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Essay on time management is the key to success

Essay on time management is the key to success

Essay on time management is the key to success

Time management is one of the essential skills to achieve success in life. The animals find it very easy they have primarily to work to find food. They get out in the morning searching for food and then to sleep and bring the heat to meet.

The more sophisticated, the higher the consciousness raises, the more complicated and sophisticated life becomes. That is why in modern society you have so many things that are demanding your time and that is why this concept of time management allocation of priorities becomes important 

In order to achieve our goals in life, we have to understand that time is a limited resource and if you say yes to something, it means you have said no to something else that is why it has been found that people who accomplish great things are those who are able to defend their yes with a thousand noo’s. 

Warren Buffett was asked what is his most important skill? Was it the ability to do the things he needed? He said no. There were so many proposals coming to me all the time that I had to defend every year with a thousand noo’s.

The same thing happens in your life. It's very attractive to wasting our extra time on things that are unimportant. And the fact is Pareto's Principle states that 20 percent of our activities account for 80 percent of the importance.

That is why this need for time management, you have to decide what are the critical areas in your life, for example, your work, your family, your health, your spirituality. So these critical areas have to be focused upon they could be a hundred more things, your friends telling you.

let's do this and so many other wasteful hobbies. So you have to focus on these critical areas and how do you do it, define the priorities, start off with spirituality. This is essential for your success in life 

because if you don't have it right, you will not be able to manage your mind. You will not be able to manage time efficiently your emotions to allocate a one-hour minimum for spirituality.

Again, your health is a key critical area to allocate one hour for your health. That two hours, the next is your job. So how much is necessary in order to succeed in your job? Again, the demands could be such.

Your boss may want you to work 14 hours a day, but that is where time management comes. How much is necessary to succeed? Only that much. And then you have to allocate time to your words, your family. If you fail there and you succeed in your job, you are still not having a successful. 

so determine the key areas, determine what is needed for success. After that, how much time remains the time that remains then as you are luxury, where again do you decide to spend it? Personally, I would say that what I would say remains use it in devotion use it in service to God.

So in this way, if you have a clear idea of What are the critical areas in your life that are necessary to be taken care of and what are the priorities, It becomes very easy to allocate your time. 

So be very, very conservative in wasting time. Remember that people will always demand yours. when we decide that time is one of the most valuable resources that you have to utilize, time is such a thing, you cannot invest it anywhere. It is just passing by. You cannot put it in a hedge fund, etc. Then you have to realize the importance of every minute.

 “Get to your day before your day gets to you” Importance of time management guess what new studies is official science proved it this isn't a hypothesis this isn't a theory this is proven it is proven that everyone who's worth at least 1 billion dollars 100% of every single one of them has 24 hours in the day and it's also proven people who are broke and have absolutely no money also have 24 hours in a day

So we now know for a fact that everybody has the same amount of time and every single day no matter where in the world you live everybody it's what we do at that time that makes a difference on whether not we're successful or broke it's what we're doing with the time

Now every morning you wake up thinking so what should I do today you're already behind homie you must get your day before your day gets to you, so if you understand you look at the day tomorrow and you map out everything you're going to do of every single hour of every single minute of that 24-hour time frame of what you're going to do 

whether it's sleeping for eight hours where there's seating for 30 minutes three times a day whatever it really starts breaking it up mapping out exactly what you can do with your time and get more out of this day get out of more out of tomorrow get more out of every single day than everybody else in that's why you're going to start to win beyond everybody else.

Tracking your time is really important that you understand what you're doing, creating a schedule that you understand what is leading to success and what is leading to problems or issues if you track 

your time what it's going to allow you to do is connect your activities to the things that are really going well or vice versa connect your activities to the things that aren't going well,

because what you want to do is you want to eliminate the things that really aren't working and you want to amplify the things that are working so we remember by tracking your time and tracking your time against your results

It's going to allow you to continue to hone your time into the very best and most productive places, so make sure that you track all of your time and results so that you can continue to be as efficient as possible with your time which is only going to lead to better and better results.


So time management is an essential skill that is required and it has to be mastered by having clarity of the critical areas in our life and even in these critical areas, there are 100 activities. So, again, you have to realize what are the most important activities?

Like if I get these right, everything is taken care of. People who are effective have this ability by virtue of their clarity. And people who are not effective are spending their time. They are doing things, but not achieving so much. 

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    That's amazing... very well written. love it...

  2. Everything sounds cool, of course. But I didn't find any really good advice here that could be put into practice. Although the article is well written, for me it is useless, unfortunately.

  3. Well, I can agree with you. I like it better when such articles give some effective advice or recommend apps that could help me improve time management. In one of the recent articles I found cool solutions for automatic time tracking and it was much more useful to me. Honestly, it is difficult to start using something new in the workflow so that it does not interfere, but helps, but I try.

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