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Computer can replace a teacher essay

Computer can replace a teacher essay

Computer can replace a teacher essay


Concerning engineering and instruction and the big question is can technology replace teachers this question has been debated all around the world

Computers are increasingly used in education In which regions do you believe Are computers important And where areas are educators more significant?

I can say, computers can successfully teach basic knowledge As you can see, computers help us simplify the subjects through audio & visual aids like images & videos. They're fantastic instructors which present basic mathematics, basic language learning, basic science & so on These vibrant, exciting & repetitive examples inspire students and permit them to memorize basic facts easily & effortlessly.

Anyway, the computers can be programmed to deliver an infinite number of questions that are simple, and as the students answers these questions, the facts are learned & reinforced. Computers staying in support 24/7 is another fantastic benefit offered to students b/c they could study & update any time they want in their comfort.

But what about complex ideas? In the practice & learning of more complex issues, the computer alone isn't adequate. Here are the reasons why: First, a computer may evaluate a response as right or wrong, but it can't determine why.

Second, It can't find out in what point a student is making errors. Third, It's not able to take care of tasks involving reasoning because there are two many variables to get a computer to manage successfully. And It fails to manage students with extreme difficulties in learning In this instance, a human instructor is absolutely needed.

A true teacher can present important concepts in various ways. He can ascertain and carefully explain in what point in a math/physics/chemistry problem that the student has made a mistake.

It raises several concerns and talks in a recent post about this subject the writer speaks of the fear that teachers are feeling lack of financing introduction of pills and individualized

Tutorials as apps and lots of other inventions are creating the danger even more realistic to teachers arguments continue on either side relating to this issue many argue that there'll always be a demand for good teachers while others say students can take responsibility for their own learning process and the resources are here

Today to make that happen social networks and online tools such as voicethread sophisticated learning management systems such as Moodle and communication services such as Skype and illuminate create the potential for technology substituting teachers even more realistic naturally the danger is real and the anxieties of teachers loom on.

Technology saves money for those schools that is 1 problem that educators are hearing all of the time technology has become more economical as costs have always declined figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate.

The expense of a computer has fallen significantly from $700 to as low as $100 this comparison was from 1998 to 2009 costs have decreased about 11 percent annually, making it fair for schools to provide students with personal devices that have increased in sophistication over the last ten years.

Faculties can be loaded directly on devices at a lower price than the print editions and the books can be altered to fit the pupils individual needs the demand for printed material has become less because the materials can be put on those two Isis this is just another cost-savings school districts.

May use the instruments to increase the number of classes a teacher has believing that more students can work in their own teachers fear that their jobs will be replaced by engineering regular tasks can be completed in less time there is no doubt that technology saves time attendance lunch count and communicating with pupils families has been streamlined through technology.

There are applications which will evaluate student work even essays this is just another reason teachers may feel threatened with the ease of assessment and intervention performed right through the technology less teachers will be required one person could handle more students while attending a session at a local tech conference about how technology can benefit cash-strapped districts.

I heard two administrators talk about how teachers will be able to serve more students by instructing courses in a mixed way this means that students would spend a few days studying from house and several days in a face-to-face course.

The administrators were convinced that this would enable the instructor to have 2 classes of pupils the amounts used were thirty and thirty Idaho has recently mandated that all students must take and pass to online courses before they graduate.

The teachers feel that this was done so that less teachers would be required that the state mandated a one-to-one initiative for many students over the next five years again this debate is that less teachers will be needed foreign languages can easily be taught to students through the net the decision to cut overseas language programs at a County.

Schools caught the teachers attention the classes were substituted with online versions teachers in that district were disappointed with the decision and felt that the replacement wouldn't be accomplished in addition to face to face if pupils are motivated to learn a foreign language.

The internet version may be adequate but the motivation has to be there in order for this to succeed there isn't any doubt that online education is very popular both in the secondary as well as in higher education and in my engineering program students are always asking about the possibility of taking the program online.

We do offer several courses online and attempt to record classes or encourage them to participate through illuminate our instructional design for online learning is becoming very popular as others and faculty realize that there's a need to provide online courses effectively.

Education is evolving with MIT Stanford Harvard and other universities releasing their classes at the open source movement instruction is possible for anybody using the Internet Stanford recently provided a mooc on artificial intelligence where 10,0000 pupils participated.

This Gigantic online open class motion enables students who otherwise could not afford an education to receive one free of charge will MOOCs replace teachers that question is still being debated with teachers from both sides discussing the consequences some feel that teachers will always be required to encourage the online environment.

Others fear that technology will put them out of the tasks the teachers will always be necessary but the role they play is changing teachers will be facilitators for student learning they'll have to produce their areas of experience and be available to help and direct pupils learning regardless of the anxieties and worries about technology substituting teachers.

It's evident that students will have to be lifelong students to keep pace with their schooling the amount of information available to students is phenomenal and will only continue to grow after our references.


The computer is a helpful & essential instrument for practicing simple skills because they may stimulate motivation via audio-visual aids & tirelessly repeat basic information.

It can never track pupils' grasp of theories nor effectively assess their reasoning. Hence, the human instructor still remains crucial. 

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