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10 Lines on Bedroom in English

  10 Lines on Bedroom in English 1) A room for sleeping is called a bedroom. 2) It is also a place of getting relax. 3) It is a very important place for everyone. 4) 1/3rd of our life is spent in our bedroom. 5) Bedroom is like a charging place for us. 6) Our mind and body get recharged in a bedroom. 7) Bedroom should be well organized. 8) Furniture in a bedroom includes a wardrobe, bed frame, mattress, etc., 9) A bedroom can be used for reading also. 10) In some houses a bedroom may serve as a place for meditation. Also read: 10 Lines on Wrist Watch in English Also read: Essay writing on global warming history Also read: Flood in Assam Essay: For Students and Children in 500 Words Also read: 10 Lines on Arctic Tern in English Also read: 10 Lines on Veena in English Also read: 10 Lines on Dal Bati Churma THANK YOU SO MUCH

आज के संदर्भ में गांधी की प्रासंगिकता पर भाषण | Speech on the relevance of Gandhi in today's context

   आज के संदर्भ में गांधी की प्रासंगिकता पर भाषण यहाँ उपस्थित सभी माननीयौं , आदरणीय प्रधानाध्यापक , शिक्षकाण और मेरे मारे मिती आप सभी को सु का नमस्कार ! जैसा कि हम सभी जानते हैं कि हम सब यहाँ एक बहुत प्याश उत्सव मनाने जुटे  है   जो  गांधी जयंती  कहलाता  है ।  इस अवसर पर मैं आप आप सभी को महात्मा गांधी जी पर जोकि हमारे राष्ट्रपिता उनके बारे में दो शब्द बतलाना चाहती हूँ। युगपुरुष महात्मा गांधी जी ने जिनका जन्म 2 अक्टूबर हुआ था . उन्ने अपने विचारों से न केवल भारत में आजादी दिपायी बल्कि समाण में अनेक सुधार भी किए, उनके विचार देश - काल में सीमित न होकर सीमाओं से परे है।  में स्वदेशी को प्राथमिकता देते थै, उनका मानना था मि स्वदेशी से हमारा देश आनिर्भर बन सकता है। वर्तमान अस्थिरता के और में जहाँ एक ओर कोषि-19 जैसी महामारी लोगों की हताश और बहाल लिए हैं अंधी दूसरी और इसके आर्थिक परिणाम भी लोगों को भीवष्य के लिए आशंकित लिए 1 आज संपूर्ण विश्व बाजारवाद के दौड में शामिल हो चुका | लालच की परिकाति यह की सीमा ताल पषी जाती है। ऐसे में गांधीवाद की प्रासंगिकता पहले से पष्टी अधिक हो जाती है । घृणा को भी प्

Essay On Culture Of Sikkim | Essay On Art, Culture, Festival and Rituals Of Partnering state

Essay On Culture Of Sikkim " Attracts a lot of mind of tourists, Sikkim is called Switzerland of the east" Sikkim is a unique blend of different religious customs and traditions of different communities. The people of Sikkim are warned, simple and friendly with a natural gaiety. Sikkim is a beautiful land of manifold tribes and races of people living together All these diverse tribes and communities have their unique features in addition to their particular dance forms, festival, language, culture and crafts form. The miscellany of ethnic groups, religion, and language is seen all over the Sikkim. The culture of any place is often depicted through its cuisine, people, religion, language, art, music and dance, similarly, Sikkim also shines like Kohinoor, in the world for its culture, the second smallest state Sikkim is located in the northeastern part of India, the people of Sikkim are more commonly known as the Sikkimese. The prehistoric times of the state of Sikkim were occu


  BEST ALTERNATIVE OF WHATSAPP   WhatsApp is one of the biggest and most popular online messaging services. In 2019, it has over 1.9 billion active users and 60 billion texts are delivered every day. Facebook recently bought WhatsApp, as you may be aware. It's a free, secure application with end-to-end encrypted that allows users to communicate with one another. You may exchange text messages, photos, and video content, as well as make free audio and video phone calls voice messages, using WhatsApp. It can be used on a cellphone or a computer. All of your data will be accessible across all systems thanks to the multi-platform capability. ⦁ Conversations Though paying a few dollars for an application may have seemed unusual in this day and time, if you’re primary worry is privacy, then that would be essentially the price you pay, considering that “free” applications rely on personal data to some extent to earn cash. Conversations are a Jabber/XMPP-based programmer that is software

