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Sunday, 19 July 2020

Why is physical education important essay

Why is physical education important essay

Why is physical education important essay

Physical education in schools offer many important benefits, it's no secret that physical education is necessary to a person's well-being children are continuously developing physically and emotionally and they're especially affected by the benefits of activity and unfortunately the negative effects of inactivity.

However physical education is about more than just getting kids moving physical education empower students to develop the knowledge and skills and attitudes necessary for them to lead an active maintaining a healthy lifestyle, no other subject has a greater impact on a child's well-being, it contributes to the development of life skills for students personal management of health.

Many kids dread going to visit class or an Associated health education class for some of these reasons while others love the break from class and ability to have fun and play sports with friends but from a societal standpoint what is the value of physical education classes to these kids.

Naysayers argue that the fifth set is a waste of academic resources and an infringement on a person's ability to choose what classes they take, we examine the inherited benefits of mandatory physical education classes to the welfare of the kids in today's high schools including the benefits of physical fitness unique topics in health classes and physical education as a part of a holistic education necessary for young people in today's society

You can use it to teach how physical activity can be used as a strategy for managing life's challenges and use it to create a setting where students can practice the ability to work with others, The importance of physical education in schools promotes students physical health, in fact, students who participate in physical activity improve their fitness levels their muscular strength their flexibility endurance and body composition.

The most obvious benefit of mandatory physical education is the potential to help in decreasing the epidemic of childhood obesity in this nation in 2019 CDC statistics showed that 18 to 20 per cent of adolescents were considered obese which puts them at risk for a variety of health issues including high cholesterol high blood pressure and chronic heart disease.

In addition, common issues seen in childhood obesity include bone and joint pressure issues sleep apnea and a wide variety of psychological and self-esteem issues furthermore in addition to the range of issues seen in adolescents CDC statistics show that childhood obesity puts the person at risk for serious problems in adulthood including diabetes stroke and various forms of cancer.

The major concern often cited in the discussion of childhood obesity is that the young generation in today's society lives an active lifestyle a low level of physical activity is obviously correlated with obesity and is driven by the popularity of video games television and the general lack of physical activity

Physical education helps to reduce the risks of students developing heart disease obesity and high blood pressure down the road, physical education can lead to improved health which will contribute to good mental health it sets the stage for a good night's sleep

It reduces obesity by building an understanding of proper food choices and activities, in fact, regular physical activity provides more energy for students to actively participate from life's activities and to interact positively with others.

Physical education teacher teaches students how to use the activity as an outlet for releasing tensions and anxieties in the promotion of mental health, it sets students up with the habits and strategies to be healthy throughout their life, school physical education also promotes positive interactions with others is an important aspect in most physical activities,

Physical education provides a natural learning environment where students can develop cooperation and fair play motor skills, for example, students have opportunities to assume leadership develop teamwork skills officiate and take responsibility for their actions while playing and of course there's academic achievement people may think that's spending less time in the gym and more time in the classroom is the best way to improve scores but in fact the opposite is true.

Studies showed that physical activity contributes to improved academic performance regular activity during the school day is strongly associated with higher concentration levels as well as more directed composed behaviour physical activity leads to better academic activity with all of these benefits it's not difficult to see what physical activity plays such an important role in the overall well-being and success of students.

Three reasons why these things really matter

When you're a student then your parents your teachers everybody keeps saying studying or study harder and that is true it's very important but why sports and fitness activity are also extremely important.

Number one:- today the biggest problem for any student or child is stress and anxiety there are just too many demands on your time too much of pressure schoolwork homework there are competitions all these things make it very hard.

now the best and the biggest stress buster is a physical activity if you go out and play for an hour let's say you do you play football or cricket or something involving intense physical activity what does that do in the process the blood flow in the body goes up your sweat.

when you go out right this change of scenery in the room you're sitting in and the same thing going on for a couple of hours when you go out it's a different thing right so your mind feels fresh and that will bring down the stress levels dramatically.

Number two:- is that even from an exam performance right for you to learn effectively your brain has to work well it has to work you have to be able to focus really well and when you are doing some physical activity what happens you are again the blood flow in the body is better you feel hungry you sleep well and you generally feel happy and cheerful and that will make your learning much more effective and focused

if you spend five hours the five hours when you are also physically active will be a lot more effective than if you just said entering.

Number three:- education and learning is not just for exams it's not an exam preparation as a student you are preparing for like let me give my personal example so I used to be an IPS officer so when we were under training at National Police Academy

we used to have a sports period every day and because I was not very very much into team sports as a student it was kind of a little difficult because I was not very good at it so it took me some time to catch up

Now if I had been a lot more active in sports it would have been easy I would have enjoyed it a little more right so so think of sports as stress-buster as a tool for effective learning but also as preparation and something that you're learning for life it's a skill and for all these reasons do not ignore Physical education.

Thank you so much!

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