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Essay on music has the power to heal


Essay on music has the power to heal

Essay on music has the power to heal

When the music speaks our emotions listen to music isn't simply a part of entertainment but it's a form of medicine, I love music of all different kinds of genres ranging from country hip-hop to other,

I've always had a fascination with music since I was little I grew up playing the piano and the violin since I have gotten older I realized that music plays a big role in the function of my mind and improving my mood, I have been doing research about the healing abilities music has on our bodies and our minds.

Music is a sort of medicine music is highly available and is an easy way to heal your mind and body well there be a kid or senior music can have healing impacts on everyone, that's why I'm going to tell you about the various sorts of music therapy and how it affects your body and mind and the major interventions involved in music therapy.

Let's begin with a brief history of music therapy an article by Health Line states that healing has been sound is thought to date back to ancient Greece when music was used in an effort to cure mental disorders,

Throughout history, music has been used to boost self-esteem and army troops help people work faster and more productively and even ward off evil spirits by chanting there are various types of music therapy each with various benefits.

The first form is called guided meditation

Guided meditation is a type of sound healing in which you meditate into voiced instruction either at a session or course or using a video or program, meditation offers a lot of health benefits including stress reduction decreased depression and anxiety improved memory, and reduced blood pressure.

The next type is neurologic music therapy

Neurologic music therapy can reduce stress and promote relaxation it has been proven to be more effective than prescription drugs in reducing anxiety levels before surgery a study published in 2017,

Discovered that a 30-minute music therapy combined with traditional care after spinal surgery reduced pain, Treatment entails creating listening singing, or moving to music it is used for physical rehabilitation pain control and brain injuries.

The third kind is called the body method

Body method named after Helen L Bonnie the body method of guided imagery music utilizes classical music and vision to help explore personal development consciousness and transformation.

The fourth kind is called tuning fork therapy

Tuning fork therapyTuning fork therapy uses calibrated metal tuning forks to apply certain vibrations to different areas of the body, this helps release tension and vitality and encourage emotional balance, research indicates that tuning fork therapy can help relieve bone and muscle pain,

My next main point regards the impacts music therapy has on one's head and body, Music therapy is used to treat symptoms of a number of conditions it may improve medical outcomes and quality of life in many different ways, Beverly Mertz, the executive editor of Harvard's women's health watch gave the following evidence in a report

It improves invasive processes and controlled clinical trials of people who have e colonoscopies cardiac angiography and knee operation individuals who listen to music before the procedure had reduced anxiety and have reduced need for sedation.

Those who listen to music in the operating area reported less discomfort during their procedure, hearing music in the recovery area lower the use of opioid painkillers

Music therapy also restores lost speech audio therapy can help individuals who are recovering from a stroke or traumatic brain injury that has damaged the left brain area responsible for speech,

Because singing ability originates in the right side of the brain people are able to work around the injury to the left side of their mind by first singing their thoughts and then slowly dropping the melody

Former US Representative Gabby Giffords utilize this technique to enable her to testify before a congressional committee two years following a gunshot wound to her brain ruined her ability to speak it aids pain relief,

Music therapy has been examined in patients ranging from those with intense acute pain to individuals with chronic pain from arthritis general music therapy decreases pain perception reduces the amount of pain medication needed helps relieve depression and gives people a feeling of control over their pain

It enhances the quality of life for dementia patients since the ability to interact with music stays intact late into the disease process music therapy can help recall memories reduce agitation assess communication and improve physical coordination,

My last main point describes the interventions that are connected with music therapy there are distinct interventions associated with music therapy the National Alliance on Mental Illness provides a following for examples,

The lyric analysis is the first instance while talk therapy enables a person to speak about topics that could be tricky to discuss lyric analysis introduces a novel and less threatening approach to process emotions thoughts and experiences,

A person receiving music therapy is invited to provide insight alternative lyrics and concrete tools or topics from lyrics that may apply to their obstacles and lifestyle in their treatment

All of us have a song that we deeply connect to and appreciate lyric analysis provides an opportunity for somebody to identify song lyrics that may correlate with their experience improvisation music playing is another example,

Playing instruments can encourage emotional expression socialization and exploration of different therapeutic themes like conflict communication or grief, for instance, a group can create a storm by playing drums rain sticks thunder tubes, and other percussive instruments

The group can no areas of escalation and de-escalation in the improvisation and the group can correlate the highs and lows of the storm to particular feelings they have this creates an opportunity for the group to discuss their feelings further active music listening is the third example of music can be used to regulate mood because of its rhythmic and repetitive aspects music engages the neocortex of the mind which calms us and reduces impulsivity

We frequently use music to matter alter our mood while there are benefits to fitting music to our mood that it can possibly keep us stuck in a depressive angry or anxious state, to alter mood states that a music therapist may play music to match the current mood of a person and then slowly shift into a more positive or serene state

Lastly songwriting

songwriting provides opportunities for expression in a positive and rewarding way anyone can create lyrics that reflect their own ideas and experiences and choose sounds and instruments upsets reflect the emotion behind the lyrics,

This process can be very validating and will help in building self-worth this intervention can also instill a sense of pride as somebody listens to their own creation.


Now you know how music has the power to heal your mind and body in addition to the different types of music therapy, music acts as a medium for processing emotions trauma, and grief that the music can also be utilized as a regulating or relaxing representative for stress or for dysregulation,

If you are facing a process or illness or just want relief from the pressures of everyday life music therapy could have the ability to assist you music therapy was proven to be effective for stress reduction and relaxation and has been shown to provide many health benefits

"Music has the power to heal there is very little danger and listening to music finds the sounds that work for you"

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