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Technology making life better or worse essay


Technology making life better or worse

Technology making life better or worse essay 

Technology is changing our world our Apparatus Enable us to do things Which Were previously Unthinkable but are that a Fantastic thing does our Apparatus bring us together or are they Dividing us are we alone are we connected to Understanding or Simply more likely to Think misinformation

We are aware that new technologies help save lives but what about the health dangers from becoming overly sedentary are we distracted or are we engaged what are the ramifications of incorporating metrics into our social interactions and what exactly 

Does it imply you could publish anyplace at any time and share your voice with the world research the advantages and disadvantages of technologies and shield if it is making life worse or better on earth make certain to include facts and profound investigation?

My personal opinion on Is Technology making life better or worse 

A couple of weeks ago I saw a bunch of articles in the news about how we speak to our AI assistants or virtual assistants or smart speakers, Siri, Alexa, Cortana, and what that says about our behavior and just about us as people. 

Now these were really interesting articles based on a report by the UN which was called I blush if I could now that is a response that Siri gave when calling a b***h by a user and it made the point that these AI devices are reiterating society's deeply misogynistic gender biases 

most of these machines are designed with desirable founding female names and voices and then programmed to give submissive responses even to the most misogynistic and insulting commands but you see why are we calling us mad speakers b***h and s***u

What have we come to and why are we designing technology that reiterates this idea that women ought to be sexy and submissive don't you think there's something going on here that needs to be re-examined 

for me the points these articles made kind of reiterated a possibility that had long thought to be true just based on my usage of the Internet as someone who's sort of really sharing my opinions out there because I've always been struck by just what drives anonymous trolls 

I mean how can someone sit there who doesn't even know me and spew hate the fact that millions of human beings do this every day and that we're even willing to troll our smart speakers doesn't that say something about us as people and about what technology is doing to us 

what sort of behaviors it's making a susceptible to I think we really we need to think about this stuff and so I'm sorry of this article sounds a bit like a rant but several things came to mind 

when I just asked myself this question is technology making us better or worse people and I feel like that's really a choice we have and it's also a choice tech companies have and we've got to make the right choice 

So hear me out we've long known that unfortunately, the human being is capable of some pretty terrible things when they can escape accountability it does technology not manipulate this aspect in many forums thereby bringing out some of our worst tendencies at least part of the time 

I'm not saying all technology is bad but I was just thinking about this particular facet where technology makes us sort of even more susceptible to doing stuff that we wouldn't do if we were accountable for our actions I mean think about even how people behave on dating apps you know sending unsolicited d**k pics 

So being aggressive or even violent just because you're hiding behind an anonymous user name or even at a more minor level ghosting I mean the fact that we can be so callous with other people's feelings 

Now just because I mean what's the difference right between an Amazon catalog and endo if you think about it so I think that sort of dehumanizing of other people and this empowering of just your opinion matters 

Everyone's opinion matters you can say whatever you like I feel like that comes with consequences that we don't give enough thought to and so that's really what I wanted to try and unpack in this article

The sad reality seems to be that when there's no fear of accountability human beings are just as Society has conditioned them to be they're just horribly racist sexist fascist Gustus normal phobic Islamophobic fat phobic 

I mean you name it and all the prejudices that society has worked so hard to ingrain within each of our heads even if we ourselves don't comply with society's norms you just see that like in full force on the Internet 

I mean have you ever been on Twitter you can even just stay here on YouTube look at the comment sections and even some of the videos that are being made for evidence if what I'm saying so 

why did we come to this why is there so much hate out there and should technology be amplifying this real sort of sad and these pickable elements of the human condition or should technology be helping us be better versions of ourselves 

Sometimes the hate can seem like the most apparent sort of side effect and so I just think we should be more conscious on a minute-to-minute basis because we use technology all the time right devices have become this sort of inextricable part of our everyday life and it's really really worth thinking about the impact 

They're having on our behavior are sort of programmed not only to hate each other but also to hate ourselves so internalized oppression is the thing self-loathing is a thing and what I mean by this is that the social conditioning can be so relentless and so oppressive 

That even a woman can be sexist even a gay person can be homophobic even if that person can be fatphobic we can perpetuate our own oppression and technology makes it all so much easier to do remember that video of that lady who saw a young girl at a store wearing shorts and told her she deserved to be raped 

I don't know what made me sadder the amount of internalized misogyny that older lady had or the fact that then she received rape threats for what she'd said to the younger girl I mean we can't fight misogyny with misogyny right 

We can't fight hate with hate and yet on the internet it seems like hate and taking offense and just sort of you know without reason expressing violent aggressive opinions seems to be the solution to all problems when it really isn't are we really okay becoming a planet of trolls 

How can we use technology to change this instead of allowing it to expand our capacity for hate I'm gonna talk also about what I think of as a solution but before I get there there's one more important point I just want to quickly make for the people 

who say and do whatever they like without thinking about the consequences just from the comfort of that couch under an anonymous user name or whatever it is that you're doing 

It's worth remembering that data is the most powerful currency of the modern age right you think no one's watching but really you're always being watched and you're willingly sharing your data all the time we all are right so privacy is an illusion I mean think about the number of big-ticket data leaks that we've already seen in the last decade 

What comes to mind to me immediately is the Ashley Madison data leak Ashley Madison was a website for people looking to have an affair married people looking to have an affair and you can just imagine the amount of trouble bad cars when all those usernames and you know private information about people who had logged in with that service became public 

So you're never really safe although I don't think that's the most compelling reason to be on your best behavior it's not from fear of being watched that we should seek to be kind and compassionate on the Internet 

I think the real reason and that is the much more compelling reason even though privacy is a legitimate concern the much more compelling reason is that human beings also have the most incredible capacity for compassion and empathy and technology can also expand that heat is just the easier and more obvious 

The way that we can express ourselves because we're resistant to change and resistant to accepting differences but if we allow ourselves to share and allow ourselves to you know stand in someone else's shoes for a moment the joy that that can bring the joy of sharing honestly vulnerably empathetically is so much greater than any kind of 

I don't know momentary satisfaction you might get from putting someone else down and so it's really up to us to choose why not work towards new social conditioning where empathy and compassion are the default settings 

why not be the best versions of ourselves or at least try to move in that direction both on our devices and in real life as consumers of Technology shouldn't we also be able to hold the creators of Technology 

The tech companies more accountable so we can have more ethical technology shouldn't we be asking the tough questions such as do we really want the unregulated data collection of today to be able to fuel and establish you know totalitarian States of tomorrow ah the millions of gigabytes of Instagram photos uploaded every day really worth the carbon dioxide emissions of their data centers 

What if Alexa and Cortana and Siri and all of these artificial intelligence assistants who actually gender-neutral or what if they said something like that is unacceptable when someone said something rude or racist or sexist or whatever it is 

These are choices that tech companies can also make to try and ensure that technology is making us better people and making a positive impact on the planet rather than the opposite of that what if technology companies had to ensure that tech took into consideration 

The user's well-being the user's privacy the mental health of the user as well as the sustainability and sort of environmental impacts of their products before releasing them I feel like we need to be thinking about these things 

We really need to be thinking about these things and so I just wanted to talk about that in this article today I'm sorry if it seemed a bit like a disconnected rant but I feel like these are important topics to just contemplate 

you know instead of just blindly using all the technology that comes our way I've gotta think about what it's doing to ask what it's doing to the planet and how we can ensure that the end result is as positive as possible 

How about we try and cultivate a greater sense of accountability and integrity in our lives both online and offline you can start by leaving a kind comment on this article I hope that you like this article.

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