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Advantages and disadvantages of lockdown essay

disadvantages of lockdown essay

Advantages and disadvantages of lockdown essay

what is a lockdown?

Coronavirus has turned out into a pandemic it started in China and has spread to most of the countries of the world because there is no proper medicine or vaccine for this disease many countries have implemented lockdown to prevent the spread of this disease.

Lockdown is a requirement for people to stay where they are, usually due to specific risks to themselves or to others if they can move freely, lockdown is implemented to prevent covid19. during the lockdown, our society is facing some positive as well as negative effects.

Disadvantages of lockdown

  • lockdown leads to unemployment many people have lost their jobs.
  • many industries like agriculture education entertainment are facing loss. it has made a negative impact on the economy of the world.
  • people trapped in many places and they want to reach their homes
  • children trapped inside their houses and there is no outing or outdoor games for them
  • because of isolation during the lockdown in some cases, it leads to mental stress and depression
  • students are facing irregularities in studies

Advantages of lockdown 

  • The pollution level has reduced many rivers have become clean 
  • Mountains like the great Himalayas can now be seen from long distances.
  • Animals have got a bit more space and hence they are wandering more freely now even the aquatic life has benefited from the lockdown more varieties of fish can now be seen near the sea Shores 

  • we all have got some time to rest and be free from our busy lifestyle we can spend quality time with our family 
  • we have a lot of time to connect with the environment our nature plenty of fuel is saved during the lockdown period 
  • we can also, fulfill our hobbies during this time 
  • students have got rest from studies and engage in some creative work 
  • we all have a lot of time to do yoga exercises reading books and meditation at home 
  • we have learned to help each other stay happy in limited resources and the most important thing is health is wealth 
  • students have got rest from studies they can now engage in some hobbies or learn new things we have realized that health is wealth now we can spend our time in doing yoga or exercises which can be helpful for our good health.
  • now there is less plastic pollution to log down has brought many benefits in our life but yes it should not continue for too long.


Despite the disadvantages, the online study method proved to be beneficial in certain specific conditions. When it is not advisable to leave your home, or it isn't convenient for you, then in that case online study becomes a blessing in disguise. 



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