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Describe a market place in the morning compared to evening


Describe a market place in the morning compared to evening

left my house early in the morning to go to the marketplace down the road. The sun was rising above the horizon and the air was chilly as I set out. 

I could see the vendors setting up their goods in the market. There was a blizzard of colours as the marketplace was flooded with vegetables and fruits of all kinds. The smell of freshly ground spices filled the air. Large burlap sacks of rice and lentils were brought out along with battered weighing scales. 

Buyers started roaming the stalls and buying goods from various sellers, filling their shopping bags with everyday products like peppers, cucumbers and carrots and such exquisite spices as saffron, which I could almost taste on the tip of my tongue. 

Slowly, more and more people started flooding the market. The market went from being quiet and serene to loud and busy. Some buyers could be seen bargaining with the sellers. There was commotion all around. The sellers were fresh as ever and were marketing their produce with zest. 

They were loud and energetic with smiles on their faces. However, as more and more people came by, the vendors started getting tired of the constant heat of the Indian sun and the hubbub. As the day wore on, I could see the number of items on display lessen. 

The smells also were gone and it was not as loud. The lights slowly started to flicker to life as the sun set in the west. The entire market was illuminated by white tube lights as the vendors started calculating the profit they had made that day. 

The number of buyers in the market also reduced. Slowly, the vendors started packing the blue plastic crates away. I could sense that there was a certain lethargy to their movements. 

Their shoulders drooped and their eyelids sagged. Nobody talked to each other. The buzzing of a fused bulb along with the chirping of crickets took over. As the shopkeepers left their stalls, turning their sweat-stained backs away, the market place was left quiet and serene once more.

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