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Advantages of science and technology in the medical field

Advantages of science and technology in the medical field

Advantages of science and technology in the medical field

Personal technology is ushering in a new age of the healthcare system changing how and where medical professionals' decisions are made and treatment is rendered via a combination of wearable health monitor technologies telemedicine home investigation and pop up retail settings healthcare providers have begun to recognize the importance of treating patients care remotely.

In 2014 2.3 billion u.s. dollars was raised for electronic health records startups and between 2011 and 2014 1.9 billion u.s. dollars in the capital was increased for businesses aiming to use predictive analytics by 2018 70% of healthcare organizations are expected to invest in medical technology mobile programs with an estimated spend of 1.5 trillion US dollars on wearable technology and mobile programs.

This rising trend of distant healthcare coined housecalls plus has allowed for a more timely administration of therapy for patients at their homes, significantly reducing the cost of intervention as well as enhancing the quality of care.

Pilot programs are showing excellent results with one program in u.s. reducing admission rates to hospitals by 18 % for its diabetic population using remote communication and monitoring and their readmission rates have also dropped by 31 percent all of which decreased costs to the test center by 7%.

An alternative to a hospital run Healthcare programs is the push towards patients using wearables and other personalized technologies to Be Given a variety of readings which they can directly compare to a number of benchmarks and decide whether or not to proceed to a Healthcare professional.

Other patients might instead choose to consult with the patient's health social networks to share health information from their automated readings consult with a physician during Q&A sessions or perhaps seek emotional support.

Such a style of healthcare has been termed local convenience store for those who choose to consult a health care professional Lots of choices may arise that divert the patient's away in the hospital retail outlets in common city centers and clinics in remote locations can get patients to review their advice and decide whether to continue with further care by a physician

On-call physicians are also readily available to answer questions and provide Healthcare directives through video chat email or cellular phones to patients anywhere

Telemedicine has increased exponentially with 72% of hospitals and 52 percent of physician groups in u.s. currently providing such services and in Ontario Canada, telemedicine programs have seen an annual growth of approximately 30 percent for the past few decades

Among the risks associated with advancing personalized technology in health care is the belief that technology will take over the role of the physician, in 2017 142 million medical and health apps are anticipated to be downloaded and an estimated 65 percent of consumer Healthcare transactions are to be made using mobile devices

Nevertheless, hospitals and healthcare professionals will still be at the forefront of all treatment plans especially in unique cases, therefore, the new dynamic of doctor-patient relationships requires new collaborations and business models in addition to a revised understanding of health care companies' role in the value chain.


The quest for artificial intelligence began over 80 years ago, the idea was that computer technology in healthcare would one day be powerful enough to carry out tasks better and more efficiently than humans.

Now AI has come of age it's already having an impact on many parts of human life from self-driving cars to finding soul mates but its biggest impact will be on medicine and how we monitor human health dr. Eric Topol is one of the most influential physicians in digital medication the pioneering American cardiologist has helped develop drugs that have saved countless lives.

He is now at the forefront of this AI revolution in healthcare these are his prescriptions for changing the future of human health the overarching goal is to bring that humanity if we do this right we can rescue the problems of healthcare.

The doctor-patient relationship is a founding principle of healthcare and medication"the first step is to remove keyboards and computer screens and clinical encounters"


Some doctors in the West can spend up to twice as many hours on clinical paperwork than with their patients in the years ahead we should be able to get rid of the information ministry functions of clinicians these are mutually hated up to patients as by doctors and clinicians

AI tools such as speech recognition technology advances but in our commonplace in homes could be used in clinical settings for capturing notes and data allowing doctors to focus on people.


We have a problem with precision and efficiency trained on a huge resource of health care data the power of AI learning can read some images more accurately than people whether it's a pattern like a scan or a slide or prediction AI can really rev up the precision and that's essential to get a better diagnosis better remedies better results lower-cost.

Powerful machines may interpret scans 150 times faster than radiologists and can work 24 hours a day AI can even indicate a diagnosis many conditions could be AI diagnosed and hence the time that a physician comes into play is very specific to the important identification.


Data is critical for improving our understanding of disease and illness the more we understand the better the chances of preventing treating and diagnosing but currently, only about 5 percent of medical information data is used effectively

We had a problem with generating so much information terabytes of information for each person but we didn't have a way to examine we did not have a way to extract the juice the distillate of the now we do and that is what artificial intelligence is really about

Harness to wireless devices AI could oversee every aspect of people's health data from family medical history to food intake to exercise people will have the opportunity to have this real integrated view of themselves to help prevent illness to help direct them for better management of conditions over time 

we'll see this virtual trainer for promoting health constant ai monitoring could transform the most prolific ailments that need the most care like diabetes this would enable people to care for their own health


Another way that AI will kick in overtime he said get rid of hospital rooms we can monitor patients in the comfort of their own home since they can have the sensors that would provide the same type of monitoring as if somebody was in the intensive care unit

Caring for people outside of healthcare settings would not just prevent hospital-acquired disease it could save money all these things favor this change of reliance on a patient's bedroom rather than the hospital room we're talking about a whole lot of people

That doesn't have to be employed in the hospital setting that's a superb way to reduce the burden in the future in the United States hospital costs five thousand dollars a night so that you could get plenty of data plans which go four years for that price tag

If the clinical community stands up for patients and states all of the power efficiency productivity workflow from AI is going to be used to give the gift of time to physicians and nurses and patients that's where we turn this thing and reach a rescue mission for healthful. 

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