Essay on Dependence on technology makes humanity less intelligent


Essay on Dependence on technology makes humanity less intelligent

Essay on Dependence on Technology Makes Humanity Less Intelligent 

Humans depend upon technology for each and everything for example from his house to the school college office etc, this is not even a single place where technology is not used there are advantages as well as disadvantages of Technology.

Technology is making humanity less intelligent you must have been familiar with the word atrophy, atrophy is the condition of losing muscle flesh strength, etc in the part of the body.

which is not being used man's increasing dependence on technology has literally atrophied his intelligence not only intelligence the dependence on technology is visible in all aspects of his life.

Technology has advanced over a century of years over a past century and people used to dream back then how they would organize their lives within the palms of their hands and that dream has finally become a reality.

Technological advancement and unlimited accessibility to information knowledge luxuries and opportunities that come alongside it it's amazing what technology can do and if used in the right ways, it can be an incredible aid to numerous possibilities.

However, in this long run, we tend to get so caught up in this mystical tell of technological advancement in the technological world, that we forget to catch a breath and ask ourselves what impacts does technology has on our creative intelligence and originality.

But according to my concern, there are more disadvantages because one of them is that it decreases human intelligence. Now a question arises how the answer to this question is very simple earlier we were stretched to find out answers by our own from anywhere either from a teacher's parents or from our books.

But nowadays technology has changed everything because of the inventions of mobile phones and the Internet they have become so lazy if we do not even try to find out answers by ourselves.

We depend upon Google and the internet to find out answers even for doing calculations we use the calculator rather than doing those calculations via own this is similar to between all these things and that is all these things has decreased our intelligence, they are not determined or curious to know any answer or to find any answers by ourselves.

We are totally dependent upon technology there are some more disadvantages like the excessive usage of phones and other gadgets which give our creation that can destroy a person's mind and other organs with time.

You might have noticed when you get glasses people often say that it is you do the excessive usage of mobile phones watching TV, what is it so? It is so because these gadgets give out radiation.

Which are not good for your human eye and brain and obviously something which is not good for our brain affects intelligence - a parent's often blamed us but we are not able to do good in our studies because of the excessive usage of mobile phones and other gadgets.

It is because these gadgets have now become a center of attraction and they attract students especially spoil their future by making them busy most of the time young boys and young girls have now become inordinately addicted to these gadgets with thoughtlessly and uselessly wasting most of the time on these gadgets.


A technologically advanced century where a one-year-old toddler who is in the hood equals maximum human interaction from his parents and from his cub from the people who guide him for a piece of physical and mental well-being is being provided with smartphones at a very young is for destruction.

Rather than giving him toys or stories or stories or stories or rhymes for his distraction, this is the current scenario of our present society as we become more and more dependent upon technology from the very birth of our children.

It is no wonder price that the children also grow up to be users of technology to be the users of technology and with this out with this, I know as much as the dependence increases the interaction the capability of interacting with the society with the family also decreases among the children and this causes them to lose.

Their creative creativity and limits the capability of the children to imagine or our or to imagine and the creative skills within the periphery of technological and virtual boundaries.

According to an article over of Times Magazine, an article of Times magazine the people are the children over the age group of 8 to 18 years are no longer able to bring thoughts to bring unusual and unique ideas and thoughts and they are less interactive and less creative all because of the rapid or all because of the rapid addiction that has been cleared

That has been seen in this sector of technology and technology among the children along with that the other drawback of technology we see is distraction technology is no longer as it used to 

Before it has become a constant stream of information that has been flowing into our lives in the form of mobile notifications or thousands and hundreds of applications and the easily accessible Internet in this era.

In this era, this dependence and this distraction that is caused by technology are hampering the age group of all the children the people of all the age groups and it has been a barrier and it has been an obstacle in the current creativity of the current world with this our language.

Wise people say "time we'll utilize is time well spent" the only way to solve this problem is to understand the difference between exploitation and over-exploitation of Technology.

This is a very thin line between both these things if you get to know the difference and if you understand the difference then you can use technology as a boom.

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