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Health Care Should Be Free For Everyone Essay


health care should be free for everyone essay

Health Care Should Be Free For Everyone Essay

Free health care is a system that offers quality medical services to all persons you can also call this universal health care. The federal government gives it to everybody irrespective of their ability to cover it. The absolute cost of providing quality healthcare makes universal healthcare a sizable cost for authorities. Most universal healthcare is financed by overall income taxes or payroll taxes.

Pros Free Health care for everyone

Low overall healthcare prices: The government controls the costs through discussion and regulation. Lower administrative costs: Physicians simply deal with a single government agency. By way of instance, U.S. physicians spend four times as much as Canadians dealing with insurers.

Forces physicians and physicians to offer the exact same standard of service at a minimal price: In a competitive environment such as the United States, healthcare providers should also concentrate on profit.

They do so by offering the latest technology. They provide expensive providers and pay physicians more. They attempt to compete by targeting the wealthy.


healthcare access is important for all individuals however people don't always receive healthcare, they need several barriers that can make it hard for them to access critical healthcare services or build an optimal working relationship with their providers and access ability affordability and quality is a part of health care

 the system ability of healthcare depends on the latter tool so, we must look at how the community we serve can make it accessible the country with a robust healthcare care farm work often has a long waiting list

 to access the relevant specialists or have a simple surgery carried out and some of the countries have a system in place that does not provide the best quality care due to a lack of resources and budget constraints 

and least developed countries have a limited number of facilities that are understaffed and under resources with those living in rural or remote areas having to travel a long distance to obtain the health care assistance they require.

What does health care do about this implication? 

As a matter of human dignity, everyone is entitled to health care like any basic element of life health care sustains us and should always be accessible and affordable for everyone everyone here means the one who really needs access to help but experiencing some difficulties 

for instance, people in rural areas still face difficulties to go there to the hospital or clinic due to difficulties passing the existing road access 

so in a rural area, they usually have bad road conditions so it is difficult for them to get to the hospital Another example comes from Indonesia the uneven existence of health centres 

according to 2019 data from the Indonesian Ministry of Health, there are 10 and 134 clinics in Indonesia and most of them are still centred in the big city data the province with the highest number of clinics is West Jaffa with around 1072 clinics

meanwhile, the lowest number was in the ruler area province only had 55 clinics for them furthermore of 533 hospitals throughout Indonesia 88 of them are scattered in big cities.

this indicates that the existing health facilities in Indonesia are not evenly distributed subsequently and even the distribution of tools drugs and health workers

Indonesia is a big country which has five big islands and many small islands the construction of a facility that is also uneven affects the distribution of medicines and then medical devices and health workers, so there are still many rural areas that do not have adequate access to health

To conclude there are still many people that did not meet their basic needs in this case they do need access to help themselves to go to the health center to get treatment for their sick body p hope the government will pay more attention to these issues.

Disadvantages of Free Health care for everyone

when talking about healthcare I think it is a rather controversial issue especially because healthcare is a vital need in life so if healthcare were to be made free it would be an infringement on the rights of the people who produce it 

so in this case doctors nurses and other health care workers if we were to make health care free just because it is a human right then should food and shelter be free too 

because of course food and shelter are basic necessities for human beings too so shouldn't that be free this is a rather um controversial issue because of all of these other things that we need to consider as well 

so of course, this isn't just an issue of capitalism but rather just an imbalance of compromise between producers and consumers however I do agree that healthcare should be accessible to everyone but just not free healthcare workers need to be paid too and if services were made free how would they get paid 

so, of course, taxpayers may contribute to healthcare workers as salaries but the tax itself won't be enough to pay workers especially because tax money is also used for other things not just for healthcare 

so when the government starts taxing citizens to provide for the health care of other people they are simply transferring the fruits of the labour of one man to another there are certain cases in which healthcare workers voluntarily help those in need for free

but that is not the case for all because of course healthcare workers doctors nurses want to get paid too so forcing people to pay taxes with a percentage of their own income is just morally incorrect 

so besides free health care being morally incorrect, it may also cause severe economic harm because it distorts the free market in certain countries that want to uphold the morality of free healthcare because they want to help their citizens so they make healthcare free there will be shortages in their services due to excessive demand 

so if healthcare is free everyone would want to make full use of that opportunity and seek medical attention even if even for minor issues for example in Canada a country where healthcare is free their monopolistic system makes people wait in line to receive their services 

the shortages and long waiting turns are the byproducts of free healthcare systems it is a very unsystematic system because people need to wait for their turns to be served 

