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The advantages and disadvantages of internet essay

The advantages and disadvantages of internet essay

The advantages and disadvantages of internet essay


The Internet is one of the greatest inventions of the 21st century, the Internet is a source of information and Google is the most widely used search engine in the world. Almost, every piece of information you can easily get on the internet. 

In case of emergency to get information about something, the internet is the medium which can help you in this matter. 

It has enabled mankind to reach new uncharted territories. It has made the world a smaller place by bringing people together. On the other hand, the Internet is also capable of pulling them apart.  the Internet has proven to be very useful and has come with lots of advantages and disadvantages also.

Some advantages and disadvantages of the internet 


Communication: The most powerful weapon in the 21st century The Internet has enabled us to communicate with people around the world from even the most remote places on Earth to be in constant communication with one another. 

It is cheap and convenient the only costs are those paid to the Internet connection and services such as Skype video calls have helped people from distant countries to interact and share ideas, 

This has helped in scientific research, business communication, government press release, and other fields where fast and continuous communication is key to smooth functioning. 

Abundant information and resources: In addition to communication, providing access to the largest sources of information is one of the most important advantages the Internet offers us. 

there are multiple search engines that have made it easier for Internet users to find information.

This has completely changed the world of research, technology, and education by enabling people to learn about almost anything with the click of a button, 

by the use internet, students can easily attend their online classes, and be it reading books, scholarly articles, or even sharing media, it's easily possible over the Internet.

Online payments: easily access online banking do online transaction like net banking and You don’t need to go to the Cable office for paying your bill so that you can see TV channels for free at your home. 

Because, in this generation, PayTm, PayPal, and so many tools are there which help to pay bills within seconds. And you don’t need to stay in line and wait for your number to pay bills. 

Online shopping or e-commerce: The Internet in our lives completely changed the face of the retail industry with the introduction of e-commerce. With the help of e-commerce, 

you can now buy virtually everything you need with a click of a button, be it groceries, clothing, furniture, hardware, tools, electronics, books. You can get it all delivered right to your doorstep within days. 

Save time and energy:- You can work without energy on offline mode Suppose, I want to have my Id card and for that, I have to go to the government parliament and after going there, 

I have to wait for hours to get my number but it was the traditional pattern. Now, I can easily get my id card by staying at home and without spending energy as well as time. 

Entertainment and lifestyle: Entertainment has always been an integral part of modern civilization. With the help of the Internet, the entertainment and showbusiness industry has reached new heights, 

be it sport, movies, music, theater and all of the forms of entertainment have become very accessible.

People can watch programs of their choice from any part of the world. With the help of the Internet. Gone are the days of renting DVDs and purchasing each movie you want to watch. 

With the growth of online video streaming platforms such as Netflix, Disney, Plus, Hulu, and many others watching movies has become much simpler.

However, as the number of people who are using the Internet, increases exponentially on a daily basis. We must also understand some of the disadvantages of the Internet.


Internet Addiction: some people spend a great amount of time on the Internet this affects their social interactions it can cause obesity and has in some cases led to some diseases it's completely isolated you from the outside world, though sitting at home and getting everything you need to be delivered to your doorstep is a great advantage of the Internet.

However, it can also isolate a person from the virtual world. Teenagers and young adults who spend hours and even days locked up inside in front of the computer can fall prey to various mental health issues in extreme cases such as social anxiety, psychosis, and even depression. Therefore, it is important to find a balance and get out of the house regularly. 

Spam mail: spamming is the sending of unwanted and useless emails to random people they are illegal and make it hard for people to access their email accounts.

Eats your time: Another demerit of the Internet is that it eats away your time, no matter how careful and disciplined you are. With the sheer number of activities available on the Internet, 

it is very common to get distracted and lose track of time. It has been found that the average person spends close to seven hours a day on the Internet.

Eye-related problems: As you have to use the internet for your work, your eyes are being exposed to the computer screen or mobile screen which continuously emits light and hence, after a long period of usage of the internet, you may have eye-related problems. 

Cybercrime: However, there are also other illegal groups, such as hackers and terrorist organizations, who can use this information for unlawful purposes, In addition, 

stalking is another threat that has become quite common since the introduction. Good social media. IT is important to take precautions while surfing the Internet to protect yourself from possible harm. 

Virus:- these are malicious programs that plague the Internet they attack a computer with the intent of causing harm they can make the computer malfunction and this can be very costly especially if you lose important data.

leakage of private information:-  However, there is one security threat that has emerged to be a major issue in the last two decades, 

which is a threat to personal information. Major websites like Google, Facebook, and Amazon have been accused of collecting personal information about the people using their platform.

This information is sold to other advertising firms to target customers for personalized ads. credit and debit card details are particularly vulnerable make sure to use a reliable payment processor instead of sending your details directly to an individual or business. 

Fake news: One of the most impactful disadvantages of the Internet in this decade is fake News, the Internet has become a trusted source of getting news and information from around the globe.

More than 57 percent of the population worldwide using the Internet, the spread of false information can cause panic and disturbed. 

How many governments and online media platforms have made a lot of efforts to verify facts before it is posted online to avoid false information and unnecessary complications. 

Even after almost 50 years since the making of the Internet, the security threats over the Internet still persist. Hackers can steal sensitive information that can harm individuals, businesses, and other organizations, although the spread of viruses and other malicious programs can be identified to a certain extent.

Child security: The Internet can also be quite a bad influence on children, Even with the presence of parental controls, young children can get exposed to a lot of content on the Internet, which is not suited for the fragile minds of a child.

Gruesome online games and horror movies are just the tips of the iceberg. This is why parents should guide children and teach them to be safe on the Internet.

kids exposed to adults only content:- Internet contains age-inappropriate content like pornography unfortunately such content can be accessed by children parents can lock out harmful sites to keep their children safe nevertheless children can still access the internet from other devices.


I think the Internet is something that we have to know, and we should know what is good and bad for us, and keep ourselves away from what can damage us in any way. 

I think it is the same for every people, we have to be responsible because the Internet is a tool that helps us either with seeking information or in any ordinary situation. 

the internet is not bad the people who use it make it bad the internet is not dangerous for people that want to learn that want to communicate meet other people it is dangerous for the people that are looking for something dangerous.

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