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Short Paragraph On My Experience Of Online Classes During Lockdown

Short Paragraph On My Experience

Short Paragraph On My Experience Of Online Classes During Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the education system across the world. The educational institutions had to adjust their teaching methods through online mode. My school also started online classes after the lockdown.

My experience of online learning has been quite different and unique. All my teachers are trying their best to clear all my doubts.

After explaining the lesson, our teacher provides us with the chapter notes and gives us online homework. The examinations are conducted online.

Now I have more time to spend on my hobby. At times, there are some problems related to the poor quality of the internet connection. I really miss physical classes and interacting with my teachers and classmates.

In my opinion, a physical class is more effective than online learning. But these classes have helped me maintain discipline towards my studies and learning.

It has also inspired me to explore new digital learning tools. So I think My experience with online classes is helpful.

Essay On My experience OF Online Classes 

Online education allows learning something beyond the norms. With the emergency and spread of COVID-19, online education has reached the best level. Online classes are new to us. When I first heard that I wanted to study online I was very excited and sometimes even nervous.

I have so many questions in my mind about how should I study..?? How can I ask doubts..?? How will I manage my studies...?? etc. But after attending online school. I feel both that sometimes it is good but sometimes it is bad also. I have mixed feelings about online classes.

Online classes are good for pandemic situations, at least we study online without any interruption. It's also convenient and flexible. Online classes helped me learn how to be independent, manage family time and school work.

I have come to know that we have many options for learning such as Video, PDF, PPTS, and many more platforms. I save transportation time. But I also miss my physical classes. I miss my friends, teachers, school, sports, arts and crafts, project activities in groups, etc...

For me, online learning is stressful sometimes when the internal connectivity is not good. Online classes are not suitable for every subject. It is often theory-based learning so we lack practice-based learning.

Even in limited-time classes, some doubts are not removed when we have connectivity network issues that we miss class. Staying on the screen for a long time also affected the eyes and neck.

Now, I am domiciled with online classes, but I also hope that physical school starts soon and my journey as a student is as regular as before. With this mixed feeling, I must say that online classes blessed us in the time of the pandemic.

My Experience Of Online Classes During Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we teach, most of the things that used to seem impossible to us have now turned out to be possible

My experience of online learning during the coronavirus pandemic was good at first, I found online classes a bit strange

Students found it difficult to attend classes and my classmates forgot to turn off their microphones during a session and we could hear a lot of noise

But with time my school was able to adjust things quickly. The teachers in my class were great. They arranged each class in such a way that I did not face any disturbance later.

I felt that being online is a part of safety in times of pandemic, we have no option but to sit at home and listen to online classes.

Online learning helped me acquire the skills to adjust myself and stay disciplined in my work

I have learned to be self-disciplined. I feel that my productivity has improved with online learning. I followed a strict plan as per my timetable.

I was able to spend time with my family members I used to help my mother with her work I used to take care of my pets in my garden etc.

During the online classes, the main challenge for me was to maintain the same level of discipline in my studies

I miss the conversation I have with my classmates during online classes, in my opinion, a mix of online classes and physical classes will be good in the future.

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