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Essay on How I Spent My Time During Lockdown

Essay on How I spent my time during lockdown

Essay on How I spent my time during lockdown


The deadly coronavirus disease has spread around the world because there is no medication or vaccine for the disease lockdown was the only option for every country to protect their country citizen from COVID 19 because now the total cases of COVID across the world are more than 13 million.  


I know in this current pandemic, there is innumerable bad news out there. But some of us like me see this lockdown as a great opportunity to re-invent myself.

This lockdown was my first such experience where I had to remain at home for a long period the moment when I learned about lockdown


I felt really happy because I would not have to go to school, Our mind usually gets diverted whenever we try to follow the new routine but it's become a habit 

if you continue it for the 21 days or for so long it's required. It's really easy to start a habit in those days.


On the first day, I played some outdoor games with two of my neighborhood friends after a couple of days once I realized the number of corona patients is increasing 

I stopped playing outside, as days passed everybody including me began taking more precaution to stay protected from the disease I started watching tv and playing indoor games such as carom and Ludo


Mother prepared delicious recipes at home we enjoyed it occasionally I helped my mom in the kitchen I also read some books to pass my time that I played computer games also, as days passed remaining at home began giving me boredom


I felt like going out and hanging out with my friends but I was not able to do this at this point I understood how the birds in the cage and animals in the zoo should be feeling as though I felt quite sorry for them,


I watched news frequently most of the time with the expectation that some medication or vaccine must have been developed for the COVID 19 but each time I got to know that it will take at least 5 to 6 weeks for the vaccine to be developed


Later I decided to learn something new from online classes, In my free time I saw a few YouTube videos and I spend hours developing a mobile app very soon I made one mobile program for the mathematical formulation, my parents praised me for this


I also worked on my fitness and health I became more diet conscious and ate meals that would prove good for my body I spent some time doing exercise routine meditation and yoga when I am in a good mood, although this lockdown interval forced me to stay home


I felt happy to spending time with my family for this long time I could focus on my health I learned many new things and developed my hobbies that I just wish that the medication or vaccine for covid19 be developed very soon,


During lockdown some times I think you, I am the luckiest ones who have plenty quantity of water, abundant food, available power and last but not the least mobile net. Think of those that are on the streets, don't have food, based on the government for transport and water.


The honest thing is that you can not either help them or you dare to attempt and walk outside. In this sort of diplomatic scenario family disputes, anxiety, depression, and insomnia is rather an enemy for you. But there are particular ways which you could get rid of.


Try to grab anything you're good at, it may be drawing, singing, writing, cooking anything in any way. It is not necessary to post everything that you do on a daily basis 

but if you're open to criticism you may choose that path also. Replying to comments and discussing your own skills with friends is time-consuming and it'll keep you busy.


The moral of this essay is to keep your mind busy, if you can not do it, you may fall for every possible emotion you could find, 

for example, who loves me, that does not, she or he isn't speaking to me, and plenty of personal issues which wouldn't disturb you when you're on a daily regimen.


Mostly when you're at home all day long doing nothing essentially, it might affect your metabolism and digestion. Exercise is the solution, it is quite obvious that you can not go outside for a walk but try for those that you may do in your area.


You can do yoga poses in your area, certainly, you do not want a park to get it done. It's actually important that you keep your mind active and muscles active.

Being on social media keeps your brains occupied but also your body motion is minimal unless you're typing and running at exactly the exact same time.


A straightforward 30 minutes workout is truly nice and freshens your body up. And it circulates blood through your entire body for all those cells in need.


A daily routine or journal writing helps, also it's possible to execute a to-do list. In my advice, if you're a to-do list individual do it with pencil and paper instead to follow along with a program or writing in any file because 

when you may complete a task easy striking your pencil through your text is actually satisfactory, I mean it actually gives me a happy feeling.


If you're at home, spend some quality time with your parents, I mean It is really a very good chance to be with your loved ones in this emergency, assist them in their everyday work, speak with them, and mostly listen to them exactly what they need to say. 

For those unfortunate souls who have stuck in their job city, stay attached to your family and loved ones, it is simple to do such dumb things when you're alone and family isn't around.


The other thing you could do is to find new items, movies which you haven't watched and longing to do for this long time, try new songs, watch and learn new ideas from youtube, too if you're good at anything you are able to make your channel too.


Simple learning courses could be helpful, to begin with like teaching word or excel online, or the job that you're doing for the last couple of months you'll be able to share your experience also. 

Whether picking this type of job is satisfactory and beneficial to you or not, it is like product inspection but in carrier choice. It is possible to tell others what you face at your work front and whether you're longing to do it in the long run or not.

Stay good, stay healthy, and above all drink lots of water. Hope you will like this essay.


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Essay on How I spent my time during lockdown



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