Essay on Paralympics 2020

Essay on Paralympics 2020 The Olympics and Paralympics are two of the biggest sporting events in the world and take place every four years in 2 segments - The Summer and the Winter Games.  The Paralympics takes place immediately after the Olympics in the same host city. The Olympics are older and more popular than the Paralympics.  The primary difference between the Olympics and Paralympics is that while most of the participants in the Olympics are able-bodies, The participants in the Paralympics are affected by some form of physical or intellectual disabilities.  In fact, the Paralympics originally started as a way to help soldiers that had been wounded in World War II. The games started off as a way to provide rehabilitating sport for veterans, Which eventually turned into a recreational sport with the friendly competition before eventually developing into what the Paralympics are today.  History: The modern Olympic Games were conceptualized by Pierre de Coubertin taking inspiration

A visit to the market during Covid-19 lockdown Essay

A visit to the market during Covid-19 lockdown Essay As covid-19 cases show a declining trend across the country, some states including the national capital Delhi and NCR, regions have announced unlocking after a month's restrictions. Now, the unlock process is starting everywhere. Markets are reopening everywhere and the lockdown continues with more relaxations in other activities.  Shops in markets and malls are being opened on an odd-even basis. We also had to bring some essential items for the house. That's why yesterday I went with mom to a nearby market. After reaching the market, we realized that nothing was the same as before.  The crowded market was completely deserted yesterday. There was a small crowd only at the shops of essential commodities. All the other shops were almost empty. The stalls of my favourite tikkis and golgappas were closed. There was some little crowd at fruit and vegetable shops. I and my mother bought all the essentials for the house. Because it

Essay on Progress of Indian Education Sector After independence

Essay on Progress of Indian Education Sector After independence   "Education is the most powerful weapon  which we can use to change the world."  Introduction Friends, Education is a very important factor in the economic development of any country. India since the early days of independence has always focused on improving the literacy rate of our country. From a literary rate of 18% in 1951. India has moved phenomenally up to 77% as of 2020. Compared to the tragic situation of 1947, when the country had merely 400 schools, 19 universities, with a little over 5,000 students, we have come a long way. Currently, India boasts 1.5 million-plus schools, 751 universities, and 35 thousand plus colleges.  2. Progress of Indian Education Sector  Today, India has managed to bring its education system at par with global standards. India made significant progress in the sector of Education in the 70 years since independence.  In the last 70 years, our Indian Education sector has grown man

Terrorism is the Greatest Enemy of Mankind essay

Terrorism is the Greatest Enemy of Mankind   Over the past few years, there has been a spate of terrorist attacks in India and around the globe. Constant attacks in Kashmir, Nagaland and Assam and also the 2015 Paris attacks have surely not done us good.  Death and destruction is so common to terrorists as it is used to be in the case of demons. Terrorism is characterised by violence with some political objectives. Some terrorist groups are fighting for control over a piece of land, while others are fighting to spread their own ideologies and religious philosophies.  They think that their own viewpoint is supreme and that they have the right to force other people to think alike. They do not hesitate from committing the worst of crimes. The youth can play a very crucial role in fighting against terrorism. Terrorist organisations target the youth by indulging them in war in the name of religion.  he terrorists try to brainwash the young adults and force them to carry out heinous terroris

Describe a market place in the morning compared to evening

  Describe a market place in the morning compared to evening left my house early in the morning to go to the marketplace down the road. The sun was rising above the horizon and the air was chilly as I set out.  I could see the vendors setting up their goods in the market. There was a blizzard of colours as the marketplace was flooded with vegetables and fruits of all kinds. The smell of freshly ground spices filled the air. Large burlap sacks of rice and lentils were brought out along with battered weighing scales.  Buyers started roaming the stalls and buying goods from various sellers, filling their shopping bags with everyday products like peppers, cucumbers and carrots and such exquisite spices as saffron, which I could almost taste on the tip of my tongue.  Slowly, more and more people started flooding the market. The market went from being quiet and serene to loud and busy. Some buyers could be seen bargaining with the sellers. There was commotion all around. The sellers were fre

Essay On Mainstreaming alternatives to Single Use Plastic Products through Innovation and Creativity

