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Essay on Reservation Policy in India Does it Need Review

Essay on Reservation Policy in India Does it Need Review Two thousand years ago, the great philosopher Aristotle said, "Injustice arises when equals are treated unequally and also when unequal are treated equally". This profound statement is what lies at the heart of equality and fundamental human rights.  Every human simply by being a human being is entitled to equal treatment. The most significant, pervasive and violent discrimination in our country is the centuries-old caste system. It was abolished by the Constitution in 1952 and untouchability was declared a crime.  There was a category of people called Dalits outside this system who were discriminated against and treated as untouchables. They were thus given reservations by the government.  Reservation in India is the process of setting aside a certain percentage of seats (vacancies) in government institutions for members of backward and under-represented communities (defined primarily by caste and tribe).  It is a form

Essay on Organic Farming Is it Really Feasible for All

Essay on Organic Farming Is it Really Feasible for All Organic foods are the ones which are derived from organic farming. Organic farming is a method where the crops are raised on a piece of land with the use of organic wastes, namely; crop, animal and farm waste, compost, green manure and other biological materials along with bio-fertilizers (microbes which help in composting).  They are used to maintain essential nutrients in the soil and help in sustainable production in an eco-friendly environment. Food and Agriculture Organisation defines organic farming as, "a unique production management system which promotes and enhances agroecosystem health, including biodiversity, biological cycles and soil biological activity".  Organic farming can be carried out by various agronomical methods. These on-farm methods are distinct from conventional agriculture. Organic farming has a very high potential in hilly areas and can become a game changer in the North-Eastern region.  At a ti

Essay on Dream of Smart Cities Myth or Reality in India

  Essay on Dream of Smart Cities Myth or Reality in India The project of 'Smart Cities' was announced soon after the Narendra Modi-led government came into power. This was considered a step in the direction of urban India's renewal.  Over the past few years, metropolitan cities have been witnessing an increase in population migration from rural to urban India. This influx has posed several challenges for the natives, migrants as well as the government. Smart cities are considered as a solution to cope with the challenges of urbanisation. 'Smart city' is an urban region that is environment friendly, technologically well-equipped and has an efficient core infrastructure along with market viability. The core infrastructure of a smart city includes adequate water supply, assured electricity, sanitation, solid waste management, efficient public transport and affordable housing, especially for the poor. Robust IT connectivity and digitalisation, e-governance and citizen

Essay on How The People We Once Loved Become Strangers Again

  Essay on How The People We Once Loved Become Strangers Again It is interesting to think how we become people who were not everything before. How do we learn to forget? How do we force ourselves to forget? What have we put in their place in the interim? The dynamics that follow tell you more than relationships – sadness is a faster teacher than happiness – but what does that mean when you become strangers again? You never really stop getting to know each other this way. You don't have a choice to make them a different person, don't know your daily worries about how you looked naked and what made you cry and how much you love them. When our lives revolve around someone, they never stop doing so, even if what remains is a fragment of their memory. Some parts always stick. The memories of the places you went, the words you said and ultimately the songs you listened to are imprinted We all eventually find ourselves standing in the checkout line, listening to one of those songs an

Smart Tech at Work New Strategies for Efficiency

  44 Smart Tech at Work New Strategies for Efficiency Innovative technologies present a transforming characteristic, replacing the classical operational pattern with an up-to-date and dynamic system, improving overall productivity. Companies are organically searching for the most innovative ways to organize their workforce. As a result, technologies such as smart technology are becoming the main contributors to both productivity and competitiveness. This blog will systematically delve into the emerging trends in innovative tech and explore how businesses can take advantage of the developments to automate tasks and orchestrate operations to play around a more agile workforce that is both efficient and effective. Key Takeaways Role of Technology in Modern Workplaces: Smart technologies like AI, IoT, and robotics boost productivity and competitiveness through enhanced automation and collaboration. Critical Components of Smart Tech Solutions: AI and ML automate tasks, while IoT collects d

Poem On A Nation Can Develop Only If All Are Educated

  Poem On A Nation Can Develop Only If All Are Educated  A nation is not defined by its borders but by the unity and patriotism of its people.  We all want our nation to be prosperous and great, but this can only be achieved through education.  By educating ourselves, we pave the way for a wealthier and healthier nation, one that can shine as a beacon of development and progress.  Also read:-  A thing of beauty is a joy forever poem Also read:- Gratitude is a great essay Also read:-  Essay on time management is the key to success Also read:-  Essay on why education is important Also read:-  Essay on why rules are important Also read:  Essay on changes in education system my views Also read:  why female education is important THANK YOU SO MUCH 

Key Features of BSc. In MRIT Course

  Key Features of BSc. In MRIT Course B.Sc. MRIT Course is a 3 year graduation programme. In this program, The Priority during the initial year should be on the educational Theory and practice establishing a strong scientific basis and engagement with the course Fundamentals. During the second and third years of training, the focus should be laid on the method of refining the acquired theoretical knowledge and its application to clinical/reflective practice. In a Bachelor's degree programme, a minimum of one year should be devoted to clinical practice and this should be on a continuum of rotation from theory to practice over the programme. The 4 years degree programme aims to enable the development of the medical radiology and imaging technologist as a key member of the multidisciplinary team and to enable him/her to execute advanced preparation/ planning/delivery as well as quality assurance. Eligibility  Candidates who are willing to get admission should have passed 10 + 2 with