another example that we can use in this context is government dentists in Malaysia uh people who need braces sometimes need to queue for a whole entire year just to wait for their turn only because the service fee in government dentists is way cheaper compared to those in private institutions 

private dentists this goes to show that if healthcare were to be made free it would constantly be crowded hospitals and clinics would always be crowded and people who need immediate medical attention would be in a rather problematic and conflicting situation

 so in countries where patients are supposed to pay for their services, they can get immediate medical attention so healthcare isn't a want but rather a need of course it's a basic necessity it isn't something you can postpone 

for example, if one were to be involved in an accident it would be despicable to make them wait because of course, they need immediate medical attention but on the other hand, if they were to be served first it would be unfair for the rest of the people who have already queued beforehand 

so this just shows that free healthcare would just lead to unsystematic work a free healthcare program provided by the government just worsens the situation for everybody

hence no one really has a right to free healthcare these are mere statements made by politicians who want to expand the scope of the government to grant more tax money I still do think that 

healthcare should be accessible to everyone just not entirely and 100% free especially because there are still cases of free labour nowadays and it would just be unfair for the healthcare workers 

so another thing is what about the homeless should they be denied health care just because they cannot afford it the entire discussion revolving around health care is a never-ending issue 

especially because the government simply cannot cater to everyone's needs they cannot the government cannot satisfy everyone it would be best to be empathetic to people who cannot afford health care whilst also considering healthcare workers’ contributions.

some people think that free health care is a solution but it has been proven wrong in Brazil, Brazilians spend almost 7% of their GDP gross domestic product yet medicines to treat cancer and diabetes are almost not available at all

many hospitals have been closed or are partially working many patients are accommodated on the floor because hospitals do not have enough stretches and equipment there are no specialized doctors or equipment

some state can't even pay their health workers this is all because health care is free so there is no money at all to fund the need for the infrastructures of medical institutions

which leads to poor services now they are suffering from a yellow fever epidemic and people are dying because they don't have excess medicines or the doctors are not paying attention to diagnosis

In addition to the COVID-19 outbreak, things are getting worse for them the problem is not money it's corruption the idea of a free health system for everyone is great but to be able to do this

we have to trust in some people who have the money of the entire country in their hands free public services always lead to corruption because corrupt people will always exist 


Healthcare should be accessible to everyone but maybe only to a certain extent because it will seriously damage the economy if health care were to be met completely free.

Health Care Should Be Free For Everyone Essay


Healthcare is a fundamental human right that should be accessible to everyone regardless of their socio-economic status. In a world that is advancing in technology and knowledge, we must prioritize the well-being of our citizens by providing them with free healthcare. This essay explores the ethical and practical reasons behind the necessity of universal healthcare, emphasizing the benefits it brings to individuals and society as a whole.


  1. Equality and Human Rights:

  2. Providing free healthcare ensures that every individual has an equal opportunity to lead a healthy life. It upholds the principles of human rights by affirming that access to medical services should not be contingent on one's financial capabilities. A society that prioritizes the health of its citizens fosters a more equitable and just community.

  3. Preventive Care and Public Health:

  4. Free healthcare promotes preventive measures and early intervention, leading to a healthier population overall. When individuals have access to regular check-ups and screenings without financial barriers, diseases can be detected and treated in their early stages, reducing the overall burden on the healthcare system and improving long-term health outcomes.

  5. Economic Benefits:

  6. A healthier population contributes to a more productive workforce. When individuals receive timely medical attention, they are more likely to stay employed, reducing the economic strain caused by absenteeism due to illness. Additionally, preventative care reduces the economic burden of treating advanced, costly diseases.

  7. Social Stability:

  8. Accessible healthcare fosters social stability by minimizing the impact of health-related financial crises on families. Medical expenses are a leading cause of bankruptcy, and free healthcare helps alleviate this burden, promoting overall social well-being and reducing stress and inequality.

  9. Global Competitiveness:

  10. Nations with robust healthcare systems attract and retain a skilled workforce. By providing free healthcare, a country enhances its global competitiveness by ensuring a healthy and capable workforce, contributing to economic growth and stability on the international stage.

  11. Cost-Effective in the Long Run:

  12. Although the initial investment in universal healthcare may seem significant, studies have shown that it can be more cost-effective in the long run. Preventive care and early intervention reduce the need for expensive treatments and emergency services, ultimately lowering the overall healthcare expenditure.


In conclusion, healthcare should be free for everyone as it aligns with the principles of equality, human rights, and social justice. A society that prioritizes the health and well-being of its citizens benefits not only from a healthier population but also from the economic and social stability that universal healthcare brings. By embracing the idea of free healthcare, we move closer to creating a world where everyone has the opportunity to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

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