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Essay on why rules are important

Essay on why rules are important

Essay on why rules are important

when you take a blueprint and you had the to an engineer and the engineer hands it to a construction team to go ahead and build a building that blueprint is a set of rules and the rules tell everybody how to deal with the rules and work by the rules and operate by the rules

so that the game will rise to the building and then by following the rules they build a building now we can build magnificent rules in actual fact what rules we can take fuel from the ground put it into an engine built in a factory put onto a rocket built on a site combine all together and send them 20 billion kilometres out into space

that's how fundamentally important rules are rules can get us off this planet rules can get us into the galaxy rules can get us beyond the moon rules are the one thing that we need if we want to propel ourselves into that greatness into that awesomeness and without the rules we just never get there

now some of the rules are really important and some of the rules aren't important so let's focus on the importance of rules in my mission statement I have a mind movie my mind movie is a vision of my future and it's on a movie screen and it's a five minute movie

my mind movie is called this is my life and I wouldn't grow any other way in my mind movie I don't reflect on my past and reflect on the difficulties and the narratives of the day of the stress that done

we was caused in my life when I was growing up we have to think beyond that I have to go beyond that so one of my rules is to perpetuate my future in my current experience so in other words when I'm watching my mind movie I'm thinking about it and I'm feeling about it

so in thinking feeling about it I'm already capturing the moment before it's ever happened so I'm embedding this experience into myself before it's happened so I'm a mostly embracing the experience ahead of the event ever taking place in other words

I'm feeling my future even though it hasn't happened yet when we feel our future inner viscera before it's ever happened over a period of time we start to become addicted to her future better than her past and that is one of the fundamental in my mind movie

I see myself from a 74th birthday which is decades away taking a Virgin Galactic space flight now in my thermodynamics which is the money principles which is the money fundamentals of managing money and my thermodynamics which is in my money management habits as money comes in

I have an account called spaceflight so as money comes in a percentage comes out and it goes into my spaceflight account even though it's decades away so in my mind movie I'm seeing my future and in my present moment I'm living my future as though it's inevitable as though it's already gonna take place so in other words because of practicing I've become good at

it because I've become good at it I believe it and because I believe it so much you can't convince me that I'm not gonna take a Virgin Galactic space flight for my 74th birthday in celebration of the things that have done in my life they're one of the rules the silver rule is embrace your future ahead of the event ever coming into your life and ever taking place

let's go straight over to the board so you need to have a dream so after the video write down your bucket list what is in your bucket list what are your top dreams where do you want to go

who do you want to see who would you like to have dinner with who would you like to meet what experience would you like to have what adventure do you want to go on and don't be afraid to write them down no matter how big they are an actual effect they're meant to be bigger than you for experience in the past and when you try to write them down you will get doubtful and that's okay

let the doubt just shine in there be okay being doubtful and just march on truth and write down all of your greatest dreams financial freedom what it means to you what it means to your kids next you never permit others to change you so for example if I'm sitting with family or friends and I'm talking about my Virgin Galactic space flight and people would go 

you'll never do that that's ok I'm ok with that I know that that is not my limitation because I don't allow it to live and reside in me anymore I have to understand that I'm greater you do the same thing you understand that you're greater than everybody else's limitation

because guess what you are you are magnificent you are divine you are an amazing creator you've created everything in your life that you have right now you gave rise to your car your couch your carpet you gave rise to all of those things your thought brought them into your world

so maybe we need to remember to stop not believing in ourselves we have to forget who we used to be so that we can remember who we want to be you never permit you to change you so if your external challengers people around you in your environment aren't challenging you for sure you may challenge yourself

so when you're writing your dreams don't allow other people to challenge you and don't allow you to challenge you next you must catch yourself so in writing your dreams and writing your goals and creating your bucket list of all the great things that you want to do just know this catch yourself talking yourself out of

so let's do it right now next you have to conquer your negative internal narrative so how do you conquer an internal narrative it's so easy let's say for example you say to yourself I'm not good-looking enough well to cover the narrative I just repeat back to myself but I'm better-looking than

so many other people and from their perspective I'm actually better-looking I'm actually good-looking so sure from your perspective you may not be good-looking and from really good-looking people's perspective you may not be good-looking

but I can tell you from millions of people's perspective you are good-looking so make sure you catch a narrative and challenge that narrative and change it write them down when you're writing your dreams

so you're writing your bucket list you're writing your dreams your negative narrative comes up record it and then tell it why it doesn't make sense to you next you can create whatever that you want to create everything that you want a building in life you can build and everybody who you know is successful most people start up with nothing they started with no thing but they had an idea and when they had an idea they just forgot to give up

so you just got to remember to forget to give up so that you never give up don't wait for your future go create it and when you're doing that we do that with you in the inner circle.

