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IMPACTS OF POLLUTION Pollution is the presence of contaminants in the condition that reason unfavourable changes in the earth. It can appear as warmth, light or commotion. It can happen normally or can be caused because of human exercises.  Modern transformation is the real reason for contamination in the earth. The pollution caused because of human exercises, for example, development, consuming of coal and wood, farming, mining and fighting contribute to a great extent to contamination. The presence of that substance in nature which has a hurtful and harmful impact on it is called contamination. Ecological contamination can be brought about by regular occasions, for example, volcanoes and woodland fires yet it to a great extent happens because of the poisons brought about by human exercises. With the development in populace and quick spread of industrialization, contamination has turned into a worldwide issue. The mindfulness for the need to shield condition from c

essay on GST in 300, 500, 700, 800, 1000 word essay

Essay on GST in 300 words  Introduction GST is a revolutionary step taken by the Government of India to make the Indian economy stronger than before. on 1st July 2017 Government of India announced a new way of tax payment which is GST which will make the process of tax collection simple as compared to the previous Tex system.  The full form of GST is Goods and Services Tax GST is a good and simple tax that the government of India will collect from the businesses and individual citizens. GST is implemented in India to replace the previous indirect tax systems which were very complex with a simpler uniform tax system. In the previous tax system, there were multiple confusion taxes like VAT, service tax, entertainment tax, sale tax and many others so now people and businesses have to pay only one type of tax which is GST GST is a consumption-based tax which means that the tax would be received by the state in which the goods or services are consumed not by the state i

Global Warming Essay in English 500 words

Global Warming Essay in English 150 Words What's causing global warming it's not the Sun which hasn't changed much since 1850 it's not volcanoes which cooled the earth for a year or two when they erupted it's not aerosols these tiny particles and gases and pollution reduce warming as they cause clouds to reflect more of the sun's energy back to space  It's not changed in land use the conversion of dark forests a paler pasture which reflects more of the sun's light has had a modest cooling effect is it ozone pollution increases in the lower atmosphere from human activity warm things a bit,  yes, its greenhouse gases rising concentrations of greenhouse gases as a result of human activity are by far the biggest cause when we compare human factors and natural factors it's clear who's responsible for global warming.   Global Warming Essay in English 300 words Global warming is defined as a consistent rise in the Earth'