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Where Did The Game Of Cricket Originate Essay

  Where Did The Game Of Cricket Originate Essay  Introduction: Cricket, a game that has captured the hearts of millions around the globe, boasts a rich history that dates back centuries. Its origins are deeply rooted in the quaint fields of rural England, evolving over time to become one of the most beloved sports worldwide. Ancient Beginnings: The earliest traces of cricket can be found in 16th-century England, where it was played by children in the picturesque villages. Historians suggest that shepherds may have used their crooks as the first cricket bats, aiming to knock a ball made of sheep's wool between natural landmarks such as trees and gates. This simple pastime gradually gained popularity and became a communal activity in rural communities. Evolution in England: As the game gained momentum, cricket evolved from a casual pastime into a more organized sport. In the 17th century, it found a place in London, where matches were played in open spaces. The emergence of cricket c

A visit to the market during Covid-19 lockdown Essay

A visit to the market during Covid-19 lockdown Essay

A visit to the market during Covid-19 lockdown Essay

As covid-19 cases show a declining trend across the country, some states including the national capital Delhi and NCR, regions have announced unlocking after a month's restrictions. Now, the unlock process is starting everywhere. Markets are reopening everywhere and the lockdown continues with more relaxations in other activities. 

Shops in markets and malls are being opened on an odd-even basis. We also had to bring some essential items for the house. That's why yesterday I went with mom to a nearby market. After reaching the market, we realized that nothing was the same as before. 

The crowded market was completely deserted yesterday. There was a small crowd only at the shops of essential commodities. All the other shops were almost empty. The stalls of my favourite tikkis and golgappas were closed. There was some little crowd at fruit and vegetable shops. I and my mother bought all the essentials for the house. Because it is not safe to go to the market again and again. The threat of corona is not over yet.

After buying essential items for the house, we also bought some vegetables and fruits. All the people in the whole market were wearing masks properly. All the rules were being followed. Even at the shops, customers were being allowed to come inside only after sanitizing their hands.

 Policemen were also there. However, some people were also seen to be careless. Which is not correct. We should adopt all the safety measures of Covid not because of fear of police or administration but for our own safety. 

When all of us will be able to keep ourselves safe from this disease, only then our country will be able to become corona free country as soon as possible. This short trip gave me a new and wonderful experience. I hope everything will be as before soon. 

A visit to the market during Covid-19 lockdown Essay

Yesterday, During the time of Covid-19 lockdown, I got a chance to go to the market to get some household items. Since the market was only a few kilometres away from my house, so I decided to go there by cycle but when I reached there, I was very surprised by the sight that I saw. 

To be honest, it didn't seem like it was the same market where thousands of people used to move around all the time. It was like I was in a new place and there was silence on the roads The often noisy market was completely deserted. 

As I continued to go on, the scene looked even more Frightening. Most of the shops in the market were closed except essential shops such as Grocery stores and medical Stores. The good thing was that all the shopkeepers were strictly following the rules well. 

At a time only two customers were being allowed inside the shop. Also, all the people who were visible around wearing masks and also maintaining social distancing. Vehicles were also not visible much. 

The police personnel were also seen monitoring continuously. Those who were roaming on the streets unnecessarily or not following the rules were being reprimanded. 

Also, that part of the market was completely empty where different types of Chaat, pakodas, Golgappas were available. Seeing that emptiness made me realize how these people are going to earn now. Perhaps by a coronavirus, they have been affected the most. 

Coming out of my thoughts, I went further and I saw Vegetable and fruit shops. As compared to other shops, they were quite crowded. Some people were not even wearing masks properly. 

I also thought of getting some fruits for the family and parked my cycle outside a fruit shop but here too I was Surprised. The fruits were being sold at a much higher price than before. The Coconut which was earlier available for Rs 60, was being sold for 90 to Rs 100. 

Honestly, I was not able to understand whether it was due to Coronavirus or humanity also ends with time. Ignoring everything. I bought some fruits and moved on. 

In some streets, I was seeing that some people also opened their shops illegally. They were selling things to the customers from under the shutters of their shops. 

After that finally, I reached that shop from where I had to buy some essential things for my house. Basically, this shop belonged to my father's acquaintance. 

So I was thinking I would get the stuff soon. But despite being well-known, he gave me the things by following all the rules of Covid-19 and perhaps this was also necessary because the coronavirus is so dangerous. 

After that, I headed towards my house. In the distance, till I reached home, I kept thinking that whatever is happening around this was probably the result of our wrong things. Will we ever be able to come out of this difficult period. Overall, this small visit to the market was new and wonderful for me.

Short essay on A visit to the market during Covid-19 lockdown 

I visited two such markets and saw poor compliance of social distancing protocols with shoppers jostling with each other for space. At the weekly Wednesday market in Govindpuri, mask discipline was poor with little to no social distancing, despite public address systems relaying announcements about standard operating procedures.

 I was at the market along with my siblings and mother, and the market was crowded as usual despite the government confirming that Delhi will witness the Third wave of infection. The market is usually crowded on Wednesday. 

If you go by the crowds, you'd think that the pandemic is over. While there were announcements reminding people to maintain physical distancing, shoppers are not mindful of the rules. 

“I'm in Delhi for a short visit and decided to do some essential shopping. I didn't anticipate that the market would be crowded to this extent".

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