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Essay on Fitness beats pandemic


Essay on Fitness beats pandemic

Essay on Fitness beats pandemic

Today the world is full of chaos everyone is filled with pathos covid-19 has changed everything and became the troubles king affecting millions, it has worsened the earth leaving us all amid worth created a phobia in all of us but it's a pandemic just.

How fitness can beat pandemics?

The coronavirus or covid-19 pandemic is the major health crisis of our time and is also the greatest challenge we are facing it has brought major significant disruptions in our lives

as cases of covid-19 rise all around the world especially in India with the country becoming one of the worst most affected due to the pandemic and reporting the fast-growing outbreak around the world.

Staying at home and ensuring the best of health becomes even more important to reduce the risk of contraction of the disease and to avoid any severe complication

due to the same with the increased work pressure both professionally and personally people are unable to find two seconds of peace for themselves and also for a proper workout routine at the same time.

Physical activity remains restricted due to stay at home guidelines and even as gymnasiums and fitness centers opened up in the latest phase of the unlock most people are refraining from visiting, therefore it is very important for us to squeeze in some amount of exercises and important fitness measures in our daily routine.

So as to ensure our safety from the virus now that we all know fitness not only means exercises and staying physically healthy it also includes staying mentally and spiritually healthy and also it is necessary to maintain a proper lifestyle for fitness during the circumstances of this pandemic.

The most simple yet effective means to stay fit are by doing yoga meditation exercises spending an hour or two in the sunlight and breathing in fresh air drinking an adequate amount of water and taking a balanced diet and avoiding food that is rich in sugar fat or an excessive amount of salt etc.

Mindful meditation can have immense health benefits including providing immune function reduced blood pressure and enhanced cognitive system it also helps lower stress hormones that comprise the immunity system while also conditioning

the lungs and respiratory tract stimulating the lymphatic system to out toxin from the body and bringing oxygenated blood to the various organs to ensure their optional function which helps us to remain healthy and attain inner beauty.

It is said that those who regularly practice mindfulness meditation have a certain glow about them that comes from within and radiates outward aside from meditation we should also take a properly balanced diet to keep up with our fitness, we should eat a variety of fresh and unprocessed food 

Every day to get the vitamins minerals dietary fiber protein and antioxidants our body needs to drink enough water eat fruits vegetable legumes nuts and whole grains like unprocessed maize, millets, oats, wheat, brown rice, or starchy tubers

or roots such as potato, tomatoes, or carrots, and foods from animal sources example meat fish eggs, and milk for vegetable and fresh fruit rather than food that are high in sugar fat, or salt a strong immunity system.

Good health and beauty are complementary to each other unless you are healthy from the inside you cannot reflect on beauty yoga is very revelation in today's day and age especially in the context of a fast-paced modern lifestyle for both health and beauty 

If someone includes it in their lifestyle it can get numerous benefits yoga also helps in curing and controlling several diseases that affect both our health and mind aside

from yoga exercises also helps in building our immunity system there helps in the proper circulation of blood and oxygen in our body exercises help us feel fresh and is a sort of head start for the day ahead 

The covid-19 virus affects the respiratory system very badly and in some cases, the effect is so worse that it can even cause the person's death there are certain exercises that help in improving the condition of our respiratory system so that we can fight the virus with ease sunlight and fresh air also helps in developing our immune system during this pandemic 

It is also necessary for us to stray fee from stress and anxiety to keep ourselves mentally calm and fit music is one of the best media to reduce stress and to feel fresh one can also practice their favorite hobbies

something that they enjoy something that keeps them fresh these can help them feel refreshed from uh stress and that also helps in reducing anxiety.

The best way to prevent getting affected by the covid-19 virus is to follow the guidelines as prescribed by a show and the government such as to clean hands often using marks and sanitizers avoid touching nose eyes and mouths maintaining social distancing cleaning and disinfecting frequently touched objects

If one can maintain these guidelines stay home practice yoga meditation exercises take a proper diet and spend hours in sunlight then they can surely fight and defeat the virus 

Thank you have a nice and cheerful day.

Poem on Fitness beats pandemic

Today 95% of all chronic diseases are caused by our choice of food toxic food ingredients and lack of physical exercises, Mike Adams the Coronavirus pandemic has made us detainees of our own homes.

During these crises, we have been reminded about our well-being fitness of not only the body but the mind too is very vital and must be taken care of every time 

A robust immunity can fight against the fatal virus or condense the detrimental effects of it a nutritious and wholesome meal single-handedly cannot build a strong resistance but along with it proper physical exercise will give holistic growth to one's immunity

The benefits of physical exercise and activity have been shown throughout the lifespan. We are meant to move and many of our body systems function better when we are consistently physically active.

For managing symptoms of depression, some research suggests that elevated levels of aerobic activity (exercise which significantly raises our heart rates) might be associated with greater reductions in depressive symptoms.

Consider engaging in physical activity once or twice daily that includes brief periods (30-90 minutes ) of greater intensity. For many, this might be done through an exercise in their houses such as jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and sequencing strength training exercises (i.e. standing squats, push-ups, sit-ups). 

For many others, the use of home exercise equipment like treadmills, elliptical machines, and stationary bicycles might be beneficial. Strength-training has been shown to decrease symptoms of stress for people with and without a stress disorder.

Weightlifting using exercise equipment or household items (textbooks, canned goods, milk jugs filled with water, paint cans) can help us to Decrease the unwanted effects of stress and anxiety.

For children and teens, moderate to vigorous physical activity and exercise throughout the day are associated with elevations in self-esteem, improved concentration, reductions in depressive symptoms, and improvements in sleep. For older adults and among individuals managing chronic health conditions, regular walks are advocated.

The benefits of strength training and weightlifting (low weight with large numbers of reps ) may be even greater in elderly adults to maintain quality of life and functioning.

The covid-19 pandemic has caused significant disruptions in our lives as the routine so many of us base our lives around have been alerted among the victims has been providers, Personal fitness we need to maintain that fitness now more than ever keeping fit and healthy will be the most important thing you do for yourself.

Staying active will help to stay strong and what's up the possibility of chronic physically active individuals usually live longer than those who are inactive. Even it becomes an epidemic

when we become fit disease can never hit be it big small or strong it can never hit the gong, the gong is the typhoon that resides in our immune system, it can beat the disease if we are fit fine and release never use the water or to disease, it'll catcher it'll stick to germs and so it returns 

We will use sanitizers and soaps which in turn brings back our hopes fitness is something that keeps us safe from various types of disease and even it can save us from this pandemic called covid 19. this is the time for us to spend with family and doing yoga meditation exercise and eating healthy food keep us fit

There is a lot of time for us and we can be fit in this time, if we are not fit then we can't stay away from the diseases, it is important to be fit and safe to be happy so be fit every time.

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