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Should Students get Limited access to the Internet?

Should Students get Limited access to the Internet?

Should Students get Limited access to the Internet?

In my argumentative essay, I discussed that the Internet should be limited to the students. The Internet is one of the best open surges for information and learning. Students can relax and play on the Internet.

But it is already extremely limited It is restricted from accessing illegal activities websites and parents do not allow their kids to see any kind of voicing thing. But the Internet should be more limited. Should students be completely banned from taking the right view of things?

The positive impact of the Internet

Today's youth have the latest technology to help them find information. The advent of internet-enabled handheld devices has only added to the ease of access to information.

Not only can you use the Internet for communication, business, banking or entertainment, but you can also use it for education and research.

The current generation of students use computers to complete their school or college activities and use the Internet to research important information. Just a click of a button is enough to find the full information about just about anything under the sun. In this way, students can also acquire skills that can earn them while they study.

Depending on the interests of the students, they can write their ideas and go back to blogging or web-writing as a side career. And those who like to play video games may be interested in creating their own games later.

On a more serious note, the Internet has also made it possible for students to complete courses from the comfort of their own homes.

It is also called distance learning and before that, it used to take a lot of textual content from a registered institution, today it means online virtual classrooms and e-tutorials. It provides a more realistic and interactive mode of distance learning that attracts student interest.

Furthermore, since not all institutions can send their students to remote areas for on-site field education, there is no problem in student learning. This is because there are web seminars that students can attend on the Internet and still collect relevant information.

And the best part is that many tests are now gone online. It saves students significant time and reduces stress on the journey, thus enabling them to sit in exams from their comfort zone. Also, these online tests are usually of the MCQ type, which is a better test of knowledge.

Even nowadays, online sessions are being registered for courses or exams, which make the Internet an essential part of a student's educational endeavors.

Before the Internet came into existence there were many tasks that took a long time to complete. In modern society now with the help of the Internet, the time used to finish these tasks has been reduced by a small amount. An example is students using the Internet to interact with online teachers.

Students who are genuine in their studies may have additional classes with teachers through communication programs. This reduces the need for students to reconsider themselves and is still unable to fully understand the topic. Also, completed tasks can be sent to teachers via computer using email.
The technology is much better than ever. It can enable struggling kids to visit sites like a classroom crash course, thus helping more young people understand what is happening at school. What’s more, for children with mental disabilities, it may give them an alternative way of achieving something. We are living in the age of an IT revolution. The inevitability of the internet and computers cannot be avoided. Modern youth and children have no other choice. The Internet and computers have already occupied every region. There is no reason to deny that this boom effect of the IT revolution has had its effect. As Self-Service says, Everything is bad. Children have shown great interest in the virtual reality created by the IT revolution.

Easy access to smartphones, tabs, laptops, Internet-friendly TVs, the Internet, has adversely affected contemporary children. They like to spend their games and games and study sitting on the LED screens of the above-mentioned devices. Students are hurting themselves with their course syllabus and heavy binding. With workplaces we won't need reading material or cover, instead, we will just have PCs and tablets and that will save huge money. You have the skills to choose what is appropriate for the youth

The negative impact of the Internet

Tweets are easy to get accustomed to on the internet because they are so interactive. With all the materials available on the Internet, the Twins love to sit in front of a computer all day and will not waste their time getting these things done or getting things done and socializing with people in person.

This usually makes tweets less healthy because they lack the body exercises they need. (There are some risks involved with using my Internet

The Internet is a repository of all information, including negative content such as vulgarity and violence. People who accidentally access vulgarity can see images that scare them for life and cause problems in their future lives because these images can be published without warning.

It is always the Internet obscenity that is the first release for the tweets of these reproductive images and the pictures they see help the brain to play tricks.

It suppresses human intimacy as something they are curved and distorted, and this "implantation" is irreversible. In the end, it can lead to sexual deviance and guilt, which in turn affect their future relationships and marriage.

Internet access is not limited to the content of college adults. After all, students are adults, and adult reproductive work is common to students.

I don't think it's so awful that students view adult content through Internet services. Obviously, a student should be prohibited from viewing such material in the classroom unless he or she is working on a project that includes adult material.

However, when a student uses college Wi-Fi, access to these national elements should not be restricted. For example, many students study in their college hostels and should not be prohibited from viewing adult content in their college hostels. Human expression of sexuality should not be removed from college.

This limits a student's right to view their adult content if they cannot. If the student cannot see a person acting in love, then the freedom of expression of the student is threatened. Also, if people aren't exposed to any kind of adult content, they can be kinda weird and they may be surprised to see the real thing.

Physical Negative Impact of Internet

Students use the Internet as much as they like and become more passive and do not become other interesting things. One of the biggest problems we have to limit on the internet is to waste students' time.

According to Matter Sausomede, Internet addiction can have serious consequences for spending more time on the Internet, changing lives, ignoring personal health and core activities, reducing social relationships, family, and friends. Neglecting and ultimately financial.

Educational and physical issues. Using the Internet to get out of use makes it difficult for some students to talk to their family because they are not always paying attention to their families because they are always online and addicted to the Internet so they may lose focus on studying.


By restricting adolescents' access to the Internet, it does not appear to trust their parents or their parents or whatever prevents them from accessing it.

Growing up reliably states that young people are related to growing up soon and should be brainwashed, but then say that they cannot be trusted with the greater responsibility of using the Internet. He is no longer happy with outdoor games. Therefore his health has deteriorated significantly. They remember the risk of being exposed to p**nographic and p**nographic sites that spread p**nography on the Internet.

Also, sitting in front of this screen for a long time affects their eyes as well as their minds. They are under stress, always busy with something.

They have no peace of mind. They have forgotten the art of reading books, comics, listening to stories from grandparents, writing letters to WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and other messages. This addiction does not make them stand out well. It deprives them of the physical and mental strength that an outsider plays and gets from reading books. Elders should play an active role in preventing them Children need to be cautious when using the Internet to travel. Teachers and parents should teach children the art of using the Internet wisely.

The government should adopt some Internet regulatory strategies to keep young children away from the negative effects of the Internet. Failure to do so is certainly a consequence.

Thank you so much, Guys, BYE BYE!! 😊😉

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  6. Internet access should be limited to students because the Internet contains some materials and sites that expose pornography material in that it can affect their development, especially how they think. This will actually lead them to do negative activities which can lead to negativity in society. Students should be allowed to do it within internet access limits. Nowadays, apart from studying, students pay more attention to social websites, which is wrong. Your blog is very beneficial for all the students and parents. Thanks for sharing this.

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