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Integrity a way of life essay

integrity a way of life essay

Integrity a way of life essay

Integrity a way of life is it really true yes it is, for a sure majority of us have come across situations but people around us do not trust us and situations where we are surrounded with people whom we don't trust

so which one is the whole situation one was northern but where does this trust come from and why is it that some people are more trustworthy than others, the answer to this question very simple that is intimate 

There's a very famous line which perfectly describes the world integrity and life goes on - integrity is sterling shown to be cursed and to be a person of integrity means to hold oneself consistently to a high standard and to be a person of his own words 

Integrity, the antonym is dishonesty and the synonym is an honor. This paints a fairly clear picture within these two words. Honesty is a pure ethical principle through which a person can earn respect and honor.

Respect and honor from others help build lasting personal and business relationships, which leads to long-term success. Ethics and success are deeply linked. 

Ethics are the foundation on which long-term success is built. Integrity is defined as adherence to moral and ethical principles. Integrity is, therefore, the result of strong ethics. It is a quality I strive to uphold. Since I was little, integrity was not something merely encouraged by my family, it was expected. 

Honesty was the only policy and responsibility was something to be demonstrated daily. My family has not only encouraged, but demanded that I grow to be an ethical young woman. I am grateful for my parents' high standards and good example because it has laid the foundation for my success in and out of the classroom. 

My father was part of a committee to formulate the guiding principles of his company. They wrote this statement as a cornerstone for their business: "We will demand honesty and integrity in everything we do." Beneath this statement, they included a "Why this is important?

"clause that states "By consistently doing the right thing with conviction, candor, compassion, and courage, we will learn and keep the respect of our clients and coworkers. We must always be respectful of and accountable to our clients, our coworkers, and ourselves." 

The guiding principle is powerful. It stresses the importance of accountability as a part of maintaining integrity. Time after time I have found this to be true. By taking leadership roles in my extracurricular activities, not only have I needed to be accountable to members of my clubs, but I have to hold them accountable as well. 

For example, as president of a large county-wide 4-H group, I am expected to be prepared for meetings with an agenda and be aware of the club and county events. The members must expect this from me for the meetings to be run successfully. As president, I must also hold the members accountable for their commitments. 

I followup with people who have volunteered for committees to ensure they have their roles fulfilled. Sometimes when I follow-up, the member is not prepared. I must remind them of their responsibility and expectations set before them and guide them so they follow through in order to benefit the group. 

As I previously stated, ethics are the foundation on which long-term success is built. Although taking moral shortcuts can lead to immediate success, it is only brief. Long-term success results from sound judgment and strong ethics. 

This idea is demonstrated everywhere from the classroom to the conference room. Copying homework assignments may get good daily grades, but when the test comes it catches the person unprepared and they are set up for failure. 

A recent example in the business world is the Peanut Corporation of America. They knowingly distributed peanuts contaminated with salmonella and two years' worth of over four hundred different products containing their peanuts have been recalled. 

They compromised the integrity of their product for profit and now have filed for bankruptcy. The penalty for their poor moral decisions is the demise of their company and possibly prosecution. 

The Peanut Corporation of America is an extreme example, but an individual's ability to grow in or keep a job is based on the same principle. Relationships develop with trust and trust comes from honesty. Coworkers can not trust you if integrity is taken out of the relationship. 

"Maintain a commitment to honesty, fairness, and the highest level of ethics in every interaction. Our actions demonstrate our integrity." This is one of the tactic statements in the guiding principle document my father helped create. I learned this lesson from my parents as a way to live my life. As I continue to expand my world, I will seek success with only the highest standards of integrity. 

Integrity a way of life speech

Integrity is standing up for what you believe in it's being open honest and responsible for all of your actions, it's admitting and apologizing for your errors when mistakes are done. integrity is not a characteristic rather it's a way of life

so what do you think integrity is? 

Doing the right thing choosing your thoughts and actions are just being honest, well it does mean all this but adding to it it also means doing the right thing even when no one is watching choosing your thoughts and actions based on moral values rather than personal interests and being honest rather than being impressive.

Having integrity means you are true to yourself and you would do nothing that demeans or dishonor see according to me integrity is a kind of glue that keeps our way of life together to make my words more clear

I would like to state the example of dr. APJ Abdul Kalam the man of integrity who not only insulated his family from the trapping of powers but never used his personal capacity as the president of India for fulfilling any kind of undue favors to his skills 

Dear listeners what I'm trying to bring to your notice through this is that we must try to develop our personality in such a way that we are a person of integrity the mother of all values

I'm sorry to say but if you don't have integrity you have nothing when you stand for integrity everything you say carries a voice of credibility, remember dear people the things that you do when no one is watching are the things that define you

"talking is not enough you must do it if you say you're gonna do something make sure you do it if you talk it to make sure you walk it".

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