Essay On Mainstreaming alternatives to Single Use Plastic Products through Innovation and Creativity Introduction: Plastic is a lightweight, hygienic and resistant material that can be moulded in various ways and utilized in a wide range of applications, plastic is a non-biodegradable material single-use plastic is one of the most prevalent causes of pollution including environment as well as water pollution. It has a devasting impact on oceans, sea animals and hydrophytes, we produce millions tons of single-use plastic every year most of which cannot be recycled single-use plastic included plastic bags, polythenes, straws, plastic glass, soda and water bottles and food packing items etc. These single-use plastic are used only once and then thrown away as a garbage for recycle, we need to understand the various problems caused by single-use plastic. It is therefore caused by single-use plastic. Objective: "By reducing the single-use of plastic  we can bring about a change so drast

Import Substitution Atmanirbharta ki Aur Essay

  Import Substitution Atmanirbharta ki Aur Essay  It is a trade policy aimed to promote economic growth by restricting imports that competing with domestic products in developing countries.  It is the idea that blocking imports of manufactured goods can help an economy by increasing the demand for domestically produced goods.  The policy of encouraging domestic production by raising barriers against the import of goods from foreign economies. It is usually recommended by some economists as a way to encourage self-sufficiency, and also to aid the development of local industries.  It was most popular in Latin America in the 20th century, and India too adopted it prior to the liberalisation of its economy in 1991. Critics have argued that protectionist measures like import substitution make consumers poorer in the long run, By preventing them from enjoying the benefits of free trade.  Advantage  a) Protect domestic market.  b) Protect local culture & social habits.  c) Protect our nat

Creating a circular economy for plastic waste essay

Creating a circular economy for plastic waste essay Essay on Creating a Circular economy for plastic Waste: Role Of Citizens  "Instead of throwing Plastic waste away,  Reuse, Repair, Redesign every day,  For Plastic Circular Economy Say" Introduction:  Today plastic is a major concern for the environment. Today the whole world is disturbed by plastic waste. Be it seas, or rivers, mountains or an empty plain, plastic waste is harming the earth and the environment everywhere.  So, our relationship with plastic needs rethinking. Plastic is a versatile material, But the way we use them is incredibly wasteful. Today the Situation is that 56 lakh tonnes of plastic waste are accumulated in India every year I.e 9205 tonnes of plastic every day.  Surprisingly, we are accumulating more and more of a Substance that takes thousands of years to decompose.  Circular economy for plastic waste: Today Circular economy is the best solution to reduce plastic waste. The circular economy is an ec

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My vision for India in 2047 postcard

  My vision for India in 2047 postcard "Our pride for our country should not come after our country is great. Our pride makes our country great." Honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi Ji, As we all know that India got independence in 1947 and by 2047 we will be celebrating our 100th year of independence. On this proud occasion, I would like to express my vision for India in 2047. My vision for India in 2047 is that India should be free from corruption, poverty, illiteracy, crime and everything that India is lacking.   My vision for India is peace, prosperity and truth. My vision for India is that no child should beg, no child should be forced into bonded labour. My biggest dream is to see women empowerment in all fields for India where every person gets employment opportunities. My vision for India is that everyone should have equal respect, there is no discrimination of caste, gender, colour, religion or economic status, I want India to be scientifically advanced, tec

Essay on my Vision for India in 2047 in 150,300,400 Words

  Essay On My Vision For India In 2047 ( 100- Words) By 2047 India celebrates its 100th year of Independence. Our Country in 2047 will be what we create today.  By 2047, I want to see India free from poverty, unemployment, malnutrition, corruption, and other social evils. Poor children should get an education.  There should be no gap between the rich and the poor. India should continue to be the land of peace, prosperity, and truthfulness.  Our country should continue to be secular where all religions are treated equally.  Entire world respects and recognizes the strength of India. I aspire that our country should become the largest economy in the world by 2047.  We all should work together to achieve it in the next 25 years.  Also read:  My Vision For India In 2047 Postcard 10 lines Essay On My Vision For India In 2047  ( 200 Words) Developing to develop Is the journey of a nation "I" to "me" and "My" to "our" Is the key to mission 2047. India i

Education should be free for everyone Essay

Education should be free for everyone The word education is derived from the Sanskrit root "Siksha". That is, to teach. The process by which learning and teaching take place is called education. Education is an important tool that is very useful in everyone's life. Education is what separates us from other living beings on earth. A child must receive an education so as to develop social awareness, increase in knowledge, better decision-making skills, proficiency  order here  in work thus becoming a better citizen.  Education is a great weapon for the people but is motivated by corruption to make the country better. All the people of that country must be educated in many circumstances, they are not able to get it. Maybe, if this education is free, then the country will be a developed country which will take the country in the right direction. Only through education we can make our dreams come true, without education we can give new conditions and direction to life, we