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How to Make Digital India essay

How to make digital India essay

How to make digital India essay 

Digital India is an initiative launched by our government for easy access to government services by the people, digital India program was launched by the Prime Minister of India Sri Narendra Modi on 1st July 2015

Digital India's focus is to provide excellent digital infrastructure with seamless internet connectivity it aims to provide high-speed Internet connectivity to the rural areas,

Digital India has three key features to create a secure and best digital infrastructure second to provide all government services digitally and third to make each and every person in India as digitally empowered literate,

Digital India wants to facilitate the manufacture of electronic goods and give IT services and increase job prospects in the country,

The Digital India program is also supported by the private telecom and IT companies of India, Digital India campaign helps to fill the gap of rural and urban India by creating job opportunities for the rural youths current broadband network limited (BSNL) government company that operates Bharat net project is executing digital India campaign Bharat net plans to connect all six lakh twenty-five thousand villages of India with optical fibre network for high-speed Internet,

Digital India will help in eradicating black money and corruption through transparent digital transactions, digital India will also increase job opportunities by creating 50,000 vacancies for BPOs in different states, private companies are also promoting the digital India campaign by enhancing and setting networks along with employment all over India

So how Electronic India Works!

It's a program to prepare India for knowledge future It's an information technology-based program It's an umbrella program that weaves together a lot of ideas and ideas into one comprehensive vision so that each of them is seen as a part of a larger goal

The weaving together makes this assignment transformative in totality it's a program that operates in synchronization that's it pulls together many existing schemes into a single stage under common branding of the applications as electronic India highlights

The vision of digital India

Digital India focuses on three fundamental Important areas that are electronic infrastructure governance and support on-demand digital environment

Number first:- infrastructure

Infrastructure for a utility to every citizen, first of all, We Must supply high-speed net as the core utility subsequently cradle to grave digital identity that is unique lifelong online authentic able identity ought to be there for each individual then cellular form and bank accounts enabling participation and electronic and financial space

Easy access to a frequent service centre that's cloud storage has to be there for the files of each person then shareable private space on a public cloud with secure access to cybersecurity space.

Number two:- demand-based

Governance and support on-demand must be seamlessly integrated across departments or authorities then real-time access service available in real-time from the online and mobile platform should be there all taxpayer entitlements to be on the cloud

So they can access anytime services digitally altered for enhancing the ease of doing business, it must also be a business-oriented platform and make financial transactions electronic and cashless with safety.

Number three:- empowerment

The empowerment that's digital empowerment of citizens Universal digital literacy must be made then universally available digital resources will be available all record certificates available on cloud in various diverse languages then collaborative electronic platforms such as participative governance various digital platforms under a single umbrella of electronic India concept then it has to be cloud-based again that's the portability of entitlements throughout the cloud.

So, to make this thing possible, there must be some infrastructure and all the things which are considered under nine pillars of electronic India which are flat bin public online information for everybody early harvest apps universal access to telephones ID for tasks, e-governance and digital manufacturing.

Number one:- broadband Highways Department must be there for many rural, in addition to urban and various national information infrastructure, must be there.

Number two:- universal access to mobile connectivity from the time 2020 nearly all of them would have mobile phones so It's Essential to connect each and every cell phone to the Online technology So Universal access to cellular connectivity is the only way to make to remains India concept a genuine success 

Number three:- national rural Online mission public Online access program that is it's also called national rural Online mission connecting all of the rural regions global mainstream and place of offices to become multi-service centres they're on the way to getting the Identical pong game applications is about CSC That's made workable multifunctional endpoints for service delivery

Number four:- e-Governance That's working of the authorities should be made online it would consist of four entities that process individuals technology resources and All those four sources are working in synchronization supplying services to the common person.

so e-governance is a successful self witness is a theory for simplification It's a Decrease in complexities utilization of online repositories illustration school certificates voter ID cards and workflow automation becomes synchronized 

Number fifth:- digital delivery of strategies so these are some of the schemes like technology for instruction all schools linked to technology and broadband for wellness a health care online medical consultation technology for planning GIS-based decision-making technology for farmers

That's a technology for farmers that's real-time cost information online ordering of inputs and then technology for safety cellular emergency services covers technology for financial inclusion like micro ATM applications 

Then technology for justice such as II cords II coverage GLC prosecution and last but not the least tech for safety federal cybersecurity Coordination Center so this all comes under electronic delivery of services which will be made possible under electronic India program

Number six:- information for all like online hosting of documents and information that a taxpayer has open easy access to data open information platform it would be two-way communication between taxpayers and the authorities then online messaging of taxpayers on particular occasion programs the past is largely utilize current infrastructure limited additional resources have to be needed.

Number seven:- electronics production which is goal NetZero imports by 2020 it's a striking demonstration of intent ambitious code that requires coordinated action on several fronts like taxation incentives economies of scale remove price disadvantages focused areas

Then diverse digital products must be generated within India under create an India effort and there are lots of ongoing programs which will be fine-tuned existing structures insufficient to deal with this goal so that it requires somewhat strengthening.

Number eight:- I deferred jobs so whatever we're doing it is upliftment the life quality of somebody so train individuals in smaller cities and make them dependable by their own then train services delivery agents to run viable businesses providing IT services and telecom service providers to train the rural workforce to be able to cater the basic needs so these are a few of the main elements of IT for jobs compared to the pillar.

Number nine:- early crop programs that's IT platform for messages authorities admissions to be heed readings biometric presence to the worker's public Wi-Fi places for easy access to the all these services that come under electronic India program school publications to be ebooks eliminating those heavy bags of kids SMS-based weather information for farmers nationwide portal for missing and found children


We've got from this electronic India concept is that execution of appropriate preservation strategy for electronic data and documents is needed for our nation, collaborative efforts and sharing information will help preservation as opposed to duplication that's redundancy removal then online

all collaborative efforts and online medical consultation online money loan relief payment with mobile banking national cybersecurity Coordination Center or the goal of electronic India and last but not the least consume governance that's through my government dot to the communications between government and citizens is possible.

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