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Failures are Pillars of Success Essay

Failures are Pillars of Success Essay

Failures are Pillars of Success Essay

On life journeys, everyone has to face struggles and obstacles and difficulties in their life but the important thing is how we deal with them, it has been properly commented that to become a champion fight another round success and failures are the two aspects of coins

Some peoples are ready to be failed and to become a champion they'd make mistakes by mistakes we'll learn many things and the brave person is who is ready to be failed 

"Making a mistake is not a big deal but repeating the mistake, again and again, is a bad thing" 

Failure and success are two interconnected phenomena that categorize human life, naturally, our life consists of pesticide and dark side that interchange one another one must not think that failure is a charge because every failure is a part of a success 

When you experience failure you will appreciate your success more people work hard to reach their goals obviously when one starts her educational process she will not be able to learn information and develop the knowledge rapidly 

There will be many complications and many failures that can seem unbearable to young people despite it everyone training their basic skills and succeeding in the educational process 

Nobody wants to hear the word failure in their life this would have its inherited value like zero but failure is one field that can lead to success in another field, provided the fade one does not lose heart and continues with his or her efforts

Maybe in one or two attempts one may not get success but constant and continuous efforts will crown a person glorious success, failures and success are the two phases of the same coin most great men and women like Walt Disney, Rockefeller, Nelson Mandela, Abraham Lincoln, mahatma Gandhiji and scores of other did not succeed in their first attempt.

Time and again they need failures but they refuse to give up and finally succeeded in achieving their gains similarly if you have an aim or a goal in your life then go ahead you will face tenders tremendous hardships nevertheless go ahead and face them 

solve all the problems that come in your way and achieve the goal and sometimes I saw some people's "you know like this is hey you are a failure hey you're a failure these peoples are you know they just say it they don't think about that that what they are saying about someone "

so just be confident and just be confused and just have confidence in yourself that you can achieve your goals so go ahead and achieve your goals and I wish that all of you will achieve your dreams one day 

Success cannot be achieved in a single day that's why there is an old saying "to be a champion Fight been more round", a little failure doesn't matter in reality the path of success is preowned with failure with each failure one gets closer to success 

we have numerous examples that we can take as motivation where it is proven that without a failure no one can achieve success because within each period there is a hidden message there is a hidden lesson on success 

Success is achieved by those who work hard with patience and without giving up who didn't face failure in the journey of success everyone no one in the world achieved success without a single failure

In today's time, people are losing heart at the drop of a head students come through examination phobia and peer pressure everyone has a high expectation of themselves own self which if not fulfilled drives them into depression and even suicide 

It is important to realize that failures are not the end of the world instead they provide more opportunities to you to rise and shine.

I strongly believe that if we keep on trying again and again without losing enthusiasm and zeal then we will definitely become successful so we should never feel depressed over our failures but we should treat them as a lamp first 

who shows the shortcoming of the path and gives us light to see our path clearly in this context I would like to sign favors lines of Robert browning who write " I was ever a fighter so one fight more the best and the last" so we should not lose our enthusiasm due to our failures but should keep on trying and then definitely will be able to achieve our goals.

As we all know to be a happy life we have to be successful in our life but success doesn't mean earning more and more money success can be in any field like in sports in games in goals in friendship etc, 

but as the topic tells us that before getting the success we have to face many failures in our life as we all know about it but before getting deep inside the topic 

I would like to introduce two kinds of people existing on the earth the positive people and the negative people about their attitude.

Let us talk about the negative people negative people take always negative things and negative thoughts in them and always took their failures in a negative manner which could lead to depression-like problems. 

But now let us talk about the people who are positive about their thoughts they are very positive about their failures they never took their failures to uh back step backward to their success 

but they always take their failures towards their success so that they get the success they learn from their failure and never do that mistake again and again

This shows that success totally depends on someone's mentality towards their failure we have to face a problem we have to learn from our problems so that we can easily get success in our life.


People who are destined to face challenges in life obstacles and difficulties are bound to come in the way but one who keeps on striving is crowned well with success 

because every failure is a stepping stone to success failure teaches us a lot it reveals the weaknesses that must be overcome informs us about the problem areas in our world guides and inspires us to put in more effort it gives us the strength to act more decisively.

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