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10 Lines On Labour Day In English

  5 Lines On Labour Day In English 1. Labour Day is an annual holiday celebrated on May 1st to honor the contributions and achievements of workers. 2. It is a day to recognize the importance of fair labor practices and the rights of workers worldwide. 3. Labour Day originated from the labor movement's efforts to establish better working conditions and improve workers' rights. 4. This day serves as a reminder to value and appreciate the hard work and dedication of individuals in various industries. 5. It is an opportunity to reflect on the progress made in labor rights and to continue advocating for a fair and just work environment. 10 Lines On Labour Day In English 1. Labour Day, also known as International Workers' Day, is celebrated on May 1st every year in many countries around the world. 2. It is a day dedicated to honoring and recognizing the contributions and achievements of workers and the labor movement. 3. Labour Day is a public holiday in several countries, provid

My daily routine paragraph in english | 10 Lines on My daily routine

  My daily routine paragraph in English I wake up early in the morning. after brushing my teeth I take bath. Thereafter I take my breakfast.  I reach my school by 8:00 AM. I attend my classes there are eight periods. After four periods. I take my lunch.  I also play in recess. In the evening, I return home. I eat the snacks, then I finish my homework. On the ground, I play games with my friends. Finally, after taking supper I go to bed. This is my daily routine.  Also read:  My Daily Routine Paragraph In English For Interview  My daily routine paragraph in English A daily routine is an arrangement of a day's tasks. As a student, I also maintain a daily routine.  On weekdays, I get up at 6 o'clock, then pray and prepare my lessons. After breakfast at 8, I go to school at 9. My school breaks at 2 o'clock.  After returning from school, I take my lunch. Then after taking a rest for an hour, I go to play on the field. In the evening I read my lesson.  After having dinner at 9 pm

Here are the top 4 reasons to do an employment background check

Here are the top 4 reasons to do an employment background check Employers conduct background checks for a variety of reasons. A variety of reasons motivate employers to conduct background checks. Employers conduct background checks for a variety of reasons. This year's HireRight Employment Screening Benchmarking Report reveals the top four benefits employers realize from conducting background checks and how they add value to their organizations. Do you need to learn about background checks ? SeamlessSearch has control over the entire program, providing the clients with an individualized experience based on their industry, state laws, regulatory requirements, or internal policies. 1. Increased quality of hire Sixty-seven percent of respondents said the quality of their hires improved as a result of background screening. 70% of respondents report finding inaccuracies on resumes after conducting background checks.  In addition, respondents are finding misrepresentations more than once

Water our reason to smile essay

Water our reason to smile essay If there is magic on this planet, It is contained in water. Wates is abundant on the earth. This is one of the main reasons that make life possible on our planet. Water is a precious commodity for all living beings on earth. One can not even think of living without water. It is the Reason for our Smile. We need water for almost everything. We need water for washing, cleaning, drinking and water has so many health benefits. Water is the greatest gift to mankind and everyone should get involved in protecting this lifeline. without water, we cannot carry out our daily activities. It is equally necessary whether we are thinking about brushing up early in the morning or preparing our meals. We depend very strongly on this transparent chemical in this domestic use of water. Wates is necessary not only for Our Survival but also for a Healthy and Happy Life. Everyone has seen the Situation of water-deprived Countries like Africa. Where people lead miserable liv

10 Lines on CV Raman in English

  10 Lines on CV Raman in English 1. Sir C.V. Raman was one of the greatest scientists of India. 2. He was born on 7th November 1888 at Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu. 3. His full name was Chandrasekhar. ara Venkata Raman 4. Sir C.v. Raman's father's name was Chandrasekhara Ramanathan Iyer and his mother's name was Parvathi Ammal. 5. Sir C.v. Raman was a brilliant student right from his childhood and always stood first in his field of education 6. C.V. Raman was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930, for discovering the 'Raman Effect 7. He established the 'Raman Research Institute' in 1948 where he worked to his last days. 8. Sir CV. Raman breathed his last on 21st November 1970. 9. Every year on 28 February, National Science Day is celebrated to pay tribute to the Nobel Laureate Dr C.V. Raman. 10. Sir C.V. Raman is an inspiration for generations of scientists. 10 Lines short essay on CV Raman in English 1) Sir CV Raman was born on 7th November 1888 2) He wa

Essay On Integrated Approach in science and technology for a sustainable future

  Essay On Integrated Approach in science and technology for a sustainable future Science and Technology have played an important role in the Development of India after Independence. Since Independence, priority has been given field of Science. The intelligent use of Science & Technology One the tools with which to achieve a new direction... Today man has made a lot of progress in the field of Science and Technology. In such a way, it has become impossible to live without technology. Technology has made our life simple, easy and convenient. India celebrates National Science Day every year on *28 February National Science Day Promotes Science and Technology and its feasibility in our daily life. National Science Day is also a theme-based event... This year the theme of National Science Day 2012 is " Integrated Approach in Science and Technology for Sustainable Future ." Union Minister of State - Mr Jitendra Singh' (Science & Technology) has announced. According

