start. Therefore, it is no surprise that people want to celebrate the beginning of the New Year with a joyful celebration with their loved ones. This is what is like the new year celebration. It is a modern form of the festival that has become a ritual performed by urban areas in particular. Closing of the week-long celebrations starts with Christmas Eve. New year comes the exclamation point. People of all ages and from different walks of life come together, to usher in a year of prospering and health. The fact Because the new year is usually the last day before returning to work, people try extra hard to enjoy the festivities. Ofter kinds are instructed to report their experiments and present the same when the school reopens after the winter holidays

Covid 19 has taught us lessons of life essay

 Covid 19 has taught us lessons of life essay The novel coronavirus has been recognised as the most destructive pandemic in the history of mankind, gripping the entire world in its fear and fatality Covid-19 has shown the world that nature does not discriminate against people based on human-made distinctions.  Neither military power nor wealth could stop a virus from spreading across the entire globe. The  covid-19 pandemic has thought us many important lessons and has changed our priorities in life. coronavirus has taught us to appreciate and be grateful for a few things we have taken for granted and made us recognize the new social inequalities.  The covid-19 pandemic has thought us a lesson to be prepared to fight similar challenges in future. During the covid-19 pandemic, we experienced nature's miracles. The pandemic taught us to let nature heal itself and not take it for granted. Our planet is all we have got, we cannot exploit it more than we have already Covid-19 thought us

Essay on my hobby

  Essay on my hobby Hobbies play an important part in our lives, they keep us busy in our spare hours and make life happy, they make us forget our worries and give us inspiration, there are many hobbies like drawing, painting, gardening, stamp collection, photography, reading, sewing, crafts, cooking, etc. My favourite hobby is gardening. Gardening gives me immense pleasure when I saw seeds sown by me growing into beautiful plants and blooming flowers, it gives me a great sense of fulfilment, Also, gardening gives us a lot of exercises, It teaches us to work with our own hands, it brings us into close contact with nature. Gardening adds to our comfort and health, we enjoy the fresh air the cool breeze, and the pleasant shade of trees the sweer-smelling flowers make the air fragrant. It refreshes the brain and invigorates the body in a world full of tension and pollution, it is a great relief to see beautiful flowers and lovely plants,  Gardening is a good hobby, I really enjoy it, when

Essay on World Environment Day

  Essay on World Environment Day I will recite an essay on the importance of celebrating World Environment Day that I have also mentioned the purpose of what we are losing day by day with the declining condition of our environment. Yes, friends, it is necessary to be discussed among us so that we can know about World Environment Day and other things related to it my dear friends UN had established a special they named as World Environment Day in 1972 to save the global environment for our better future on the earth in the happiness of worldwide technological development we have forgotten that we are losing something to such developments have given joy to us, however, on the other hand, it has snatched much natural Heritage's from us. Do you know that our many favourite foods are predicted to go extinct just because of our mistakes have been done for years in the form of developments like high use of electricity deforestation industrialization direct sewer yelling to thee large rive

Essay on how coronavirus affect your life

Essay on how coronavirus affect your life Introduction On 11th March 2020, the WHO carried out a virtual press conference and confirmed our fears. Covid 19 was declared a pandemic, with such a wide reach and explosive magnitude, the world braced itself for the impact.  Lockdowns were imposed, economies brought to a grinding halt, and travel was shut down. All of us were stuck where we had to embrace what covid 19 had in store for us.  Within a few weeks covid propagated like a chain and at the time total of 16.2Cr people have been infected and 33.6Lakh million dead.  To put that into perspective - that's the entire population of the City of Houston, Texas, gone forever.  Many of us suffered Gruelling days - battling fever, weakness, and breathlessness Many of us lost our invaluable loved ones, some lost their jobs and all their savings & many were left homeless.  For better or worse covid 19 has changed us permanently. As the world is coming back on its feet & trying to reg

Essay on my best friend

Essay on my best friend A best friend is one of the most precious gifts of God, In this world, it is hard to find an excellent and wise friend I am very fortunate that I have a true friend, his name is " your friend name". He is my class fellow, he is my best friend since childhood, he is an ideal boy, he obeys his teacher, parents and elders, all the teachers admire him, class-felloes love him and younger boys respect him, He is clean in his dress, speech and hobits, we share our secrets, happiness and even sadness each other, we both love to play cricket and play it together, we also take part in the speeches sports and other competions in our school, I am very much happy and thankful to God for blessing me as a true and sincere friend, I always pray for the stability and the long life of our friendship. Short essay on my best friend  I have my friends, all of them are good, but " your friend name" is my best friend we are friends since our childhood, my friend is

Essay on covid 19 second wave

Essay on covid 19 second wave COVID-19 has brought an unusual time upon us, forcing us all to adapt suddenly to life with lockdowns, quarantining, and social distancing. Everyone is eager to get back to normal life, but what does it mean for this to all be over?  People yearn for life after COVID-19, but it's not a matter of flipping a switch and going back to live just as it was pre-shutdown.  As long as the virus persists, even at a lower level, the norms of our everyday lives will be different than before we ever heard of SARS-CoV-2.  Physical distancing and frequent hand washing will probably need to be in place even after lockdowns have been lifted.  Our best hope is to safely, gradually regain a bit of life as we knew it.  Strides towards normalcy hinges on decreasing infection rates. The problem is, there's a huge pool of people who are susceptible to infection.   The Deadly second wave is sweeping through south Asia from Pakistan to India and Bangladesh all States are r