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10 Lines on Bedroom in English

  10 Lines on Bedroom in English 1) A room for sleeping is called a bedroom. 2) It is also a place of getting relax. 3) It is a very important place for everyone. 4) 1/3rd of our life is spent in our bedroom. 5) Bedroom is like a charging place for us. 6) Our mind and body get recharged in a bedroom. 7) Bedroom should be well organized. 8) Furniture in a bedroom includes a wardrobe, bed frame, mattress, etc., 9) A bedroom can be used for reading also. 10) In some houses a bedroom may serve as a place for meditation. Also read: 10 Lines on Wrist Watch in English Also read: Essay writing on global warming history Also read: Flood in Assam Essay: For Students and Children in 500 Words Also read: 10 Lines on Arctic Tern in English Also read: 10 Lines on Veena in English Also read: 10 Lines on Dal Bati Churma THANK YOU SO MUCH

First day of school after lockdown essay

First day of school after lockdown essay

First day of school after lockdown essay

Today is the first day back at school in a while, I was feeling excited nervous, or worried, feeling this way at the moment is completely normal and I know that I am not alone lots of other people will feel this way too.

my school has felt a bit different from how I remember it,  I have to line up differently outside in a different classroom, I have the smaller class size and a different teacher, 

The important thing to remember is that everyone at my school really cares about me and other children too, and they want everyone to be safe and happy and there are things that I and you can do to help too.

so how can you work together with your teachers and friends to keep your school a safe place? 

listen to your teacher you may have a different teacher than usual but they know the best ways to keep you safe, your teacher may ask you to do things like wash your hands regularly.

keep a distance from other students and not share your things listen to your teacher and follow their instructions tell your teacher, if you feel unwell if you are feeling unwell tell your teachers straight away even.

If you only feel a little bit unwell it's important to let your teacher know so that they can keep you and the other students in the school safe, be kind to others being kind is one of the most important things that you can do to keep your school a happy and safe place 

be kind to your teachers and the other students in the school and think about how you can support them tell someone if you are worried if you're feeling worried about anything at all speak up and tell someone is completely normal to 

be feeling worried remember your teachers are there for you and they want to help you so remember to listen to your teacher tell your teacher if you feel unwell be kind to others and tell someone if you're worried work as a team and help to keep your school safe and happy.

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