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Essay on insurance frauds in India

Essay on insurance frauds in India

Essay on insurance frauds in India

what is insurance?

Introduction to insurance 

your phone is the most prized possession think it was stolen or got broken wouldn't it be tough to ask your parents for another phone 

wouldn't it be nice if you could get compensated for the lost phone, this can happen through insurance 

what is insurance? insurance is a process that combines the risks of individuals into a group using funds contributed by members of the group to pay for losses 

Insurance is a contract between the insurance company and an individual or the insured, the insurance company promises to pay a specified amount to the insured in return for consideration or the gift on the happening of a certain event 

though insurance cannot prevent unwanted events or cause of loss from happening it protects the policyholder by compensating him the promised amount of loss 

So if you had an insurance cover on the phone the risk of losing the phone and the monetary loss associated is being transferred to the insurance company but for a price which is called premium and the insurance company would give you an amount to cover the value of the phone in case the phone gets lost 

losing the phone is a type of risk that means the chance of suffering loss due to the possibility of adverse events beyond the control of man, the events that give rise to such risks are called perils 

human lives, individual properties, industries infrastructure, and other assets may be damaged lost are made non-functional due to an event of floods, storms, cyclones, earthquake, and other perils of nature.

some perils are also man-made like accidents occurrences of fire burglary etc insurance is broadly classified into life insurance and general insurance 

life is invaluable and the loss of life cannot be compensated by any amount of money, hence life insurance policies are termed as benefit policies of protection and anomaly considered a means of protecting one's family against the unforeseen circumstances of the death of the earning member 

General support provides many benefits to society by offering financial protection to individuals families businessmen and industries in the event of unforeseen catastrophe losses to their assets and property. 

Insurance frauds in India

Insurance is needed today by everyone if you have a car so have insurance, health insurance to cover hospital expenses on your family, and life insurance for family protection or savings. 

Insurance is necessary for everyone, but there are some deceptions in India, due to which the trust of people is decreasing from insurance. People who get caught in the affair of these frauds, they do not even think of taking insurance ever again.

  • what ways can fraud of insurance be done? 
  • How is this deception recognized? 
  • how to avoid them? 

Isurance fraud is done in two ways, online and offline. Now, first of all, know-how is online insurance fraud? If you have a car, then you will know that when your policy is about to expire, you get a call from several different companies to renew the policy and different company gives you different offers. 

Here the cheaters are also active, they provide you the best deal. You send a fake catalog and people get caught up in their bargain when they get the cheapest deal. For payment, it asks you to pay online. 

For example, we ask for payment through a link or through net banking, credit card, debit card, or any payment app. And tell you that only if you pay online, you will get a discount and only then your premium will be reduced so much. 

And here, people get paid due to the temptation of rebates. Later, they do not get the policy or they get a fake policy and send it out. Many times when a customer goes for a claim, he comes to know that a policy I have is fake. 

So to avoid being deceived, you should be careful, then how to identify it? First of all, you should find a deal that has more difference in premium. So do it by crosscheck and do not rely too much on the information given on the call. 

If these people call after taking the name of any company, then you can also find the list of that company from another place. Or if someone tells you that you have to pay online to get the discount, then keep in mind that payment should be made directly in the company. 

And the company has its own secure payment site, where the name of the company is written, it should be paid only after checking it. Many times you also get such calls that I have SBI Or speaking from any other bank, you are a loyal customer of our bank. 

So you are getting special health insurance or life insurance offer. So no one should pay online only for the size of his talk on the phone. Go to your bank and know from the truth that there is no such offer in truth. 

These fraudsters make such an exaggerated plan that many people come to their talks and lose their money. So guys become smart and avoid such deception.

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