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Failures are Pillars of Success Essay

Failures are Pillars of Success Essay On life journeys, everyone has to face struggles and obstacles and difficulties in their life but the important thing is that how we deal with them, it has been properly commented that to become a champion fight another round success and failures are the two aspects of coins There are some peoples who are ready to be failed and to become a champion they'd make mistakes by mistakes we'll learn many things and the brave person is who is ready to be failed  "Making a mistake is not a big deal but repeating the mistake, again and again, is a bad thing"  Failure and success are two interconnected phenomena that categorize human life, naturally, our life consists of pesticide and dark side that interchange one another one must not think that failure is a charge because every failure is a part of a success  When you experience failure you will appreciate your success more people work hard to reach their goals obviously when one starts he

Advantages and disadvantages of lockdown essay

Advantages and disadvantages of lockdown essay what is a lockdown? Coronavirus has turned out into a pandemic it started in China and has spread to most of the countries of the world because there is no proper medicine or vaccine for this disease many countries have implemented lockdown to prevent the spread of this disease. Lockdown is a requirement for people to stay where they are, usually due to specific risks to themselves or to others if they can move freely, lockdown is implemented to prevent covid19. during the lockdown, our society is facing some positive as well as negative effects. Disadvantages of lockdown lockdown leads to unemployment many people have lost their jobs. many industries like agriculture education entertainment are facing loss. it has made a negative impact on the economy of the world. people trapped in many places and they want to reach their homes children trapped inside their houses and there is no outing or outdoor games for them because of isolation duri

Essay on ecosystem restoration

Essay on ecosystem restoration in English  "Nature helps us find peace and growth  Restore ecosystem to save our planet" Introduction: Our environment is one of the most important aspects to save on this planet. we cannot survive a single day without it, It is the only thing that can make life sustainable. thus it is important that we should take care of our ecosystem. Also, abandon all the exploitation that we are causing. Meaning of Ecosystem Restoration Ecosystem restoration refers to assisting in the recovery of an ecosystem that has been degraded or destroyed, as well as conserving the ecosystems, with richer biodiversity, yield greater benefits such as more fertile soils, bigger yields of timber and fish, and larger stares of greenhouse gases. Restoration can happen in many ways, For example through actively planting or by removing pressures that nature can recover on its own. "Stopping pollution is the best solution" Importance of Ecosystem Restoration Ecosys

Essay on Effects of Social Media on Mental Health

Essay on Effects of Social Media on Mental Health  We often pick up our phones to complete one quick task and then find ourselves scrolling through our feeds for 20 to 30 minutes or even more, while social media is designed to help us connect sometimes it can actually damage our relationships and increase loneliness. Since emerging in the early 2000s, social media has exploded in popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, Tumblr, and Twitter, as well as messaging services like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and Snapchat. They've given friends, family, and even complete strangers the ability to easily connect, create online profiles, upload photos, share videos, and communicate instantaneously. Finding the right balance of social media use is all about how we use it there have been tons of studies done about social media and its impact, one showed that even having a smartphone in our view lessened empathic concern for others and overall lowered the quality of the conversations th

Essay on my favourite player ms dhoni

  Essay on my favourite player ms dhoni  Cricket is the cult of all Indians and everyone adores this game among all the cricketers I am a diehard fan of Mahinder Singh Dhoni, he is one of the few cricketers whose name has become synonymous with modern-day cricket, this form of the captain of an Indian cricket team is commonly known as MS Dhoni  Mahendra Singh Dhoni, popularly known as ‘MS Dhon’ or ‘mahi’ is a former cricketer and captain of the Indian National Cricket team. He was born in a middle-class Rajput family on 7 July 1981 in Ranchi, Jharkhand (then in Bihar). His father, Pan Singh, was an employee at MECON. His mother, Devki Devi, is a homemaker. He completed his schooling at DAV Jawahar Vidya Mandir in Shyamali, Ranchi. During his school days, he used to play badminton and football. He played as a goalkeeper in a local football team. From 2001 to 2003, he worked as a Train Ticket Examiner (TTE) at Kharagpur Railway Station in West Bengal.  He made his ODI debut in 2004 again