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The alchemist PDF download | Book Review | Book Summary

Click here to download the PDF The Alchemist Book Review Details of  The Alchemist  book Book Name:  The Alchemist Authors:   Paulo Coelho Pages:   163 Genre:   Novel, Fantasy Fiction, Quest, Drama, Adventure fiction Publish Date: 1988 Language:   English The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, this book was  published in 1988 and has sold over 20 million copies,  in a nutshell, the moral of this book is we give up on our dreams too easily  yet the universe is always ready to help us fulfill them. It's a short but extremely interesting story spanning 163 pages, this book left a big impression on me. while reading through the book you can tell that the author is wise that he has lived a long time because of the messages he shares through the characters in his story  It's almost as if while you're reading it you can imagine your grandfather telling it to you as if it was a tale from his childhood, I always taught that novels were a waste of time because you never learned any rea

I am shade book review | summary

I am shade book review Details of   I am shade book Book Name:   I AM SHADE Authors:   Mayank Sinha Pages:   80 Genre:  Fiction Publish Date:  23-12-2019 Language:   English Summary: So the genre of I am shade by my Mayank Sinha is science fiction, so it's a story about a guy named Jaden Smith who is 22 years old and he works in FedEx and he leads a completely ordinary life, but one day he comes in possession of a mysterious dragon statue and everything in his life changes entirely now this book is around 80 pages long so it's not even a quick read it's a super quick read this is pretty much the background of the story and as I already told you the genre is a science fiction. So if I talk about the characters in this story I would like to limit myself to talking about only Jaden Smith because if I talk about any other character it would be like spoiling the story since it's a really short book  So Jaden Smith as I told you is a 22-year-old boy leading an ordinary life h


CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE PDF One arranged murder book review Details of one arranged murder Book Name:  one arranged murder Authors:   Chetan bhagat Pages:   312 Genre:   friction, thrill, mystery Publish Date: 20 September 2020 Language:   English SUMMARY: One arranged murder by Chetan bhagat,  the events in one arranged murder take place sometime after the events of the girl in room 105 which was Chetan bhagat's previous murder mystery. so if you have read that book then you will find two recurring characters in one arranged murder Keshav and Saurabh and now there are slight references in this book that are made about the girl in room 105 but that doesn't mean that you have to read that book to read one arranged murder you can read this one independently as well  so Keshav and Saurabh work at the same company it's called cyber safe and they also run a detective agency on the side so Keshav regularly uses tinder and he hooks up with his tender matches Saurabh on th

The eyes of darkness pdf download | Book Review

Click here to download the pdf  The eyes of darkness pdf download | Book Review Details of T he eyes of darkness book Book Name: The eyes of darkness Authors:   Dean Koontz, Pages:   128 Genre:   Thriller, Horror fiction, Suspense Publish Date: February 1981 Language:   English Summary: The eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz, this book is about a woman named Tina Evans who is mourning the loss of her son Danny About a year ago Danny was on a trip into the mountains for the weekend with some other kids and some counselors when the bus they were in was driven off the side of a cliff and everyone died  So Tina's been told there was a closed casket at Danny's funeral and as this book opens up Tina glimpses a child in a car that looks very much so like her son Danny. This book starts off there's some paranormal activity happening in Tina's house and she feels that perhaps her son Danny is reaching out from beyond the grave. She teams up with her new love life Eliot Stryke

Beyond Placebo Book Review | sukhendu Mandal

Beyond Placebo Book Review  Details of  Beyond Placebo Book Book Name:  Beyond Placebo  Authors: Sukhendu Mandal Pages:   202 Genre:   spirituality Publish Date: 26/01/2021 Language:   English Summary: Beyond placebo harness the power of your words by Sukhendu Mandal.  This is a non-fiction work and the author of this book refers to it as the beyond placebo project this book primarily talks about the placebo effect. Now what is placebo effect so placebo effect according to this book is when the mind rather than the medicine plays a vital role in creating a therapeutic effect the book tells us in detail about a unique placebo code system which is healing with the words  While working on this project the author has spent the past two decades in deep spirituality and inner work during the time he has had experience with yogic systems healing modalities and behavioral tools reading and analyzing behaviors coaching and interacting with coaches spiritual masters healers and yogis As a result