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Terrorism is the Greatest Enemy of Mankind essay

Terrorism is the Greatest Enemy of Mankind  

Over the past few years, there has been a spate of terrorist attacks in India and around the globe. Constant attacks in Kashmir, Nagaland and Assam and also the 2015 Paris attacks have surely not done us good. 

Death and destruction is so common to terrorists as it is used to be in the case of demons. Terrorism is characterised by violence with some political objectives. Some terrorist groups are fighting for control over a piece of land, while others are fighting to spread their own ideologies and religious philosophies. 

They think that their own viewpoint is supreme and that they have the right to force other people to think alike. They do not hesitate from committing the worst of crimes. The youth can play a very crucial role in fighting against terrorism. Terrorist organisations target the youth by indulging them in war in the name of religion. 

he terrorists try to brainwash the young adults and force them to carry out heinous terrorist acts against mankind and humanity. The youth can avert these attacks by developing a vast outlook towards life and considering the entire world as one big force against terrorism. 

This will help them thwart any attempt by terrorist organisations to trap them to carry out deadly terrorist attacks. The duty of the elders is to handle the youth very carefully. They need to be kept safe from these negative influences as they are the future of this world. Most of all, the youngsters need to be well informed and educated so that they do not get into such acts which can in turn ruin their entire life. 

I believe terrorism is not only blood and war but also everything which causes death and destruction to mankind. Terrorism is increasing like cancerous cells but there are a lot of efforts being made to stop it. Counterterrorism agencies around the globe are doing a phenomenal job in battling and eradicating the menace of terrorism. Osama Bin Laden has been killed and the ISIS is losing ground in Syria. 

The United Nations has also deployed its peacekeeping forces all over the world. Terrorism is the worst of all crimes and we all need to be together to fight against it as there is no other better cure for terrorism than brotherhood and humanity amongst people. 

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