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Essay On Amrita For Life | Role of Guduchi in health preservation and treatment of diseases


Essay On Amrita For Life

Essay On Amrita For Life |  Role of Guduchi in health preservation and treatment of diseases

What does Amrita mean to life and why is this competition organized?

All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA), New Delhi (an autonomous organization under Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India) is running a nationwide campaign on promotion and popularization of Ayurvedic medicinal plant "Giloy (Guduchi) - Tinospora cordifolia" in our country. Under the "Amrita for Life" project funded by the National Medicinal Plants Board (NMPB),

Let's know about the benefits of Giloy (Guduchi)

1. Rich in nutrients, Giloy is used to Manufacture many herbal, ayurvedic and modern medicines.

2. The stem of Giloy is considered highly effective because of its high nutritional content and the alkaloids found in it. 

3. As per Ayurveda, Giloy can be consumed in form of a decoction, power or even juice.

4. Giloy is also considered an effective remedy in increasing the platelet count especially in cases of dengue.

5. Giloy is said to be useful in managing type-2 diabetes as it helps in the production of insulin. 

6. It acts as a Hypoglycaemic agent that helps manage diabetes well.

7. This agent may also help in Lower Blood Sugar Levels as it burns excess glucose.

8. Giloy is considered an effective remedy to improve Eyesight when applied to the eyes.

8. Giloy Juice with Juice of Neem, Amla or Aloe Vera helps flush out toxins and make your skin better in just 15 days. 

How to Consume it?

Take 2-3 grams of Giloy Powder twice a day, or consume 5-10 ML of Giloy Juice. or a half cup of decoction drink ( which is fresh Giloy stem about the length of thumb boiled until it reduces to half )

Essay On Health Benefits of Guduchi in health preservation and treatment of diseases

Giloy is such a curating hub that it is used in making more than a hundred ayurvedic medicines 

It is also called amrita or Guduchi in English it is called Tinospora cordifolia or heartleaf, Moonseed. It has beautiful dark green and heart-shaped leaves 

Giloy is found in almost all parts of India it is capable of fighting against almost all kinds of viral infections fever cough and cold especially in dengue fever when blood platelets counts fall down.

Giloy  effectively controls and increase platelets Giloy is also an amazing immunity booster 

Today almost the whole world is under the attack of the Corona Virus, so the only protection against this deadly virus is taking precautions and making your immune system strong 

People with low immunity are highly prone to get infected by the Corona Virus, there is no doubt that consuming Giloy regularly in the right quantity can surprisingly make your immune system strong and this is a proven fact.

You will be surprised to know about the health benefits of Gila why it's proven in many scientific types of research that Giloy way contains all the properties which are helpful to fight against all kinds of viral diseases 

Giloy contains antiseptic antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it also contains essential minerals like glucoside phosphorus copper calcium zinc and magnesium, which keeps our body healthy and boost the strength of our body to fight against diseases 

If a healthy person regularly takes Giloy a juice or Carla in the right manner there are very less chances that he may catch most of the common diseases, from decreasing body temperature in fever to severe joint pain this amazing hub helps to fight against many diseases 

Giloy is a very effective ayurvedic medicine and it has been used in treating many diseases for centuries Giloy is also very beneficial in dengue fever 

Taking equal amounts of Giloy and papaya leaves juice can increase blood platelets counts very fast the juice of Giloy can effectively manage increasing blood sugar levels and help to fight against diabetes

In today's era many of us are living such a lifestyle we're stressed high blood pressure and indigestion has become very common 

If you have lifestyle-related issues so you can easily manage your digestion and blood pressure by consuming Guillo a juice or Kadha with an empty stomach once daily 

You can also beat anaemia by taking the juice of just two leaves of Giloy every day regular consumption of 2 tsp of aloe vera juice and 2 tsp of Giloy branch juice can protect you from skin diseases and keep your skin soft and glowing 

Giloy  powder can be made by dried leaves and branches it's pills are also used as ayurvedic medicine

According to health experts, one should not take more than 2-gram powder or 2 to 3 inches of the fresh Ginger branch every day.

Giller decreases blood sugar levels, so those who have problems of low diabetes should not take it also consumption of Galore should be avoided during pregnancy 

Giloy leaves contain calcium protein and phosphorus in a good amount also its juice is an amazing power drink 

Giloy is really effective in curing many more diseases and there is a long list of its benefits.

 Giloy wine can be easily available at your local nursery it can be grown in any type of soil you can also grow it in a pot.

Therefore, consume Giloy regularly in small amounts. Giloy is useful in the restoration and promotion of health and prepares the individual for overall well-being. So stay healthy be happy.



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