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10 Lines On Labour Day In English

  5 Lines On Labour Day In English 1. Labour Day is an annual holiday celebrated on May 1st to honor the contributions and achievements of workers. 2. It is a day to recognize the importance of fair labor practices and the rights of workers worldwide. 3. Labour Day originated from the labor movement's efforts to establish better working conditions and improve workers' rights. 4. This day serves as a reminder to value and appreciate the hard work and dedication of individuals in various industries. 5. It is an opportunity to reflect on the progress made in labor rights and to continue advocating for a fair and just work environment. 10 Lines On Labour Day In English 1. Labour Day, also known as International Workers' Day, is celebrated on May 1st every year in many countries around the world. 2. It is a day dedicated to honoring and recognizing the contributions and achievements of workers and the labor movement. 3. Labour Day is a public holiday in several countries, provid

why I love America essay

Why I love America essay " The united states of America " -- Only to utter these five words induces my heart to swell with pride. For 244 years we have suffered as the United States of America.  Through trials and hardships, during the civil war, through the"cold war," through military conflicts, against enemies from without and against enemies from within; among the remaining states of the Earth, that the united states remain freedom's brightest hope. As well as also the liberty we now enjoy has not come without a cost -- a very terrific price. Over the long course of our country's existence greater than 1,300,000 women and men have put down their lives at liberty's change; individuals who, by the language of Abraham Lincoln, gave"the last full measure of loyalty." Oh, what a price was paid for our freedom! And beyond the cost of those who offered themselves up in freedom's cause, there is the cost paid by those mothers and dads, brothers

Short essay on Ganesh chaturthi

. Short essay on Ganesh chaturthi Ganesh Chaturthi  is a very popular festival of Hinduism,  Ganesh Chaturthi  is one of the most famous festivals of Hinduism It is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year in August or September, Throughout India, the people of Hinduism believe that every year Ganesh grows on earth and blesses people with their desires.  Lord Ganesha is the most famous God of the Hindu religion, which provides devotees with knowledge and prosperity. Lord Ganesha is also called by the name of dissolution, it means destroying all the obstacles of devotees and destructive  means to create trouble for the monsters.  People celebrate Ganesha's idol in this festival with full devotion for the next 10 days.  Ganesh immerses Saturn Chaturdasi, who is on the 11th day and wished to come again the following year.  People worship them for knowledge and prosperity, this festival is also called Vinayak Chaturthi. In Hinduism that when Ganesh came home,

India has always believed in the value of the family

India has always believed in the value of the family. Discuss the changes , both good and bad , that have resulted from the break-up Of the traditional Indian joint family.   • Introduction- The value of the family has been deeply ingrained in Indian society. • The breakup of the joint family due to economic factors, and the corrupting influence of western society.  • The positive impact is the kindling of the spirit of enterprise in the people. End of the internal squabbles inherent in a joint family.  • The negative impact is the loss of security and protection offered in a joint family.  • Conclusion - The break-up of the joint family system may be due to economic and social compulsions. But we must preserve the rich family values, and strengthen the kinship bonds. For many centuries the values ​​of families have deepened in Indian society. It is full of myths like Ramayana and Mahabharata , which are back in life. Ramayana devoted his son to his father, mother, b

Why honesty is important in a friendship

Why honesty is important in a friendship? I see the role of honesty being within relationship it being a linchpin to trust and respect because without it you can't develop that those two elements you can't be honest where you fear to offend and you can't respect an individual that actually deceives you on a regular basis you know and that's just a founding element if you don't have these elements you don't have a relationship but at the same time in a relationship you have to have that measured response of care and consideration and that is something it's it's not necessarily a blanket policy issue of necessarily for me to sit down and say you have to be absolutely honest but it needs to be discussed it needs to be communicated and that is another you know vital absolutely vital communication skill is that blew the answer but the the notion of communication being an essential relationship skill is you need to be able to communicate  these things within a

Independence Day essay

Independence Day is the eve to commemorate the nation's freedom. On 15th August 1947, India achieved freedom from British rule. Since the date is celebrated as the Independence Day of India. The day is observed as a national festival and is treasured with great passion all over the country. History of Independence Day in India On the 15th of August, in the year 1947, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, raised the Indian national flag above the Lahori Gate of the Red Fort in Delhi.  He further read out the prestigious discourse "Tryst with Destiny"" which declared the freedom of India .  This historic moment ended 3 centuries of British rule in India.  The nation never again remained the late spring retreat of the British Sahibs.    The significance of Independence Day India's Independence Day is certainly an occasion to celebrate our freedom and to pay respect to all those people who gave their lives for our inde


               Eight Sons of Mother Devaki Janmashtami  birth date of Lord Krishna —the day he made his earthly appearance. According to mythological texts, Shri Krishna was born in the month of September, on the eight-day of the dark fortnight. And if this day coincides with the Rohini Nakshatra, then it is considered even luckier and that year, this day is also celebrated as Sri Krishna’s birth anniversary. Krishna was born the eighth son of mother Devaki and father Vasudev both were in prison by his  maternal  Changsha (the king of Mathura). To save his life from getting killed by his maternal uncle, he was taken across the river by his father where he was brought up by Yasoda and Nanda, a cowherd. In Hindu folklore, the eighth carnation of Vishnu, Sri Krishna, is the one in particular who shows up in various hues in each phase of his natural life.  As a youngster he was underhanded and his adolescence was loaded with tricks and fun. Some worship Krishna as

