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Essay on Homework should be banned

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Essay on importance of sports and games

  Essay on importance of sports and games Nobody can deny that games are part and parcel of life. Life itself is a sport and this world is a large playground. We must play the game of life with all our power and courage.  The game of life is a hard nut to crack. To play the game of life well, we must learn to be great players. It's through sports and games only that we can discover how best to conquer the challenge of life. There are various types of sports and games. There are indoor games such as cards, chess, ludo, etc. Out of those out-door games, Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, Cricket, Tennis, etc. are the more common ones.  Races, Jumps, Throws, Weight-lifting are a few of the other sorts of sports. Games and sports are necessary and useful for everybody.  They are especially helpful for the students who need to have a balanced development of the body in addition to the mind. A sound mind resides only in a solid body.  "All work and no play," as the proverb goes, "

Essay on Time and Tide Waits for None

Essay on Time and Tide Waits for None Time and tide waits for none this proverb is a reminder of the value of time and opportunities we cannot stop the passing of time similarly, we cannot expect an opportunity to knock on the door at our convenience  We must say both time and opportunity when they exist we must be always alert and vigilant, regretting wasted time will only waste more time, crying over the missed opportunities will only result in missing further opportunities.  So we must do what we are expected to do at the right time, we must keep our minds open to says any opportunity which may present itself then in all certainty there will not be anything for us to regret in our later life. We all know that time is very precious and time is very valuable to all people, therefore, we should never waste time is the key to success time is the most valuable thing in the world after losing it is lost forever and never come back.  The success or failure of our life depends on the work d

Essay on online Education during Lockdown

Essay on  Online Education during Lockdown  Teaching has gone online because of Covid-19. All schools across the globe have closed and over 1.2 billion children are out of school. Online education takes place over the internet. It is also called e-learning.  Here the students access online study materials, join virtual lectures, post questions to teachers, chat with fellow students, give virtual exams and do much more things. Online classes provide good quality of education to students in the comfort of their homes and also help in controlling virus spread.  There is no barrier to time. They can study at their convenience. Another positive effect of online education is students have become more tech-savvy. They got to know more about various apps and programs. All the study material is safely stored in an online database.  If students need further explanations, they can easily view these records and resolve doubts instantly. Students have a lot of options to choose an online education