10 lines on national science day

  10 lines on national science day 1. National Science Day is celebrated every year on 28th February in order to mark the discovery of the Raman Effect by Sir CV Raman. 2. The program celebration aims to highlight the achievement of famous Indian Scientist Sir CV Raman who won the noble prize in physics in 1930. 3. The Government of India observed the first National Science Day on 28th February 1987. 4. The National Council for Science and Technology Communication helps scientific institutions in coordinating National Science Day. 5. The event is celebrated across the country in schools, colleges, universities, and scientific research institutions. 6. National Scientific Day is celebrated by organizing public speeches, science movies, science exhibitions, debates, quiz competitions, lectures, etc. 7. National Science Day is celebrated across the nation with a theme to promote science-related activities. 8. On National Science Day, Government felicitates the 'Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar

Four Critical Points For Junk Car Sellers

Four Critical Points For Junk Car Sellers Regardless of the visible condition of a vehicle, you have to sell it when the cost of maintenance gets to keep it running.  So even the cars in the best visual conditions get thrown away as junk. Some people have their memories connected with their vehicles, due to which they remain indecisive regarding whether to sell them or keep them.  As a result, these vehicles will catch rust and become junk while standing in garages. So, why not trade them on time to get the maximum value for junk cars?  If you are in a similar situation and living in a big city like Los Angeles, the people have been implementing the advice in these following points to get the best cash for junk cars in Los Angeles.   Value of Some Car Parts Gets Calculated Separately It would help if you remembered that some car parts are valued separately from the actual vehicle. So your car’S GPS, Wheels, Radio, Batteries, even when these are dead, Alternator, and Motor are all valua


WHAT IS THE ROLE OF AESTHETIC CLOTHES IN OUR LIFE Clothing is actually the name of your thinking. Yes, Clothing is the name of your thinking, which shows you what kind of personality you have.  Every kind of fashion is done in the world. But that fashion you choose for yourself depends on your thinking. Due to the ever-changing trends of modern fashion, women seem to suffer from the same confusion and anxiety all the time.  They think that which style would be best for them or what they are wearing according to their personality and modern constitution; of course, you too will suffer from this confusion and want a solution.  It is true that women wear modern fashion and design clothes to enhance their beauty so aesthetic clothes are one of the most suitable fashions for women to increase their beauty. Physical appearance: Physical appearance has a great effect on our personality. In physical appearance, the superficial layer is the one in which most people interact. Impressions counts

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My vision for India in 2047 postcard

  My vision for India in 2047 postcard "Our pride for our country should not come after our country is great. Our pride makes our country great." Honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi Ji, As we all know that India got independence in 1947 and by 2047 we will be celebrating our 100th year of independence. On this proud occasion, I would like to express my vision for India in 2047. My vision for India in 2047 is that India should be free from corruption, poverty, illiteracy, crime and everything that India is lacking.   My vision for India is peace, prosperity and truth. My vision for India is that no child should beg, no child should be forced into bonded labour. My biggest dream is to see women empowerment in all fields for India where every person gets employment opportunities. My vision for India is that everyone should have equal respect, there is no discrimination of caste, gender, colour, religion or economic status, I want India to be scientifically advanced, tec

Essay on my Vision for India in 2047 in 150,300,400 Words

  Essay On My Vision For India In 2047 ( 100- Words) By 2047 India celebrates its 100th year of Independence. Our Country in 2047 will be what we create today.  By 2047, I want to see India free from poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, corruption, and other social evils. Poor children should get an education.  There should be no gap between the rich and the poor. India should continue to be the land of peace, prosperity, and truthfulness.  Our country should continue to be secular where all religions are treated equally.  Entire world respects and recognizes the strength of India. I aspire that our country should become the largest economy in the world by 2047.  We all should work together to achieve it in the next 25 years.  Also read:  My Vision For India In 2047 Postcard 10 lines Essay On My Vision For India In 2047  ( 200 Words) Developing to develop Is the journey of a nation "I" to "me" and "My" to "our" Is the key to mission 2047. India i

Education should be free for everyone Essay

Education should be free for everyone The word education is derived from the Sanskrit root "Siksha". That is, to teach. The process by which learning and teaching take place is called education. Education is an important tool that is very useful in everyone's life. Education is what separates us from other living beings on earth. A child must receive an education so as to develop social awareness, increase in knowledge, better decision-making skills, proficiency  order here  in work thus becoming a better citizen.  Education is a great weapon for the people but is motivated by corruption to make the country better. All the people of that country must be educated in many circumstances, they are not able to get it. Maybe, if this education is free, then the country will be a developed country which will take the country in the right direction. Only through education we can make our dreams come true, without education we can give new conditions and direction to life, we