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What is NPR ? All you need to know about National Population Register

All you need to know about the National Population Register T he Union Cabinet has approved the updating of the National Population register or the NPR after a meeting was held as some states stopped working on it work on it the Census Commission has said the objective of the NPR is to create a comprehensive identity database of every usual citizen or resident of the country the database who will have demographic as well as biometric details the NPR exercise will be held between April and September 2020. In all states and union territories except Assam where the National Register of citizens exercise or the NCR I'm sorry NRC to identify illegal migrants has already been conducted the data for NPR was first collected in 2010 during the second term of UPA and along with the house listing phase of the census to 2011. The NPR data was first updated in 2015 with door-to-door service and digitization of the updated data is complete now in the next step the government

Citizenship Amendment Act

Citizenship Amendment Act  Hey, everybody, this is Priya and you are reading the Citizenship Amendment Act on essayonfes t In today's blog, we will get know about the Citizenship Amendment Act what kind of problem this bill is going to solve? What changes will it bring? And very important that what problems people are having with this bill? All these we will get know about in today's blog And to know about this topic very well, we should know the meaning of these two important terms First is "Persecution" which simple meaning is to misbehave or doing violence or discriminating If one group is doing violence or discriminating on the other group it is called Persecution Persecution could be of many types such as religious persecution, political persecution, and being racist The second important term of this topic is "Immigrant" If any person leaves his country and starts living in another country perm

History of new year

History of the new year  Hi, you found that blog quick you're the new emperor of Rome so what's the biggest problem you can solve on your first day in the office for Julius Caesar in 45 BC it was to fix the Roman calendar that was the first time in recorded history. A New Year's Day celebration took place on January 1st January is named for Janus the Roman god of new beginnings Janus was known as a two-faced God with the ability to look backward to the past and forward to the future before the time of Julius Caesar the Romans tried to link their calendar to the cycles of the moon but they quickly ran into trouble  it was nearly impossible to keep a lunar calendar in the face with the turning of the seasons and public officials exploited the errors by adding these to keep politicians in power and yes to dabble in a little election meddling on the side things became more stable and more manageable by copying the Egyptians and basing the new Roman calendar