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A short Essay on Motivation for examination.

A short Essay on Motivation for examination. The journey is going to be slow meandering uncomfortable messy it's the obstacles and hurdles and the problems that get thrown at you that will make you stronger that will make you more focused and disciplined it will be developed at coping mechanisms to deal with the pressure and stress a lot of your classmates will find themselves in a situation  where they're getting good grades C grades B grades maybe even A and they start getting comfortable they think the grades they're getting are good enough and they'll lose that fight they lose the reason that they're doing it for and it's one of the worst things that can happen because sure average people can become extremely successful it does happen sometimes But not often they don't keep winning they win once and then they let it slip away it's about longevity getting a good grade in an exam is easy but doing it over and over and over again and wit

Essay on honesty and trustworthiness

Hello guys how are you all welcome to Essayonfest . online Today we'll be talking about the importance of trustworthiness and honesty   oxford dictionary defines honesty as being truthful sincere and free from deceit. Do you think that trustworthiness and honesty is exclusive to Islam indeed Islam emphasizes the significance of trustworthiness but trustworthiness is valued by everyone regardless of faith and the hadith the Prophet ( Sallallahu Alayhi wa Sallam ) reminds believers that our Muslim is the one in which others are safe from his hand and tongue  Meaning that Muslims should not speak ill of others and should not harm others several verses in the Quran highlight the important quality of truthfulness the important question to be asked however is this how does Islam builds honesty in Muslims.  Islam builds honesty in the person through several ways Allah orders the Muslims to be honest in all cases in all deeds and words to himself and others he shows the M

Adorable and Exciting Valentine’s Day

Adorable and Exciting Valentine’s Day Gifts for College Friends  We all know that the day of love is not just about celebrating the passionate bonding with your bae or sending a surprise bouquet via online flower delivery in India. It is all about the people in our lives whom we love so much. These precious relationships have shaped our life, helped us when in need, and the list never ends.  Even before we meet our partner or go for our first date, the friends come in life. They help to fill in the vacuum when we are just in need of a companion to share everything, seek support, etc. Whether you are single or not, thought of bestowing Valentine’s Day gifts to all your friends is an appreciable thought.  If you have a plan to send Valentine’s flowers with a token of love to your college friends along with your parents and siblings, we have some splendid items listed below. This will help you to do everything within a budget you can afford with your pocket money:  1. Get s

Get Well Soon Flowers

Best Get Well Soon Flowers: That Help to Recover When you hear the news that someone, your friend, or a family member is feeling unwell, then firstly, you thought about what you could do for them. If you are not able to care for them physically, then there are plenty of ideas to lift up their spirits and bring a smile on their faces. You can send beautiful, well soon flowers to wish them a speedy recovery. Sending the gorgeous get well soon flowers to your dear one’s doorstep is a great way that adds color & life to their hospital room. These flowers are the best gifts for hospitalized patients that make them happier in comparison to the other simple gifts. You all know that nothing can make a speedy recovery like these stunning flowers. Beautiful blooms like roses, orchids, carnations, tulips, daisies, etc. add some magical moments to your life.  A wide variety of flowers and colors brings happiness to your life & also make the sick person forget all ab

Essay on Makar Sankranti

Hello Friends,  welcome to essay on fest , before we start today’s blog do you know? Why Sankranti is always celebrated on 14th January?  So let's know first. In the Hindu religion, every month is divided into two parts, First is “Dark half of the month” and the second is “Brighter half of the month” . Similarly, every year is divided into two parts, First “The Summer Solstice” . and the second “The Southern Declination” .  These two are considered together like a year. On the day of Makar Sankranti, Earth rotation of the sun Slightly changes the direction towards the north Hence this period is called “The Summer Solstice”. Sometimes it is celebrated on or before one or the other day Meaning 13 or 15 January. But this is rarely seen Makar Sankranti is related to the geography of the earth And the Sun's position. Whenever Sun comes on the Tropic of Capricorn. That day is only on January 14th, and that is why this day is celebrated as the festival of Makar Sankranti.