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Essay On Bank Privatisation Pros And Cons

Essay On Bank Privatisation Pros And Cons Public sector banks have been providing banking services in the remotest part of the country with numerous welfare schemes and benefits for their customers focusing on priority sector lending and providing aid through welfare schemes to the marginalized sectors. The rise of NPAs has been a pressing concern for the government.  According to the recommendations of the PJ Nayak Committee, lower productivity, steep erosion in asset quality, accelerated stressed assets, decline the market share and the recapitalization of these banks will impose significant fiscal costs.  In order to maintain steady growth and sound health of the banking sector, the government had to either privatize PSBs or provide a structure that provides for PSBs to complete successfully in the market.  The private banks will have limited applicability of RTI and will bring it outside the scope of CVC and CBI which tends to be a negative impact on depositors. Assuming private ba

10 Lines About Online Classes in English


10 Lines About Online Classes in English

10 lines about online classes in English 

1. An Online class is a course conducted over the Internet.

2. Online Classes are very important for students nowadays.

3. Online classes are the purpose of education.

4. Online classes save the time of students.

5. We take online classes with the help of applications like Google Meet, Zoom etc.

6. We will study from smartphones, laptops, computers etc.

7. Schedule of online classes was fixed.

8. We take online classes from anywhere and at any time.

9. Online classes are helpful for students nowadays.

10. I like online classes.


10 lines about online classes in English 

1. Online Classes are one of the most important things in this world, nowadays.

2. Online Classes are very useful for educational purposes and students.

3. Students can study at home in online classes.

4. There are certain apps that are useful for online classes like Zoom, Google Meet, Duo etc.

5. As w2e know that because of lockdown students can study at their homes.

6. Teachers can also teach good quality teaching in online classes.

7. We can also do vocational activities through online classes.

8. Online classes are started from L.K.G to colleges.

9. We can also get education from foreign countries through online study.

10. Online classes are very useful for students teachers and the whole world. 

10 lines about online classes in English 

1. Online education become very popular with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

2. Students take online education with the help of mobile phones, laptops and computers.

3. Students can take online classes from the comfort of their homes.

4. Students can access online study material very easily.

5. Online education helped thousands of thousands of students to continue when the worldwide lockdown was declared during covid-19.

6. This type of education also saves the cost of travelling.

7. Teacher's can teach through presentations, PDF as well as online meetings.

8. Face to face interaction between students and teachers is missing in online education.

9. Again students can miss classes when there is a problem with internet connectivity or any other teaching difficulty.

10. Despite its small drawbacks, Online education become a blessing during Covid-19. 

10 lines about online classes in English 

1. my school has started with online learning 

2. The school has come to my home 

3. Our classes begin on the screens of mobiles and laptops 

4. I don't need to carry a heavy bag water bottle or tiffin to school 

5. I can see my friends in small little windows on the screen 

6. Internet connectivity and speed sometimes causes problems 

7. Teachers come online and teach us virtually 

8. student-teacher bonding is lost somewhere 

9. Our eyes are fixed on the small screen and our doubts are muted 

10. I am missing the four walls of the classroom the benches the desk and my lovely friends 

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