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Essay on self discipline and its importance


Essay on self discipline and its importance

Essay on self discipline and its importance 

Self-discipline the only thing you need to combat procrastination when you are struggling to pull yourself out of bed self-discipline, when you're struggling to drag yourself to your desk self-discipline when you're struggling to start writing that assignment you've been putting off for weeks self discipline 

There's no magic wand that i can wave that will magically make you study you have to do it yourself you have to make yourself do it you see motivation is temporary that's completely normal your motivation can and will go up and down 

but when your motivation starts to fade that's when your self-discipline kicks in that's when you need to force yourself to get up and study and it's at this point that a lot of students fail because they rely on motivation to carry them in the long term

but that's not how it works i learned this the hard way for years i would get short spurts of motivation and i'd study like crazy for days or even weeks on end but as soon as that motivation started to dwindle i just didn't have the self-discipline to back it up

but i managed to shift my mindset i managed to train myself to slowly but surely over the course of a year build up my self-discipline i used to find it difficult just studying for 30 minutes without losing concentration now i can study for 14 hours a day and it's actually relatively easy

so how did i fix my self-discipline how did i manage to build up my self-discipline and train myself to study even when my entire body was telling me that i should go back to the comfort of my own bed there were three super easy but effective steps that i took 

first i removed distractions i noticed the biggest thing distracting me when i was studying was my phone that i usually place right next to my laptop whenever i received a notification i would stop studying and check my phone it's such an obvious thing to do but for years my phone was a huge reason why i procrastinated so much 

so i started to hide my phone behind my laptop screen so i couldn't see it when i was studying out of sight out of mind and it worked another thing i realized i was doing was that i was waiting to feel ready to study before i actually started studying 

so i kept putting my studying off for hours because i never felt ready and before i knew it it would be the end of the day and i still hadn't done anything so i made my studying a habit i would wake up at 5 00 a.m every morning and i would go straight to the gym and then i would go straight to the library

I would do this every single day even on sundays i wanted to train my brain into knowing that this is just what i do now when a behavior becomes a habit we stop using our decision-making skills and instead function on autopilot at first it felt wrong your brain will resist waking up at 5am but eventually you will program your mind into accepting it and it will start to acknowledge that it's right and natural to wake up at this time and that's exactly what happened to me 

At first it was difficult waking up at 6 00 a.m every morning but you'd be surprised at how easy it started to become after just a few weeks i made sure that i was asleep by 10 pm the night before every single night now that's important many students struggle to wake up at 5 6 7 a.m and of course they will if they went to sleep at 3 am third thing that i did to train myself to become more self-disciplined was i rewarded myself every night 

self-discipline doesn't mean your new schedule has to involve your studying for every second of the day in fact giving yourself zero wiggle room often results in failures disappointments and going back to your old ways while practicing self-control schedule specific breaks treats and rewards for yourself 

If i studied well during the day and i concentrated well and i didn't procrastinate for one hour that night i would just relax and read a book or go out with friends or even just watch netflix for an hour it's important to know when to relax and when not to if you've had a productive day and you've got a lot done then make sure you reward yourself in the long run you'll thank yourself for it 

So now it's your turn stop letting your self-discipline get in the way of where you need to be in life you know what you need to do to fix it so fix it because you won't find anyone on this planet that is massively successful that doesn't have extremely high levels of self-discipline it's one of the most important underlying factors that determines whether or not someone will be successful in the future 

If you can't even bring yourself to study how are you going to manage the thousands of hours of working on your craft to become among the best in your field of work whatever you want to become you can't win the war against the world if you can't win the war against your own mind whatever your dreams and goals are self-discipline is how you're going to get there you need to respect yourself more because if you respected yourself you wouldn't let yourself procrastinate 

the entire day you wouldn't hold yourself back from achieving phenomenal success if you respected yourself you would do what's best for you and that means not watching netflix for four hours a day it means not scrolling through your instagram feed 50 times a day it means not hanging out with friends when you know you have deadlines the next morning 

you're worth more than that one of the common similarities that i notice with most of the emails i receive from students is that they have put self-limiting restrictions on their own academic performance they don't believe they can climb to the top of their class therefore they don't even bother trying they're not even trying to implement self-discipline 

because they don't believe it's even possible and the first thing i always say is it's time to destroy your self-limiting beliefs because we all have them to some extent obtaining the grades you dream of is absolutely achievable if you believe it is in the words of will smith 99 of people are not willing to do 

what it takes to make their dreams come true the center of bringing any dream into fruition is self-discipline it's about being in control of your mind to choose actions that are in your own best interest every day we are choosing to procrastinate and that's just not in our own best interest 

right now you're not letting yourself reach your dreams fault and responsibility do not go together it sucks but they just don't when we blame someone else it's us pushing the responsibility to them and trying to get them to fix it but that's not how it works especially when it's about your own studying 

you're studying your life your happiness is your responsibility and your responsibility alone as long as we're pointing the finger and stuck in whose fault something is we're jammed and trapped in victim mode and when we're in victim mode we're stuck in suffering the road to power is in taking responsibility and if you still can't muster up enough self-discipline to start studying try this close your eyes envision 

what it feels like when you're done when you're done with your eight hours of studying when you get to the exam hall and you open your exam paper and you quickly scan the questions and oh you know the answer to every single question 

when you get your exam results and your friends ask what grade you got and you can proudly tell them when you're graduating with a 4.0 gpa and your family are so proud to show you off you can make it happen to find out the six things that you can do specifically to improve your self-discipline as a student click on the video on the screen i think you're going to love it and i'll see you on the other side.

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