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Are we too dependent on computers

Are we too dependent on computers essay Introduction Computers are great things and are very useful in everyday life but they create a certain distraction which just overpowers our will to stay away from the computer  What good is technology when the majority of its users usually as a crutch rather than a tool In our modern-day world computers are absolutely essential it is impossible to run away from these devices and we become so dependent on them that we just can't do things on our own now  for example, say you were doing some type of home ranking you couldn't figure out the answer instead of trying to understand the problem or asking a peer for help when you decide to go on Google and math way Quizlet, etc to find the answer. Computers have controlled the role in so many ways that it's hard to imagine the world without them memorizing is the thing overtaking by time from so many people, aren't even able to remember their own passport numbers PIN numbers or even the

Becoming by Michelle Obam book review | PDF download

  Click here to download the PDF  Becoming by  Michelle Obama book review Details of  Becoming by Michelle Obam book Book Name:  Becoming  Authors:   Michelle Obama Pages:  448 Genre:  Memoir Publish Date:  13 November 2018 Language:  English Summary: Becoming by  Michelle Obama, In this book,  Michelle Obama's where she has talked about her life right from her childhood to the time when she became the first lady of the United States  this book gives an insight into the major decisions challenges and events of her life So Michelle Obama came from a working-class family that lived in the south side of Chicago in a cramped apartment so even though she had humble beginnings she made the most of whatever resources  she had and she always performed to the best of her capabilities she was always somebody who wanted to excel in whatever she did and this is the quality that she displayed in every aspect of her life  be it  As a professional be it as the first lady need as a mother or

If winter comes can spring be far behind

 If winter comes can spring be far behind Human life is a mingled thread of joy and sorrow. Like day and night, happiness and sorrow are inseparably woven into our life. Every sorrow has a spark of joy behind it, every adversity provides an opportunity for the fuller and greater flowering of manhood, every disappointment sharpen's man's resolve to conquer adverse force.  It is but true to say that "if winter comes, can spring be far behind." Human life is a state of existence in which there is much to be endured and little to be enjoyed, or as Thomas Hardy has put it, "happiness is but an occasional episode in the general drama of pain".   The changes of fortune, fall from prosperity, sudden misery and suffering are extremely common in this world. However, the question is whether a man is going to endure "the slings and arrows of an outrageous fortune" or by taking arms against them,  end them or just make an abject surrender to them and thus bring

Essay on Buddha Purnima | why do we celebrate Buddha Purnima?

why do we celebrate Buddha Purnima? Buddha Purnima also is known as Buddha Jayanti when Gautama Buddha was born on the full moon day of the Visakha April to May, it is said that Buddha was born and attained mahaparinirvana leaving the Motel quails on the same day of Buddha Purnima having left on this earth for 80 years. Triply Auspicious Triply auspicious also the attained enlightenment on this day, therefore, Buddha Purnima is considered Triply auspicious by the Buddhist and Hindus all over the world the other names of this event are Vaishakh Purnima or Vaishakh day Siddhartha becomes Buddha born as the prince of Kapila Vastu Buddha was named as Siddhartha by his parents before his birth prophecy noted he shall become a great ruler or a great ascetic, in fear of losing the Crown Prince the royal family confined him to the potters of the palace o nce during his 29th year, Siddhartha came out of the palace for the first time then he saw a diseased man and old man

The Mysterious Affair at Styles summary | review pdf download

Click here to download the pdf  The Mysterious Affair at Styles summary Details of  The Mysterious Affair at Styles book Book Name:  The Mysterious Affair at Styles  Authors:   Agatha christie Pages:   296 Genre:   Novel, Crime novel, Mystery, Crime Fiction, Reference work Publish Date: 1920 Language:   English who is  Agatha christie? Agatha christie the best world-selling author of all time was an English writer who was known for her 66 detective novels and 14 short story collections.  particularly those revolving around her fictional detectives  Hercules Poirot  and Miss Marple which helped her become the best author who writes crime and mystery novels and Guinness World Records list her as the best-selling novelist of all time. summary: The mysterious affair at styles published in 1920 this is the first Agatha Christie novel that introduces the most popular detective in the literature  Hercules Poirot the Belgian refugee of the great war. The story of this novel was narrated


  MYSTERY OF THE URBAN MONKS SUMMARY Details of mystery of the urban monks  Book Name: M ystery of the urban monks  Authors:   Vikram Singh Pages:   360 Genre:   Fiction Publish Date:  15 July 2020 Language:   English summary: The mystery of the urban monks by Vikram Singh,  John is an American writer and a publisher and he's traveling to Varanasi on the train so on this train journey he meets a rather interesting man named Yogesh who is a yogi and who teaches meditation in Rishikesh.  After a little chit chat yogi offers to tell a story and john readily agrees and yogi promises that after listening to his story john will have a better understanding of life so the story that yogi ends up telling Jhon is about three friends Krish tony and Asif. All three of them are friends and all three of them live in Mumbai so Krish is married to Meera and he has two children he is an entrepreneur who has his own software company called Rover soft. Then there is tony who has been described as a h