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The handmaid's tale pdf download | Summary | Book review

Click here to get the pdf  The handmaid's Tale Book Review Details of  The handmaid's tale Book Name:  The handmaid's tale Authors:   Margaret Atwood Pages:  311 Genre:   Science Fiction, Speculative fictione, Tragedy, Feminist science fiction, Dystopian Fiction Publish Date: 1985 Language:   English The handmaid's tale by Margaret Atwood, so the genre of the handmaid's tale is dystopian, and since the genre is dystopian a lot of unpleasant things are going on in this book. Summary The story is taking place in the republic of Gilead the u.s government got overthrown and a new totalitarian state was formed which is called Gilead  The entire social structure has changed and definitely not for the better for one woman have been stripped of all their rights and they have been divided into certain categories. So there are the wives then there are the aunts there are the handmaids there are Marthas and so on  and everything has been banned for everyone. All the hand


THE GENIUS OF INDRAPRASTHA SUMMARY Details of  The genius of Indraprastha  book Book Name:  The genius of Indraprastha Authors:   harsh Vardhan Pages:   360 Genre:   historical fiction Publish Date:  2 January 2021 Language:   English Summary: The genius of Indraprastha by author harsh Vardhan,  so the genre of this book is mythological fiction for sure but I personally also got the vibes of historical fiction within mythological fiction while reading this book. So this story is taking place during the Vedic times in a place called Gondwana, now Gondwana has five native tribes and one foreign tribe that invaded Gondwana and settled there. So the five native tribes are that of irens, varners, asuras, garuds,  Vaishyas  and the foreign tribe is that of kidmat guards, kidmat  guards  have been in Gondwana for 250 years and they have only grown stronger and needless to say they are not on good terms with the five native tribes of Gondwana they are enemies. The main highlight of this book i

Failures are Pillars of Success Essay

Failures are Pillars of Success Essay On life journeys, everyone has to face struggles and obstacles and difficulties in their life but the important thing is that how we deal with them, it has been properly commented that to become a champion fight another round success and failures are the two aspects of coins There are some peoples who are ready to be failed and to become a champion they'd make mistakes by mistakes we'll learn many things and the brave person is who is ready to be failed  "Making a mistake is not a big deal but repeating the mistake, again and again, is a bad thing"  Failure and success are two interconnected phenomena that categorize human life, naturally, our life consists of pesticide and dark side that interchange one another one must not think that failure is a charge because every failure is a part of a success  When you experience failure you will appreciate your success more people work hard to reach their goals obviously when one starts he

my favourite animal | Essay on My Favorite animal

🐶Essay on My Favorite animal🐶 I really like animals a lot but among all animals, my favourite is a dog. The dog is a domesticated animal. They are very dear friends of the people.  They guard people's homes all day. The wide, bright eyes and a strong sense of smell make it different from other animals. They are strong and extremely loving and loyal to their master.  They can smell their owner from distance. There are many types of these: - Baby dogs, grey breeds, blood breeds, coiled dogs, etc. Their teeth are guided and their hearing aids are also exemplary.  They are very useful in catching thieves and criminals by the powerful means of listening and sniffing. The nose print of each dog is different. People love him for his great service. People say that "a dog is a man's best friend" is absolutely true because they are loyal and extremely loyal. They are very intelligent animals . They protect us from strangers Some dogs are trained to bring fis

How to set up Cash App

  How to set up Cash App? We all are familiar with the fact that now cash up are becoming standard day by day. It is because everything has shifted to the online platform and earning from the modern online systems. So, if you are the one who is looking to set up a cash app , then stop worrying because you are definitely at the right place at the right time. Cash apps are the fundamental aspect to transfer money. It has mainly given ease to people who earn through the online system. Due to this feature, it has served many people up to a great extent and gets money online without any inconveniences in your mind. Moreover, you can get the money transferred in your cash app and withdraw it at the time of need.  Now the central question comes that how to set up a cash app? So, you do not need to follow long term procedure because the method is straightforward.  There are only two ways to sign up for the cash app. It can either be for the iOS system or Android. On the other side, you can al

How Cramer's rule is used to solve a system of equations

  Define Cramer's rule: How Cramer's rule is used to solve a system of equations? There are different ways to solve a single problem in math. This is why it is so complicated and easy at the same time. One can solve a problem by the method of one’s liking. For example, there are many ways to write an equation i.e slope-intercept form , standard form, point-slope form e.t.c. Similarly, equations are also solved using different methods. One of such methods is Cramer’s rule and it is the most favoured one.  What is Cramer’s rule? Cramer’s rule is used to solve a system of complex mathematical equations. It is named after a Genevan mathematician, Gabriel Cramer .  In Cramer’s rule, we find the value of an unknown variable, let’s say z, by replacing the z column of the matrix and finding its determinant. After that, dividing that with the value of the original matrix’s determinant.    Drawback: It is an easy way but it can be inefficient and tiresome when the system consists of m