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10 Lines on William Shakespeare For Students & Children

  10 Lines on William Shakespeare  1. William Shakespeare is the greatest writer of the English language. 2. He is often called the English national poet. 3. He was born on 26 April 1564 in England. 4. He married Anne Hatha way. 5. His earliest plays were written in the 1590s. 6. The famous romantic tragedy he wrote was Romeo and Juliet. 7. The 1st collected edition of Shakespeare's plays is known as the First Folio. 8. His sonnets were published in 1609. 9. He returned to his birth place in 1610. 10. He passed away in the year 1616. 10 Lines on William Shakespeare in English 1. A legendary name in English literature is William Shakespeare. 2. He was born to Mary Shakespeare and John Shakespeare on the 23rd of April in the year 1564. 3. Since there is documentary proof of Shakespeare being baptized on 26th April of 1564, therefore scholars estimate him to be born three days prior as per the traditions of baptism at that time. 4. If the date of birth of Shakespeare under the Julian

10 Lines on World Laughter Day for Students

  10 Lines on World Laughter Day 1. World Laughter Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of May every year to spread happiness in the whole world. 2. World laughter day was created in 1998 by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of the worldwide laughter yoga movement. 3. World laughter day was first celebrated on May 10, 1998, in Mumbai, India. 4. The celebration of World laughter day is a positive manifestation of world peace and is intended to build up a global consciousness of brotherhood and friendship through laughter. 5. World laughter day is an annual event celebrating raising awareness about laughter and its healing benefits. 6. laughing is one of the cheapest and by far the most pleasant form of therapy in the world. 7. It has the power to heal not only your soul but also your body. 8. Laughter is a universal language. It inspires hope and connects you to others. 9. According to the study, laughter improves the function of blood vessels. 10. On World laughter day people usually go to a

10 Lines on Importance of Education for Students

10 Lines on Importance of Education for Students 1. Education is very important for everyone. 2. It provides us knowledge. 3. It guides us in taking the right decisions. 4. Everyone has the right to take education. 5. It enhances the mental ability of a person. 6. There is no age limit to take education. 7. It develops the personality of a person. 8. If we are educated then no one can cheat us. 9. Education is the key to success. 10. It makes us able to deal with difficult situations. 10 Lines on Importance of Education for Students Better education is very important for everyone to move ahead and get success in life.  It develops self-confidence and helps in building the personality of the individual.  School education plays a great role in everyone's life.  The entire education is divided into three departments namely  Primary education, secondary education, and higher secondary education.  All the departments of education have their own importance and benefits.  Primary educatio

Essay on A Visit to a Hill Station for Students & Children

  Short Essay on  A Visit to a Hill Station  Lucky are those who were born and brought up in a hill station. The climate there is cool, refreshing, and soothing during the summer months. How nice it feels to be in bed with a blanket in summer! The whistling of tall pine trees and their shaking heads in the cool breeze attract ears and eyes. A hill station presents the most beautiful and enhancing beauty in the form of gardens, orchards, flower parks, waterfalls, snowfalls, and waterfalls. Fruits are available in abundance. Life is quite simple. The environment is pollution-free, as there is no explosion in population and the development of risky industries. We can see different types of birds and animals at a hill station. Religious temples and picnic spots are the beauty of hill stations. Life is neither busy nor hasty. All the hotels, coffee houses, and restaurants are full of tourists and newly married couples. The roaring springs made the hearts of human beings happy. Short Essay o