Essay on importance of exercise

Essay on importance of exercise

Essay on importance of exercise


Exercise is very important for our daily lifestyle. It is very essential to stay physically and mentally fit. Exercise is a body movement that has an overall effect on the body, exercise trains the muscles helps blood and oxygen circulation in the body exercise is very important for our health,

Exercise helps us to recover and recondition our full body. Exercise helps in losing weight also. People who do yoga and exercise daily, never get sick or ill. Therefore, exercise is the only way to avoid illness or disease.


Who wouldn't want to live a happy and healthy life with fewer health problems and worries, according to the National Health Service of London people who do regular exercise lower their risk of many chronic diseases such as heart disease stroke type 2 diabetes, and cancers?

you've all heard it before whether it be from your parent’s teachers friends doctor exercising is good for your health but you may not know just how good it really is I know

it's easy to get caught up binge-watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians or barely getting up from the couch because the newest video game is back fun but just 30 minutes of moderately intense workouts a day is enough to positively impact you for the rest of your life.

Being regularly active doesn't only affect a muscle mass or the amount of body fat you have it also affects many other physical aspects in your body for example daily exercise strengthens your heart muscle this allows it to pump blood to your lungs and the recipe from in the rest of your body more effectively, this influx of blood flow causes oxygen levels in your body to rise

In fact, people who do regular physical activity reduce their risk of coronary heart disease and stroke by up to 35% and it reduces your chance of having a heart attack drastically

People who exercise often also have a 50% less chance of developing type 2 diabetes than those who don't this is due to the fact that it keeps your blood pressure blood glucose and cholesterol levels on target

Modern research also shows that physical activity reduces your chance of having colon cancer by 50% and your chance of having breast cancer by 20, it also reduces your risk of becoming obese and

it makes doing day-to-day activities like climbing up a flight of stairs or carrying in the groceries much easier not only does exercise do these wonderful things for your body, but it also does amazing things for your minds

How much should you exercise each day?

Each day goes for a quick run or heads to the gym for a bit to work out why according to The Huffington Post the most common mental benefit of exercise is stress relief is because working up a sweat increases the levels of meal pipeline and chemical in your brain that helps you moderate how you deal with stress.

You may be wondering what is the best way for me to work out well current recommendations say that you should try to walk about 150 minutes of exercise a week you can do this by logging in 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week or if you find yourselves without having enough time to work out every day, you can walk for 50 minutes 3 times a week. 

it is important that you don't start working out a lot of intensity you should slowly build up the amount of exercise that you do, don’t strain your body by starting off with the longest run or the heaviest amount of cardio at the beginning

how intense the workout should be varied on your age your level of current fitness in your lifestyle. it can be as simple as going for a brisk walk for a beginner or having a complete whip weight regimen for an experienced athlete after discussing the physical and mental benefits of working out,

Exercise also releases endorphins which can cause feelings of happiness and euphoria in fact just 30 minutes of physical activity a day is enough to reduce your risk of developing depression by 30 percent, sometimes exercise is just as if not more effective than the antidepressant pills in treating depression.


Being physically active especially between the ages of 25 to 45 lose the chemical in your brain that helps prevent the breaking down of the hippocampus this is the part of your brain that deals with memory and learning actually people who are exercised are 30 percent less likely to develop,

Dementia than those who don't and not only does it help you keep your mind sharp as you age it also boosts your brainpower.

The study showed that exercise can create new brain cells and improve the overall performance of your brain it is also known to increase levels of a protein in your brain that is believed to help you make decisions and teach and learn better.

Importance of Physical Activity and Exercise during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Now health is something that's very valuable because when the covid-19 pandemic hit almost around the world almost the entire world everyone could be infected with this deadly virus one of the efforts to maintain health is by exercising 

Exercising outdoors can be an alternative as long as it is not crowded moreover according to the coronavirus experts, coronavirus can't stand to the sun another ex-outdoor exercise can also relieve fatigue and can provide vitamin d intake from the sun in addition there are many other benefits that we can get from exercising for physical health

we can also improve the quality of our life such as improving our mood-boosting self-confidence overcoming stress making sleep better and make us enjoy a pleasant time after knowing the many benefits we get from exercising

we can know that exercise is important for the health of our bodies especially during the pandemic of covid-19. 


Exercise is needed for our bodies so that it is easy to avoid viruses around us, in addition by exercising we can fill our spare time so we don't get bored at home and we can carry out productive activities at home during the pandemic.

I hope what I am delivering today can make you care about your health and please stay safe and healthy and obey the existing health protocols, I hope that you take the initiative to better your lives and start working out every single day.

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