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Creating a circular economy for plastic waste essay

Creating a circular economy for plastic waste essay

Creating a circular economy for plastic waste essay

Essay on Creating a Circular economy for plastic Waste: Role Of Citizens 

"Instead of throwing Plastic waste away, 

Reuse, Repair, Redesign every day, 

For Plastic Circular Economy Say"


Today plastic is a major concern for the environment. Today the whole world is disturbed by plastic waste. Be it seas, or rivers, mountains or an empty plain, plastic waste is harming the earth and the environment everywhere. 

So, our relationship with plastic needs rethinking. Plastic is a versatile material, But the way we use them is incredibly wasteful. Today the Situation is that 56 lakh tonnes of plastic waste are accumulated in India every year I.e 9205 tonnes of plastic every day. 

Surprisingly, we are accumulating more and more of a Substance that takes thousands of years to decompose. 

Circular economy for plastic waste:

Today Circular economy is the best solution to reduce plastic waste. The circular economy is an economic system in which materials are designed to be used, not used up. From the outset, products and the systems they sit within should be Designed to ensure no materials are lost, no toxins are leaked and maximum use is achieved from every process, material and component. 

To reduce plastic waste, a circular economy improves the Economic viability of Recycling and reuse of plastics. A circular Economy also stops the leakage of plastics into the environment Especially in waterways and oceans. In a circular economy, there is no waste. 

We reduce what we don't need and reuse what we do need. Circular economy focused more on environmental economic and social well-being. So, today the circular economy is a Necessary Part of the solution to the plastic waste problem. 

Role of citizens for creating a Circular economy for Plastic waste: 

Today plastic waste is becoming a threat to our environment. So in order to reduce plastic waste, it is necessary that all citizens play their role like creating a circular economy. The circular Economy involves sharing, reusing, repairing or refurbishing and Recycling existing materials and products as long as possible. 

In the circular economy, instead of throwing away the product, It is reused, repaired or recycled. So if we have some plastic items which are not of our use then instead of throwing them away, Distribute them to someone. 

With that, that plastic will be reused again. Apart from this, Always throw the plastic waste in the right container like reuse or recycle so that plastic can be repaired or redesigned and use again. 

At the same time, if we also use plastic again and again in a creative way without considering it as waste, Then today we can play an important role in reducing plastic waste. 

So today let's circulate all those plastic items which we use to keep them in the economy and out of the environment. Let's play an important role in creating a circular economy so that No Plastic ends up in the environment. 


In the end, I have to say that Just as there is a solution to every problem, so is plastic waste. If we together create a Circular economy for plastic, help in the reuse, recycle and Redesign of plastic then soon we will get rid of the problem of plastic waste. So let's adopt alternative and eco-friendly Methods to reduce the usage of single-use plastics and helps Save our environment. 

"To Reduce waste Plastic, 

The circular economy is fantastic"

Creating a circular economy for plastic waste essay in hindi

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