Why & How does Celebrate good friday ? Good friday in hindi

  गुड फ्राइडे चूंकि ईसाइयों का एक पवित्र त्योहार माना जाता हैआज भी देवताओं की गुड फ्राइडे क्यों मनाया जाता है और कैसे मनाया जाता है  । इसाइयों के सबसे प्रमुख त्योहार में से एक है गुड फ्राइडे ।  इस दिन ईसाइयों के गुरु ईसा मसीह को सूली पर चढ़ाया था । इसके दो दिन बाद ही लोग चिंतित हो उठे थे । जिस खुशी में इस्टर संडे के रूप में मनाया जाता है । मतलब फ्राइडे को उनको सूली पर चढ़ाया गया था लेकिन संडे को फिर से जिंदा हो उठे थे । इस वजह से ये संडे आता उसको ईस्टर संडे और फ्राइडे को गुड फ्राइडे के रूप में मनाया जाता है ।  माना जाता है कि प्रवीण ने मानवता की भलाई और उनकी रक्षा के लिए अपने प्राणों का बलिदान दे दिया था । इसाई धर्म के अनुसार ईसा मसीह परमेश्वर के बेटे हैं । उन्हें अज्ञानता के अंधकार को दूर करने के लिए मृत्युदंड दिया गया था ।  उनके विरोधी बहुत ज्यादा थे और उनका लोग आलोचना करते थे विरोध करते थे इस वजह से कट्टरपंथियों को खुश करने के लिए पिलाते उसने 20 को क्रॉस पर लटका कर जान से मारने का आदेश दे दिया लेकिन अपने हत्यारों की उपेक्षा करने के बजाय यीशु ने उनके लिए प्रार्थना कर

An apple a day keeps the doctor away essay

An   Apple a   Day   Keeps   The   Doctor   Away Essay "An apple a day keeps the doctor away " no matter whether it's a red, green or yellow Apple. you should eat an apple each day to stay healthy and happy remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away it's actually True,   apples are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals and they are an excellent source of fiber. Apples contain powerful antioxidants although most fruits and veggies contain antioxidants apples are plentiful in one of the most powerful antioxidants quercetin which helps combat free radical damage boost your immune system and prevent different kinds of diseases  Eat your Apple in the morning add it to your morning smoothie snack on it during your lunchtime or before going to bed if you are a big fan of chips you are trying to eat healthy consider making apple chips  they are healthy and tasty and they make a great snack for your kids  Apples keep your eyes healthy due to

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My vision for India in 2047 postcard

  My vision for India in 2047 postcard "Our pride for our country should not come after our country is great. Our pride makes our country great." Honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi Ji, As we all know that India got independence in 1947 and by 2047 we will be celebrating our 100th year of independence. On this proud occasion, I would like to express my vision for India in 2047. My vision for India in 2047 is that India should be free from corruption, poverty, illiteracy, crime and everything that India is lacking.   My vision for India is peace, prosperity and truth. My vision for India is that no child should beg, no child should be forced into bonded labour. My biggest dream is to see women empowerment in all fields for India where every person gets employment opportunities. My vision for India is that everyone should have equal respect, there is no discrimination of caste, gender, colour, religion or economic status, I want India to be scientifically advanced, tec

Essay on my Vision for India in 2047 in 150,300,400 Words

  Essay On My Vision For India In 2047 ( 100- Words) By 2047 India celebrates its 100th year of Independence. Our Country in 2047 will be what we create today.  By 2047, I want to see India free from poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, corruption, and other social evils. Poor children should get an education.  There should be no gap between the rich and the poor. India should continue to be the land of peace, prosperity, and truthfulness.  Our country should continue to be secular where all religions are treated equally.  Entire world respects and recognizes the strength of India. I aspire that our country should become the largest economy in the world by 2047.  We all should work together to achieve it in the next 25 years.  Also read:  My Vision For India In 2047 Postcard 10 lines Essay On My Vision For India In 2047  ( 200 Words) Developing to develop Is the journey of a nation "I" to "me" and "My" to "our" Is the key to mission 2047. India i

Education should be free for everyone Essay

Education should be free for everyone The word education is derived from the Sanskrit root "Siksha". That is, to teach. The process by which learning and teaching take place is called education. Education is an important tool that is very useful in everyone's life. Education is what separates us from other living beings on earth. A child must receive an education so as to develop social awareness, increase in knowledge, better decision-making skills, proficiency  order here  in work thus becoming a better citizen.  Education is a great weapon for the people but is motivated by corruption to make the country better. All the people of that country must be educated in many circumstances, they are not able to get it. Maybe, if this education is free, then the country will be a developed country which will take the country in the right direction. Only through education we can make our dreams come true, without education we can give new conditions and direction to life, we