The Importance of having rules


I mean we do every night pinky try to take over the world the rules of life Mike really is something life is simple if you know the game if you know the rules of the game it's really simple to even simplify it even more for you is this the energy that I put out into the world I give back

when I put out into the world comes back to me usually multiplied that's the game of life simplified and if you understood these this simple principle of what I put out I attract back into my life life will begin to make sense

when I first started this journey of the mind I was a a failure everything I touched I failed it and I didn't understand why why is it that this doesn't work why this what why doesn't this work 

why is he successful why is she successful why why is life so hard on me what am I doing wrong one day somebody set me down and said Justin you are the author of your life you are literally creating your life at every moment every second every hour and you're doing it with your thoughts see your thoughts are a form of energy

when I put out I had tracked back into my world the house that I have now was what's the image in my imagination for years I lived here if you don't believe me ask my family for years for years I talked about living on a waterfront property in Florida with the boat and the dock and everything I had nothing but

when I understood the simple concept of what I put out I attract back into my world and thoughts feelings words and action see words are a dynamic form of energy what you say is what you get what you speak your words are a form of thoughts thoughts are pure energy what you put out is what you get back

once I trained my vocabulary to only talk about what I wanted to experience the good in the world that's when I started to attract more of that good into my world it's that simple it's that simple so my words my thoughts my actions all has to be faith the same way

if I'm thinking positive I'm speaking positive if I'm speaking positive I am taking positive action and if I'm taking positive action thinking positive speaking positive I'm also feeling positive see what you feel is what you get more of as well filling is the force of attraction filling is the fuel of attraction

what you feel deeply you attracted to your world notice something anytime you are feeling afraid watch how you will attract more situations that will make you afraid anytime you are feeling good feeling wonderful you will attract situations and people that match that vibration see everything is energy everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency everything has his own frequency

if you match the frequency of prosperity abundance success you have no choice but to attract more of that energy into your life that's how simple life is life is so simple this information feels as if I've always known it but somehow forgot it

they say that your soul is ancient your soul knows everything about everything and this isn't your first time on earth see on a deep subconscious level we all know that we create our reality we all know that our thoughts are powerful and somehow they impress this holographic reality

that we call life see we are the architects we are the builders of our life you're building your life every single moment if you don't like the castle that lets you're sleeping in it's time to build a new castle change a world change your thoughts change your feelings change your words and your whole entire reality has to change along with it

that's how powerful we are what you put out it's what you get back when I was poor I was stinking poor I was stealing poor I was talking about poverty now that I'm rich my mindset is on prosperity on abundance on more than enough it's just I think that just I feel it I am drawing more of that energy into

my life this is simple it's a simple philosophy simple life skills what I put out it's what I'm getting back so you make sure you are putting out the thoughts the vibrations the frequency of wealth abundance good health a healthy relationship kindness generosity prosperity abundance opulence love kindness and you have no choice to attract

you have no choice but to attract more of that energy you are broadcasting into the universe we are mirrors we're mirrors romantics and ramírez the inside always reflects the outside if I am feeling low scared negative my inside mirror reflects my outside world and I will attract like a magnet everything that I fear to myself the negative energy is usually multiplied

the positive energy is usually multiplying what are you putting out into the world weather what am i putting onto the world so every morning set the intention today as a magnificent day wonderful things are happening positive things are happening wealth is coming to me success is coming to me

now I feel brilliant I feel amazing affirmations see your words are energy your affirmations once set in stone in the subconscious mind they become your reality because what you believe shapes your reality what you believe shapes your reality

if you are but if you believe you're nothing you're never gonna be nothing until you change your belief until you change your subconscious mind Changez but everything starts in the mind to change the subconscious mind you must change the energy that you are putting into your subconscious mind

what are you saying to yourself your self-talk it's a conversation with the universe God lives inside of you what are you saying to yourself speak like I am brilliant I am wise I'm magnificent I am awesome I'm amazing I'm strong I'm healthy

I'm time I am courageous I'm bold I'm wonderful I'm prosperous I am rich I am wealthy I'm opulent what you say is what you get because what you put out to the universe comes back to you multiply always. 

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