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Communication skills essay

Communication skills essay

Communication skills essay

Communication skills are those skills by which we can send and receive information.

there are four language skills which are as follows: 

• listening 

• speaking 

• reading 

• writing 

According to rivers and Temperley: 

  • 45% devoted to listening
  •  30% devoted to speaking 
  • 16% devoted to reading 
  • only 9% devoted to writing 

Listening skill: 

Simply giving attention is known as listening. the term hearing also relates to this but it has a different meaning. recognition of sound is called hearing. 

• there are 6 steps of the listening process which are as follows: 

• hearing 

• attending 

• understanding

• remembering 

• evaluating 

• responding 

Listening skill 

By using these six steps you can improve your listening skills. there are many communication mediums by which we can communicate with each other to get information. communication mediums are divided into two categories, way communication medium, and two-way communication medium.

The one-way communication medium may include radio, television, public address, customer I service recording, etc. on the other hand in a two-way communication medium the listener consciously focuses on the speaker's meanings. 

Speaking skill: 

Speaking is an art that shows how you effectively communicate with others. the tone of your speech and the way you pronounce any word includes in your speaking skills. pronunciation is defined as the way in which a specific sound or a word is pronounced. the smallest unit of speech is called a phoneme. 

Reading skill: 

The skill in which you are able to decode the written text is known as reading skill. reading is basically categorized into two types. 

  • intensive reading 
  • extensive reading 

Writing skill: 

The acts of putting meaningful words together are known as writing skills. writing is a broad skill in which we have drama, poems, poetry, dialogue, paragraph writing, essay writing, etc. grasp on vocabulary is compulsory while writing. 


As a whole communication play an important part in order to get meaningful relationship with others we should have a tight grip on these skills. 

Importance of Communication Skills Essay 

All of us share our day-to-day life experiences through a medium; it can be through our expression, our experience, our gesture, our way of speaking, etc.

All these are different ways of communication. I can simply state communication as a medium for sharing our thoughts from one person to another.

Types of Communication:-

There are different types of people in I this world and some of them are good at writing whereas some of them are good at speaking.

Those who can speak well like to express their thoughts verbally; whereas those who are good at writing like to share their thoughts in a written way. Normally people prefer talking in their day-to-day life.

Why Communication is Important?

We cannot live alone without any help, somewhere in life we need certain things and we need a medium to express and it is the way of communication. Communication is a process to let others know our thoughts.

Suppose if speaking would only be the medium to communicate then how the dumb person would communicate. It means it includes speaking, reading, writing, etc.

Any medium like messaging, audio, video, etc. are different means of communication. All of them are important and helps us in different ways. It is useful in many ways, we gain knowledge, we get entertained, our education, etc. all are possible just because of communication.


I can say that we cannot imagine life without communication. It is helpful in various ways and day by day new discoveries like the internet, mobile phones, etc. have made it more convenient. Today we can know what's going on around the world with just a single click.

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