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Report writing on blood donation camp | Essay on blood donation

Report writing on blood donation camp

Essay on Blood Donation 

With a massive growth in the world population, there has also been an alarming rise in diseases. Mortality rates are constantly fluctuating. Hospitals are always in dire need of transplants and donations. In such a scenario, donating blood is our duty, as fellow human beings. It should be a voluntary, heartfelt gesture. If we can spare some blood and save a life, why not do it? 

Many factors determine one's ability to donate blood, as well as a patient's ability to receive blood. Firstly, the blood type has to be a match. Some blood types like O and AB are rarer than others. 

It is integral that people with these blood types donate as much as they can because clinics do not usually have a large store of these blood types. Secondly, certain measures have to be taken by the donor to ensure that the infection does not spread. 

Urgent situations require an abundance of blood supply. Our unwillingness to donate could equal someone being in a critical condition or even losing their life. Individual differences exist in a patient's health condition. 

Some people may require more platelets; others may require red blood cells. Blood donations enable a patient to receive treatment that fits their condition, thereby, speeding their recovery. Donations also assist surgeons in carrying out safe surgery. 

They can make use of the large supply of suitable blood types, in order to operate on an individual. Donated blood can be stored up till a specific period of time. To battle the issue of the self-life, we need to make sufficient contributions.  

We are fortunate to be leading a healthy life, and our blood is constantly regenerating. By donating blood, we are showing our concern for the welfare of others. We are helping to build a healthier .10 just after the environment for all. 


Paragraph on blood donation

A man can't survive without blood. Research work is carried on across the world to find a suitable substitute for blood. Artificial blood is also a subject for the quest of researchers. But so long as blood can't be replaced by artificial blood or a suitable substitute. Human beings require blood patients who undergrow operations are in need of blood very much. So a donation of blood is extremely important.

14th June is celebrated all over the globe as blood donor day. where people all over the world, engage in spreading about this life-saving act. Many blood donation camps are held on that day, and millions of people across the globe actively participate in the program. 

Moreover, donating blood revitalize a=our body as after donating blood, fresh blood is produced that refreshes our body system. WHO Organize a campaign where people who are in the age group between 17 to 66 and weighing more than 50 kilograms are invited to donate their blood. 

There are blood banks where people can store their blood and during any medical emergency, stored blood comes into use. Those who have rare blood groups are suggested to store their blood in blood banks for their future use. The group is blood is much important to know. 

The blood is divided into four groups there are A, B, AB, and O. There are subdivisions into positive and negative groups. the person who has "O" group blood are called universal donors.  Any person can accept their blood.

The person having the "AB" group of blood are called universal recipients. They can accept any group of blood. When the blood of one person is admitted in the body of a patient the body of the patient may refuse to accept the blood if it is not suitable to the body.

So proper care must be taken in respect of administering blood in the body of a patient. Moreover, it must be seen that infusible blood is free from any kind of germs or toxic elements. There must not be any adverse reaction from the blood after it's introduced into the body. Blood must be tested before use otherwise blood may be directly transferred from the body of a healthy person to the waiting person.

Nowadays awareness in respect of the necessity of blood donation is spreading across the country. Blood donation camps are also organized at different places around the year to collect the necessary blood but the amount of collected blood is not at all sufficient in respect of the total demand for blood.

As a matter of fact, many healthy persons refrain from donating blood. Moreover, in numerous cases, it had been found that there is no proper preservation system to store the blood properly in usable condition.

So, much quantity of the collected blood gets wasted frequently. It has been also noted that the blood donation camps don't examine a person properly before taking the blood. So, sick persons also donate blood. This blood is extremely harmful so the organizers must strictly verify the health condition of a blood donor before permitting the person to donate blood. All the blood banks must store the blood with proper care.

Speech on blood donation 

Blood Donation is one of the most significant contributions of human beings. It is not harmful and the person who donates blood can regenerate the cells within few days. It poses no threats to the human body. The world blood donor day is observed on 14th June every year. 

There are many diseases that are due to the lack of blood and many people are dying because they do not get blood at the proper time. If we donate the blood, we can save someone life. 

There are different blood groups present in the human body which are O, A, B and AB. O blood group is the universal donor and AB is the universal accepter. Several campaigns are held in schools, colleges and various institutions to aware people of blood donation. 

Blood donation is our human duty. It does not affect our body and our body regenerates the blood cells within few hours. So we must donate blood as it can save the lives of many people. 

So, we should donate blood readily which will keep our body refresh and even we will get so many blessings by saving the life of people. 

Essay on Blood Donation Camp

On the eve of our school foundation day, a blood donation camp was organized on our school campus. The Health Minister of the state inaugurated the camp. Many eminent persons attended the camp. All of them urged the students' teachers and other dignitaries present to donate blood to save the lives of people. 

A short speech by our Health Minister as well as the secretary of the blood donation committee also tried to remove the misconceptions some people had about blood donation. Blood donation started just at ii o clock. One by one people came and donated blood. 

This camp was going on very smoothly up to 3 p.m. Over eighty people donated their blood for the sake of the injured people who badly needed blood. The blood bank authorities were kind enough to arrange for the collection of blood. 

This camp was a grand success as not only the teachers and the students but many local people also voluntarily donated their blood. More than fifty bottles of blood were collected. Everybody praised this effort of the students and the teachers of the school. This type of blood donation camp will enhance the Blood Bank. Every blood donor has given a Tiffen and a blood donation card. 

Blood donation is a great virtue. It inherits the upliftment of a man's mentality. Our body remains the same if we donate blood and our body restores within a short period and able to do work as usual. So we must come forward to organize further blood donation camps to serve mankind.

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