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It is better to be born rich than talented essay

It is better to be born rich than talented essay

It is better to be born rich than talented Essay


• Introduction — It is better to be born talented. (Against) 

• Talent is lasting, while riches are transitory. 

• Talent is enjoyed by society and immortalizes one while riches are individualistic. 

• Talent cannot be inherited or acquired. 

• Conclusion — Wealth brings worries which Talent males one happy and content. 

If Wishes were horses beggars would ride. This is inconceivable as we could only want to have been born wealthy or gifted. But if I had been given a choice, I'd have chosen to be born gifted, for having a gift is more honorable, lasting, and satisfying. To be born gifted is something very concrete since it's inherent in you.

It's something by which you're recognized and valued throughout your lifetime. It can't be lost, wasted, or mistreated, unlike wealth that is quite transitory being there today and gone tomorrow. 

Additionally, wealth tends to corrupt and compels us to vices. In addition, we understand that wealth declines if it's shared with other people, such isn't true for talent.

On the contrary, it increases with use getting perfected. Thus, the more you use your gift the better it becomes. Talent is wealth that's bestowed on you, for giving joy and happiness into the society while wealth is extremely individualistic. 

They could only be of use for you, or your near and dear ones. Talent brings with it name, fame and immortalises a individual, the same can't be said for wealth.

Thus, we've renowned stalwarts from the world of literature, music and a number of another field that has become immortal by their ability. The likes of William Shakespeare, Premchand, and Tansen aren't born every day. They by their ability, continue to inspire generations even when they are no longer.

Talent can be more sublime, unlike wealth it can't be inherited or acquired by fair or foul means. It requires sincerity, dedication, and rigorous discipline to nurture so that it can blossom and spread its odor in society. This is by no way indicating that gift can't be acquired.

We can get it, but there's some simple inclination that has to be inborn. There's also no shortcut for acquiring talent. It's a long and torturous journey to the top, but once there, one is the monarch of all that he surveys.

No amount of wealth can help in acquiring ability, for if that would be all wealthy people would have obtained talent. A talented individual is not in need of money or celebrity these are actually at his beck and call.

I would therefore choose to be born gifted, for William Shakespeare rightly stated in the Merchant of Venice"Superfluity comes sooner by white hair, but proficiency lives more". Thus implying that prosperity and wealth bring with it many worries that turn our hairs gray. 

However, for men and women that are gifted and competent, they don't have any such cause for worry and consequently live a happier and content life.

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